For my granddaughter’s 1st birthday I made a princess theme and thought out the party.

I dressed her up with a different princess dresses. I also had 5 girls dress as the princesses. All the kids and even the adults loved the idea. I made her 5 pinatas – one for each princess to hold up for the kids to break. This was the greatest birthday party I have ever done. It was like a dream come true. I just loved to see the face on all the little ones. I wish I had the money to do these party for more kids. My favorite part was when my granddaughter came out dressed as Jasmine – she looked adorable.

The party was done at a hall. We fixed up a wall with the princess theme. Her cake was a castle. The centerpieces were made of foam and it had all five princess on it. I also made coolers with flowers on top. Her invites were castle. It took me like 5 months to make everything for her party but it was well worth it.