Coolest Pirate Birthday Party Games

Cannonballs Away Pirate Game by Dorothy R. (Greeley, CO) Make two large pirate ships out of two refrigerator or sofa boxes (you can go to your nearest furniture store to find some). Divide the kids into two groups and put each team in their box. Give the first team two dozen ping-pong balls (you can … Read more

Coolest Outdoor Birthday Party Games

Silly Outdoor Scavenger Hunt by Rachel T. (Plain City, OH) Items needed: various dress up items (the funnier, the better!). Set up just like a normal scavenger hunt with clues at each destination (at least 2 routes, so teams aren’t just following each other). Each team will select one player to be captain and do … Read more

Coolest Indoor Birthday Party Games

Pass the Present Birthday Game by Ana J. ( Johannesburg, South Africa) This is also one of the classic kid party games in which boxes are nested inside each other and wrapped in wrapping paper. The smallest box contains enough prizes for everyone. Music is played and the present is passed around a circle. When … Read more

Coolest Fashion-Themed Birthday Party Games

Find The Right Colored Clothes by Simran Sandesh Padiyar (Panjim, Goa, INDIA) The rules of the game are: each child will get a load of clothes and each pile will have different colored clothes. There will be one leader and he/she will say a color, for example “dark blue”. The person has to find a … Read more

Classic Birthday Party Games

Birthday Guessing Game by Olivia B. (Tunnel Hill, GA) Using the party theme, select items to put in a jar and let the kids guess how many are in the jar. The closest guess wins. For instance, for a Pirate party you can call it “Guess the gold coins in the chest”, for a Princess … Read more

Coolest Carnival Birthday Party Games

Ping Pong Bouncer Game by Russell Johnson (Magnolia, Arkansas) Get a large box about 3’ x 3’ square (width). Cut down three sides to about two feet high and the fourth side all the way off, which will be the opening, facing the player. Get a 3’ x 3’ square of egg crate foam rubber … Read more

Coolest 6th Angry Bird Birthday Party

Coolest 6th Angry Bird Birthday Party

This year we finally agreed upon an Angry Birds birthday themed party…so much fun! I recreated the artwork from an Angry Birds “cake theme” game screen for the invitation which included a pop-up pig inside. Next, the party favors and goodie bags. Okay, I’ll admit…I went a little crazy! I purchased small black gift bags … Read more