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Coolest 5th Birthday Race Party

Our son is a car enthusiast. For his fifth birthday, we decided to have a race themed party. We had already done one for his first birthday and a monster truck for his fourth, so we wanted this to be different.

We opted for a party at a friend’s place. We had a drag racing course set up for the kids using big wheels, three jeeps and a mustang. We didn’t feel that the quarter mile would be age appropriate, so the finish line was only about 25 feet from the starting line. Our christmas tree (drag racing lights) were built by an electrician friend of ours using simple lights with heat resisant colored papers in front. We had trophies from the local party store as the prizes for the winners. So as not to leave out nascar fans, we also had a small circle trach in the empty lot next dor marked off by checkered flags. We rode the kids around with our go cart.

For the cake, we baked two 11 x 14 sheet cakes and carved them into an oval. The top cake was then angled and the middle was completely removed. We iced the entire exterior red, as well as the bottom of the upper cake. The stands were iced white, and multi-colored non perials were carefully placed to look like fans. We iced a black oval track with green grass in the middle, which is where we piped the birthday boys name in red. We also inserted checkerboard flags onto the top of the staduim. And micro machine race cars onto the track.

The goody’s were simply red cups with celophane bags filled with white and black M&M’s, then sealed with curling ribbon in red, black, white, & green.