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Coolest Farm Birthday Party for a 2 Year Old

For my sons birthday we decided to go with a farm theme since he was really into tractors and farm animals. We decorated the house with farm themed balloons, streamers, and I printed some farm themed pictures off from the computer. I found some really cute farm themed coloring pages for the kids to color.

I decided to attempt a pig shaped cake for the farm birthday party:

I had a cake pan that was rounded (so that I could make a ball shaped cake) and I used one half to make the head. I made another regular round cake to cut out the piece for the pigs nose and ears. ‘Glued’ the nose and ears on with icing and just used different colors of icing to decorate.

We dressed my son in a flannel shirt and blue jeans with a cowboy hat.

We played pin the tail on the donkey (but with tape instead of a tack).

I also was able to make a poster with my son’s picture on it surrounded by farm theme pictures (cow, horse, sheep, pig, and barn) along with his age and the date. I used Microsoft Publisher. Once printed, I hung it on the wall near the gift table.