Coolest Shark Party Ideas


Zaden had a great shark party for his 5th birthday celebration. I made the invitations using a shark photo I found on the internet. I printed out the 4 inch square shark pictures on cardstock then pasted them to a 6 inch square card. On the outside it read “Splish! Splash! It’s a birthday bash!” … Read more

Coolest Space Party Ideas

space party

My son Zachary turned 3 and wanted a space party. Blast Off We sent out the invitations made on black construction paper, foam rocket stickers from the dollar store with the window punched out and his picture inside. I also used markers to draw stars. The front said “Zachary is blasting into the world of … Read more

Coolest Spiderman Party Ideas


Spiderman party ideas and photos by: Melissa from Davison, MI For my son’s 4th birthday he wanted a “Spiderman” theme. Spider man stuff was easy to find due to the fact Spider man 2 had just came out that summer but I wanted something unique too. The Spider man invites were hand made by me … Read more

Coolest Spider Man Birthday Party Ideas

Spider Man Birthday

My son’s and daughter’s birthdays are in the same week in August.Instead of throwing two different parties, for his 4th birthday and her 2nd birthday I had one party with two themes: A Barbie – Spider Man Birthday Party. Party Decorations So, I removed all the furniture from my dining room and from my formal … Read more

Coolest Superman Party Ideas


Superman party ideas and photos by: Rigel from Tulsa, OK For my son’s 4th birthday he wanted a Superman theme party and conveniently enough was also going to be Superman for Halloween. I took pictures of him in his costume then uploaded them onto the computer. I cut him out in PhotoDraw and created different … Read more

Coolest Ideas for Knights Theme Parties


Out of all of the theme parties, this year Joey chose a knight theme for his 9th birthday. So, there were 8 knights, 2 princesses, and a king. Invitations The invitations were printed on red paper with the edges burnt. It read as follows: “Hear Ye! Hear Ye! His Majesty wants to honor the bravest … Read more

Coolest Magic Theme Party Ideas


My son Joshua wanted a “magic show” for his 8th birthday. He really loves magic. All of the theme party ideas needed to have a magic part to them, including the games, the cake, the party goods and the decorations. I purchased the magic party goods from Birthday Express, which were perfect since they were … Read more

Coolest Thomas the Train Birthday Party Ideas


Thomas the Train birthday party ideas and photos by: Patricia from Johannesburg, South Africa My son who just turned three on April 15, 2007, is crazy about trains of all kinds, and he is a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. It came as no surprise that he asked for a Thomas … Read more

Coolest Thomas The Train Party Ideas


My son wanted a Thomas the train party for his 3rd birthday party. Homemade Invitations We had so much fun planning this party together. I love invitations and always like very unique ones. So I made my invitations with some decoupage shapes on a stick. I covered front and back of the shape with scrapbook … Read more

Coolest Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

toy story birthday

My son Reese loves Buzz Light-year and Toy Story so we ordered all the party supplies online for his Toy Story birthday party. Party Games Then I created some games including a Buzz Light-year Bean Bag toss game with 8 blue star bean bags, easy to make with fabric and beans or rice to stuff … Read more

Coolest Under the Sea Party Ideas


So, for our son, Fergus’, fourth birthday, and first real party, we decided to have an Under the Sea party. Party Decorations We have a very high ceiling and beams so we hung cutouts of under the sea creatures. They included fish, seahorses, etc. from the ceiling and also stuck some on the walls. We … Read more

Coolest Under The Sea Party Ideas


Under the sea party ideas and photos by: Kristie from Fort Gaines, GA We had an Under the Sea birthday party for my son’s 2nd birthday. I purchased blank invitations online and printed them myself. I ordered most of the party decorations from Oriental Trading (blow up fish, lobsters, paper fish etc.). I also ordered … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Birthday Party Ideas


