Coolest Elmo Girls 2nd Birthday Party

For my daughter’s 2nd Birthday we choose an Elmo Sesame Street themed birthday.

The invites we choose to use smilebox we used a balloon blast invitation.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

The Cake and Cupcakes: I mad an Abby cake (used the Wilton 3d teddy bear mold), and made cupcakes to look like Elmo & cookie monster.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

Decor: We bought foil balloons and had Sesame Street Toys around for decor and for the kids to play with.

Music: I downloaded from iTunes the Sesame Street theme, rubber duckie song, and other Sesame Street favorites.

Food: We had roast beef on a bun, fruit tray, veggie tray, and other misc finger foods. We also had a opcorn machine with popcorn.

Elmo and Sesame Street Games for 2yr old kids

(We invited a Red Monster with the likeness of Elmo to join us at the party and games/activities)

* Pass the Cookie Jar – We had a clear jar with cookie monsters picture on it, and cookies inside and we passed it around to music. Upon stopping the music the child took out a cookie, and continued until all kids had a cookie.

* Ernie’s Rubber Duckies – We had light up duckies in a bucket of water with markings on the bottom. Each child choose 3 ducks and won prizes. (candy & misc small toys)

* Monster Says (similar to simon says) – We had someone say monster says and the invited red monster joined in for the fun.

Favors: I used colorful paper bags, in each was a t-shirt that I had put on cookie monster style eyes/mouth or Elmo style eyes/mouth, or pink with Abby style eyes/nose/mouth, and a skewer with gummie candy (used chopstick so it wouldn’t be as sharp. Each child also took home a foil helium balloon.

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