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Coolest Abby Cadabby Birthday Party

For my daughter’s 2nd birthday, we threw her an Abby Cadabby party. Her favorite character on Sesame Street is Abby. I began practicing to hand-draw the birthday cake a few months before the party. Heres the Abby Cadabby cake and how I made…

I searched for Abby Cadabby party favors from our local Factory Card Outlet, but they were discontinued, so I found them online. The box included invitations, plates, napkins, tablecloth, silverware, etc. I sent the invitations and put Abby stickers on the back.

I found latex “2” pink and purple balloons from Factory Card Outlet, but I couldn’t find helium Abby Cadabby balloons so I ordered them online also. I tied up the latex balloons on our lamp post out front and put the Abby balloons inside. My daughter loved the Abby balloon that was as big as her.

For the day of the party, I ordered sandwiches from Hy-Vee, chips, potato salad, and beans. The plastic silverware was pink, blue, and purple. And the plates were, of course, Abby Cadabby. I put the Abby decorations up that I ordered, so everywhere my daughter looked was her favorite little fairy.

I would say when she saw her cake was the highlight of the day. She gladly gobbled up her piece.

Abbey Cadabby Birthday Party

Abbey Cadabby Birthday Party

Abbey Cadabby Birthday Party