Last April my son wanted a Larry Boy/Veggie Tales birthday party for his 6th birthday. I asked him what kind of cake he wanted (not having a clue exactly what he wanted) and he said “Bob and Larry! Bob and Larry Cakes Making Bob (a tomato) was easy, just a 9″ round with red frosting … Read more

Coolest Wild West Party Ideas


For Justin’s 3rd birthday we had a Wild Wild West birthday party. So, let me first say, I got a lot of my ideas from this website. Thanks! Invitations Our invitation was a boot, which I made with a spur that moved. It read: “Howdy Partners! Justin is turning 3 and we’re gathering up all … Read more

Coolest Wild West Birthday Party Ideas


Invitations So, Matthew’s Wild West birthday party started with a hand made invite that read: “Howdy Pardners, You’re invited! So mosey on down to celebrate Matthew’s 5th Birthday!” The invites were swinging saloon doors on the outside that opened to reveal the message. As everyone arrived, they received cowboy hats and sheriff badges. I have … Read more

Coolest Wild Wild West Party Ideas


Wild wild west party ideas and photos by: Araceli from Ontario, CA I celebrated my son Aidan’s 2nd Birthday this month-the Wild West party! To date, this is the best one yet. The wild wild west party wasn’t as elaborate as others I’ve had, but I consider this the best because both my husband and … Read more

Coolest Willy Wonka Party Ideas


Willy Wonka party ideas and photos by: Laura from Spring Lake, MI When my 3-year old decided that he wanted a Willy Wonka party I thought I was getting away easy! Then I realized that Willy Wonka was a popular movie but not a popular birthday theme! The one thing I knew from the beginning … Read more

Coolest Winnie the Pooh Party Ideas


Winnie the Pooh party ideas and photos by: Margaret from Farmington Hills, MI My son Michael’s birthday was coming up March 29, the year was 2004, and he wanted to have a Pooh Party for his 2nd birthday. So right away, I thought about the big blank wall with the slanted ceiling we have in … Read more

Coolest WWE Wrestling Party Ideas and Photos


WWE Wrestling party ideas and photos submitted by: Nanette from Oakley, CA Are you ready to rumble! My son is a huge World Wrestling Fan. For his 6th birthday we had a WWE wrestling party. It was probably one of the funniest yet! We had 8 boys ages 4-6. We did this party in January … Read more

Coolest Yugioh Party Ideas and Photos


Yugioh party ideas and photos by: Lydia from Patterson, CA My son and I had a lot of Big-Kids meals at Burger King when they had Yugioh figurines. We kept the pyramid boxes that the figures came in as well as the activity sheets. We used the pyramid boxes for goody bags and the activity … Read more

Cool Teddy Bear Birthday Party Ideas

Teddy Bear Birthday

Teddy Bear party ideas and photos by: Tracy from Hope Mills, NC We decided to have a Teddy Bear Party for our son Chance’s 1st Birthday. I made the invitations out of cardstock that I purchased at the craft store. I just layered the paper on the front and inside. I used a teddy stamp … Read more

Coolest 8th Birthday Lego Theme Party

Coolest 8th Birthday Lego Theme Party

My son wanted an all out LEGO Party for his 8th birthday and then said he wanted a cake like the Cake Boss from the TLC show. I knew there was no way I could make his kind of cake, those are some big shoes to fill, but I did the best I could by … Read more

Coolest Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas and Photos


Barnyard birthday party ideas and photos by: Silvia from Miami, Florida At our barnyard party we had pony rides for the kids. The decorations were all made by me! Bandannas everywhere! The linens were bandannas sewn together. The centerpieces were real corn in buckets. I went to the nearest farm and they sold me the … Read more

Coolest Creative Party Theme Ideas and Photos for a Monster Party

Monster Party Ideas

Creative party theme ideas and photos by: Molly from Santa Barbara, CA My son LOVES monsters, so his 4th birthday party was a MONSTER PARTY! To create this party I needed some creative party theme ideas. Invitations: We only invited 5 children so we figured making the invitations with our son wouldn’t be TOO time … Read more