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Coolest Pirate Scooby-Doo Fourth Birthday Party

My son Luke wanted a Scooby-Doo themed party for his fourth birthday. At the time he was really into the Scooby-Doo movie called “Pirates Ahoy!”, so we decided to make it a ghost pirate mystery. The party took place in the Athens Little Playhouse, which is a children’s theater in Athens, Ga. The lady who runs the place was there to help with costumes, props and story telling.

When the children arrived, she had costumes for them — pirate outfits for the boys and the girls could choose to be pirates or pirate princesses. My daughter opted for a mermaid costume, which still fit with the theme.

The woman had pirate songs playing, and the kids frolicked around on stage in their costumes until everyone had arrived.

Pirate Stealing Presents and Treasure Chest Activity

Once everyone was there, we had story time. I wrote a basic story, and the owner of the theater elaborated it on it and told it to the children.

The story was basically about a beautiful little princess whom everyone loved. The little girl was going to celebrate her birthday, so everyone in the kingdom gathered toys to shower her with presents. The presents were gathered on a ship to bring to her. But, a greedy pirate stole the presents, and although everyone searched high and low, the pirate and the presents were never found again.

The children at the party were told that it is said that the pirate made his last stand in the very building they were in, and even hid the presents somewhere inside. While she was telling the story, some of the adults took the presents from the back room and hid them in a special place behind a fake chimney. When the story was done, we told my son that it was time for presents. We went to the back room and everyone was shocked to see that the presents were gone, and in their place was a small treasure chest.

My son opened the chest and there was a note in it that read:

“Looks like a terrible twist to the party
To find the gifts you’ve got to be a smarty
Look around and clues you’ll find,
But you must keep these clues in mind.
The first step to get the presents back,
you must all eat your Scooby snacks!”

We gave them their food, and at the bottom of a cookie tin there was another note that read:

“Now you that you all have had your fill,
It’s time for the pinata to spill!”

We went back on stage and did the pinata, which was a big Scooby head. Among the candy was yet another note that read:

“The end is near, the presents are at stake!
But now it’s time to eat some cake!”

We ate the cake, which was a pound cake shaped and covered in marshmallow fondant to look like the mystery machine, and when everyone was done, we had the kids come back out on the stage to “look for the presents” We had my brother, who happens to be my son’s favorite uncle, dress like the ghost pirate, and he jumped out at the kids and chased them. They screamed in delight, and we told them to catch the pirate. They all jumped on my brother, unmasked him and forced him to reveal where the presents were.

There were a few moments during which my son was frustrated at the disappearance of the presents, but he instantly went along with the mystery and everyone had a great time.

Coolest Pirate Scooby-Doo Fourth Birthday Party

Coolest Pirate Scooby-Doo Fourth Birthday Party

Coolest Pirate Scooby-Doo Fourth Birthday Party