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Coolest Dinosaur Adventure Party

We hosted a fun Dinosaur Adventure party for a very special fourth birthday celebration. To set the scene we decorated our client’s home with lots of large grass leaves and faux rocks painted on cardboard and foam cutout board. We arranged large inflatable dinosaurs all around our prehistoric scene. For the table we used the same leaves and a model volcano, along with dino theme party supplies and a T Rex centerpiece. As guests arrived we did some dinosaur face painting and gave each child a dino face mask. To keep all the kids entertained we let them color dino coloring pages while all the kids were painted. Afterwards all our little dinosaurs were rounded up around a game of “excavation.” We filled a large kiddie pool with sand and hid dinosaur bones. After all the dinosaur bones were dug out we arranged the bones to create a T Rex skeleton. The kids really loved this game!

Other games we played were:

The Dinosaur Name Game – Write each child’s name on a large piece of paper. On other pieces of paper write out dino words like “Rex” “saurus” “bronto” “plato” “idus” etc…. then have kids scramble and choose one or two to match up with their name Jake-asaurus. Bronta Ashley saurus, Emily Rex…

We also made a dinosaur egg pinata from paper mache and filled it with mini dinosaurs, toys, and treats.

The dinosaur theme is a fantastic fun theme, especially for the 3 to 6 age group!

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Coolest Dinosaur Adventure Party

Coolest Dinosaur Adventure Party

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  1. I may be very late here but I have seen those dinos at toy stores like Toys R Us and also at Kmart and Big W here in Australia.

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