Coolest Princess 6th Birthday Party

For our Princess 6th Birthday Party, I hired a princess bouncy castle with a slide. This was my daughters last party so I wanted to go out with a bang! I had a large 8 man tent set up in the garden all done out in balloons where I sat and did face painting for all the kids. All the girls were princesses and the boys could choose!

I organised silly string fights, water balloon games where the children threw water balloons at the garden fence they all really enjoyed doing this and none got wet. I’m sure the parents appreciated that :-)

I had a party cannon which we set off to wish my daughter happy birthday as the cupcake birthday cake came out. The cake had 5 flare candles on it which the kids loved like outdoor fireworks.

After the cake we let off 50 party poppers. All the kids had such a good time. We had music playing in the garden, from the Ting Tings, Same Difference and the latest music.

When it came to going home some of the children hid under the tables – always the sign of a good party.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Princess 6th Birthday Party ideas.