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Coolest Firefighter Child Birthday Party

A couple of months before my son turned 2 we decided to do a Firefighter theme! I usually choose my kids theme’s based on what they like at the time and the cake.

When I was little, the only birthday I remember was my fourth. My mom bought me a Cinderella cake. It had the carriage and horses, pumpkins and a fairy god mother. I will never forget it, and would like those same kinds of memories for my children. I saw a really neat firetruck cake with working lights and sound on Coolest birthday cakes and wanted to try it out. I told my husband about it and he was excited too since he is a man, and men like electronics. We got started shortly after that.

We constructed the cake and made it into a fire truck using a toy as our model and dismantled it for the wiring and lights. We used Homemade fondant tinted red to cover it and decorated it using white piping. I turned out well and the kids loved it. especially when we activated the lights and sirens. We also served Five Alarm Chili to our guests.

Firefighter Training Course Group Party Activity

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

After eating we moved outdoors where we set up a relay style race featuring items that I wanted to resemble a fire fighter training course. Before the party we blew up 4 red and 4 blue pool rings and tied the together them staked them to the ground. 1 set for each team.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

Then we followed that with a Army crawl made by tying ribbon to wooden stakes in a cris-cross pattern about a foot above the ground.

After each child successfully completed that they had to put out a fire. We bought water wands (long water squirter), and placed them in a barrel full of water. The kids had to fill them with water and squirt out one of the windows of the burning buildings we made using card board boxes, paint, and tissue paper.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

They then filled a small bucket full of water and raced back to the starting line to dump the water in a pail. The first team to fill their pail won! We outfitted the kids, and some of the adults, with fire hats and fire engine tattoos and send them through the course. The little ones needed a helping hand, but we all had a great time.

We also had a pin the hat on the fire dog game and a huge fire engine pinata and we bought from the big party chain store in our area.

We all had a great time and well always remember this celebration As we have the ones that came before it!