Coolest Sleepover Mall Birthday Party

For my daughter’s 11th Coolest Sleepover Mall Birthday Party, I invited some of her friends over. For the invitations, I went to

I put a sign that says V.I.P. Entrance to the (HER NAME) Mall. There were some stores, a food court, a movie theater, and a salon/spa. Since I wanted it realistic, and so the girls won’t fight over anything, I found a website for cute printable Puppy money… This is puppy money (it has puppies on it). I only went up to $50 because I thought it should be enough.

Next, I bought stuff for the stores – jewelry for a Jewelry Store, sweets for a Candy Store, and small knickknacks, like lip gloss and nail polish for a Toy Store and priced them… pizza for dinner, snacks and drinks for the food court. Then I picked out some movies from Netflix and Blockbuster and bought some popcorn to “sell”.

For the spa/salon, I bought some easy-to-come-off hair color spray and made some face masks, bought lotion, nail polish and things you would find in a spa, but for kids.

Then after that was done, I put some makeup on the girls and took photos of them.

After the photos, we ate cake. While they were eating, I printed their pictures and gathered them for crafts. They decorated Popsicle sticks and used felt for the back to make a picture frame. I also bought alphabet beads for them to make bracelets.

If they brought some fabric (I asked in the invitation) – I sewed the pillowcases for them, and they decorated them with glitter, more fabric, buttons, and a variety of other things.

Then gave them ice cream (I’m a bad person right? No, just wanted them to feel special).

They had a pillow fight and did blind makeovers – blindfold them and give them lipstick and body glitter and let them decorate each other. I took pictures.

At last – the moment she’s been waiting for – gift opening (I put it last so they could have fun with what she got). They then brushed there teeth and slept in the living room in my set-up area.

Here is what I did:

* Clear as much furniture to the side so it is an open area.

* String lights or lanterns with a light glow so they can see each other, but not read or play.

* Put pillows and blankets everywhere and sheets on top.

* There – a nice cozy den for them.

* Now put them to sleep and it was goodnight to me.


When I woke up, I woke up early like at 8:00 – don’t worry – the girls will be too tired to wake up that early. I got the things they “bought” and everything else they made in a little baggy. Then I put all that in their pillowcase with a ‘Thanks for coming’ note. Then when the girls woke up, they got dressed brushed their teeth, and ate the breakfast I made – bagels, orange juice, milk, and other pastries. Then we watched the other movie we didn’t watch from the “movie theater”. When we finished the movie, the girls left, one by one with there pillow cases and bags.

It was a fun party for me and the girls!
I hope you like the idea too!