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Coolest Hello Kitty 4th Tea Birthday Party

My daughter requested a Hello Kitty Tea Party for her 4th birthday. We had a very limited budget so we planned it to be at our house. The invitations were made from colorful wooden flowers found at the local hobby shop. There were 4 different designs. I printed the invite on pink paper in the shape of a circle to glue on the back of the flower. We had a Sunday afternoon party where all the girls were asked to dress in their fanciest dress.

As the girls arrived they played a game of ‘Pin the Tea Cup on Hello Kitty’. I got a game from a party store then made tea cups with cardstock. I wrote the girls name on each and put double sided tape on the back. The winner got a mini ceramic tea-set I found at the local dollar store.

Then they individually got their picture taken with the birthday girl. I had two tables set up with a plastic ‘tea cup’ for each girl to decorate.

Then we had a ‘light lunch’ – I made a cheese and cracker spread with strawberries.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

I got boxes of crackers that were butterflies and flowers. Then with cookie cutters, I cut out orange and white cheese into flowers and butterflies. I cut the top off the strawberries and placed them upside down on a platter. I put a toothpick sticking out of the top with a grape on it. They looked kind of like girls. I served warm apple juice and hot chocolate and the girls got to use their new cups they decorated.

Then we played a game of Hello Kitty bingo I made with cardstock and Hello Kitty Stickers. I had a prize for each girl which was a candy necklace, bracelet, and ring. I packaged the prize to look like a giant pink candy by using a toilet paper roll, recycled gift tissue and ribbon.

Next the girls decorated a foam heart that I had cut out a rectangle in the middle to make a photo frame. I also put magnets on the back for easy fridge display. Before the girls left I printed out the picture they took with the birthday girl to mount in the frame they made.

Finally, cake… I wanted the cake to look like fancy pastries so I made pound cake.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

I sliced it into thin layers, layered in jelly and chocolate frosting, then cut it into individual pieces. Finally I added a squirt of cool whip on the top. We ended the party opening gifts. Each girl got to sit with the birthday girl as she opened their present to make it a little more special. The girls loved it.

The party favors were the same toilet paper roll candy containers I made for the party favors, these make great decoration too. We put the girls’ names on them using foam sticker letters. The favors included Hello Kitty rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

There were also ‘gems’ and mini colored pens in there per my daughters request. The gems were those smooth glass rocks you find at the craft store to put in vases for decorations. Overall, the girls were very entertained and had a great time.