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Coolest Construction 3rd Birthday Party

For my son’s 3rd birthday I went with a construction theme because he loves dumptrucks and bulldozers. I purchased a set of construction themed scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off, for only $7 and made a lot of the decorations with that.

I made invitations from the scrapbook paper and printed the information using my computer. I made a huge “Happy Birthday Colin Jack” pennant banner for the party room with scrapbook paper. It was a great touch! I also used the scrapbook paper to make cupcake toppers and utensil wraps.

Construction Party Decoration Ideas

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

I ordered yellow hard hats for the kids from Celebrate Express. I got little orange aprons from Home Depot for free. I filled the aprons with bubbles, tiny packs of side walk chalk, and little metal slinkies that I found on clearance after Christmas at Target.

I used plates and cups from Construction Pals at Celebrate Express. I found some yellow balloons with dumptrucks on them and used solid colored blue and orange balloons with them. I used small orange soccer cones (construction cones) for balloon weights. I used yellow duct tape and black table cloths to make highway tablecloths.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

I used blue, orange, and yellow crepe paper streamers to go with the balloons and “Caution Party Zone” tape all around the house.

I made a pull string pinata for the kids out of orange poster board and yellow caution tape. It was a construction cone. We had a construction version of pin the tail on the donkey. It had construction cones and was very cute.

I used a kid sized table to set up a little play dough station. I ordered construction cookie cutters from Celebrate Express and let the kids use them with the play dough.

My favorite activity was a sand table my husband came up with. We took my son’s train table and placed a large clear plastic storage tub on it, filled one side with gravel and one side with sand, threw in a bunch of construction vehicles and the kids had a blast playing in the sand and rocks.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

We had so many snacks… Mud Pie was a must, there were cupcakes, Rocky Road ice cream, and one of my good friends made the cutest dumptruck cake ever! I also put out different snacks like M&M’s in the back of some toy dumptrucks.

It was really a great party. The kids and adults couldn’t stop talking about all the fun activities and great decorations!

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  1. Thanks for the awesome ideas! My son’s birthday is next month and we are doing a construction theme. I would have never known about the aprons from Home Depot! I stopped in and they gave me some for free…..so thanks for posting this!

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