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Coolest Boy’s Dinosaur 5th Birthday

I used this websites free Dinosaur pictures to create a dinosaur party games for our 5 year old.

Triceratops Dinosaur Homemade Pinata

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

I made a dinosaur pinata with a balloon, cardboard boxes and paper mache.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

I didn’t use crepe paper as I didn’t have time so I just painted it. For the horns I used the dividers in an egg carton.

Pin the Horn on Tricertops and T-Rex Mouth Dinosaur Games and Decoration

To carry on our boy’s Dinosaur 5th birthday party theme, I used the free pictures which you can download from your site to make pin the horn on Triceratops

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

Here’s the printable Triceratops you can download for free.

Another activity was throw the soft ball through T-Rex’s mouth

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

(after this picture was taken I put black plastic behind the mouth hole, but only attached to the top part of the mouth so it hung behind and moved when the ball was thrown through the mouth hole).

You can download the T-Rex Open Mouth printable here for free.

The table napkin holders were printed on coloured paper and glued to the cheap plastic cups to decorate them.

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  1. hi i love the triceratops paper mache any chance i can get a step by step on how to make it as my son wants a dinosaur party for his 5th birthday as well. how did the rest of the games turn out?

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