Planning my son’s Coolest 4th Superhero birthday party was So Much FUN. The decor was focused on his main superheroes: Spiderman, Silver Surfer, Batman, Wolverine, Ironman, Superman, and Hulk. Each superhero had its table and decor.

Decor: I purchased project board white and black and color cardboards at the dollar tree. With these I used them to paste my superheroes and make them 3D. Most of the big superheroes I used were from superhero scene setters bought online from Oriental Trading. Most of the decor I made with my Cricut machine and BigShot Scrapbook machines.

The water bottles, napkin holders, chocolate wrapping I designed on Photoshop, then printed them at Staples. I found out that printing them at Staples were better quality “laser” (the ink doesn’t run), especially with the water bottles that eventually get wet…

I crafted a lot of toppers and Superhero 3D to decorate the tables. A few of the walls were covered with Superhero scene setters that I had from a previous party (bought on eBay).

Entertainment: We had an awesome magician for an hour and the kids played for a bit after. Then we opened the big Pinata (I borrowed a wooden box from a party place and decorated it superhero-style. Made the superheroes from foam to match the decor…). Lastly it was time for the special guest “Spiderman” which I have to say was very cool! He made the entrance from the roof of our house, kept the kids happy for about an hour and a half.

Food: We had Peter Parker Pizza, Goblin Food which was sandwiches with green Italian wrapped bread (from Publix) as well as pizza bites, burgers, and hot-dogs. Food for the adults was a bit different – there were different types of cookies and brownies. It was a kid’s party so there was a lot of candy. We had a a small topper cake on a cupcake 3 tower holder, that I made from Foam. The cupcakes were decorated with superhero colors.

Favors: I use red, yellow, blue plastic buckets, on the side a place a 4″x4″ clear sticker with a Spiderman image that said “Thanks For Celebrating”.

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