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Coolest Space Party Ideas

My son Zachary turned 3 and wanted a space party.

Blast Off

We sent out the invitations made on black construction paper, foam rocket stickers from the dollar store with the window punched out and his picture inside. I also used markers to draw stars. The front said “Zachary is blasting into the world of 3!” Inside said “join us for the countdown” with all the launch information (launch date, launch time, launch pad).

Space Party Games

When the kids to arrived at our space party they were each given their own rocket launcher ($3 Wal-Mart) that shot a foam rocket. We would do a countdown 3..2..1..blast off. I had hoops tied to the monkey bars of the swing set for them to shoot through but they ended up just launching them around the yard. Since they were foam no one was hurt. We also have a zip line in our backyard which went well with our theme. We blasted off on the zip line again with a countdown 3..2..1..blastoff.


After running around and playing we had some lunch (not space themed, just hot dogs and hamburgers). Then it was time for the rocket cake. We made up the cake using an idea from this sight. I used a Kitchen aide mixing bowl and a round pan (2 boxes of cake), frosted the cakes and added a frosted waffle cone on top (don’t frost until right before serving) with four regular cones around the base for the boosters. I also cut the bottom of a clear plastic cup and put is face on it like the window of the rocket. The kids really loved it (the parents thought it was cool too).

More Space Party Games

After cake we played pin the pilot in the cockpit. I had cut out pictures of each kid in the shape of a circle and each kid was blindfolded (blacked out sunglasses) and sent to tape their picture to the circle on the rocket that we had made on black poster board and glitter paint. Zack opened his presents. Then it was time for the grand finale…the rocket ship piñata that we made ourselves. It was our first ever attempt at paper mache and piñata making and it turned out resembling a rocket! We used a couple of different shaped balloons, taped them together then added 2-3 layers of paper mache (newspaper dipped in flour and water paste) then painted and decorated it. We cut a hole and filled it with candy and other goodies.

The kids were then sent home with the piñata goodies and their own rocket launcher that they had been playing with. They all had a great time and Zack was definitely pleased and impressed with all the fun at his space party.

Space party ideas and photos by: Lisa from Plymouth, MA