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Coolest Easter Party Ideas and Photos

Easter party ideas and photos by: Deepika from Mumbai, India

For my daughter’s 3rd birthday, I decided to have a rabbit themed party as it was falling around Easter (My daughters birthday is on 15th April). Space being a constraint in Bombay, I had to have the party indoors. Here are my Easter party ideas.

For the invitations, I found a nice picture of a bunny rabbit and printed it out on nice pink chart paper. Then I wrote the following text on it – “Some bunny is turning three. So hop on over for an egg-ceptional birthday party on… at…” On the part of the tail, I stuck some plain medical cotton to make a nice bushy white tail. Then I cut them out in the exact shape of the rabbit and sent the invitations addressed to all the kids. The parents were thrilled with this as for most of them this was the 1st letter that came in the name of their kids.

Here are my ideas for decorations: I found a picture of a bunny footprint and printed a whole bunch of them out. I stuck them to the floor starting right from the elevator and into the apartment. This footprint track ran around the house and lead to several places where I had hidden plastic Easter eggs (with stuffing).

For the other decorations, I had rabbit cutouts around the house and also the centerpiece was a rabbit pinata (design was taken from the plates that were used for the party) filled with sweets and other pinata fillings. I had a huge plastic rabbit (almost 8 feet tall) kept in the hall just as a decoration.

I had printed a whole bunch of rabbit/ Easter pictures to colour and gave it to each child along with crayons so that they could have some activity to do while waiting for the other kids to arrive.

My Easter party ideas for games: I gave each of the kids (and in some cases the mothers as the kids were too young) a colourful Easter basket and sent them on a egg hunt. They loved not just the hunt, but also opening the eggs and collecting the fillings.

As another activity, I made a simple homemade puppet theater out of an old cardboard box and decorated it with a small curtain and other fancy ribbons etc. We had a couple of small stories enacted, some to do with bunny rabbits and some just a simple nursery rhyme time (as most of the kids were in the range between 1 -5).

We also had a “colour the eggs” game where I hardboiled eggs and gave it to each child to colour.

The food was also child friendly. There are many ideas for this: we had traffic light sandwiches, coconut nests, sausages (cut into smaller pieces), potato smilies (baked for obvious reasons) and other finger food.

Deepika's Easter Party Ideas

One of the best Easter party ideas is a 3D rabbit cake that my mom baked. It was fab!

Deepika's Easter Party Ideas

For the giveaways, I had T-shirts printed with a rabbit picture and the name of each child. I also made bunny foam picture frames (magnetic ones). The kids got the T-shirt and the mom’s got the frame. They loved it.

I had taken a snap of all the kids together with the big bunny ad after the party, I had copies made and sent to each mom to be put in the frame. I hope these Easter party ideas help you out!


Deepika's Easter Party Ideas

Coolest Easter Party Ideas and Photos