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Coolest Teenage Slumber Party Ideas

Here’s the ideal teenage slumber party guide for the parents of a teenager because it’s written by a teenager.


The invitations for the slumber party were chocolate bars. I bought enough chocolate bars (Carmilk bars) for each guest. Then I slipped the outside wrapper off (leaving the gold wrapped chocolate bar alone). I then wrote out my own “wrapper” (with Cassandra’s Party instead of the name of the chocolate, the information instead of the nutritional information, and the words “fun, laughter, games, prizes, friends” instead of the ingredients).

We started off the night with each girl, as she got there, joining in the game being played in the living room. It was called “What is it?”

Game: What is It?

We had a few different objects lying off to the side (e.g. a pot, wooden spoon, ball, fork, piece of fabric, stuffed toy). The girls sat in a circle, with one of the objects being passed around. When one girl got it, she had to pretend it was something it wasn’t. Then the other girls had to guess what it was. For example, if a girl took the pot and put it on her head, it was a hat. When the other girls had guessed what it was, the object could be passed on to the next person. If you repeated something someone else had done, or couldn’t come up with an idea fast enough, you were out for that round. The round goes until everyone except one girl is out.

Dinner at my Teenage Slumber Party

When all the girls arrived at my teenage slumber party, we prepared for a long night with dinner for my teenage slumber party. Beforehand, my mom and I had gone shopping and we had enough premade pizza shells that each girl could have her own. Then, on the table, we had bowls of toppings, including: pizza sauce, grated cheese, and pepperoni, cooked bacon pieces, cut up slices of ham, pineapple, green pepper, tomato, onion and mushrooms. Then, each girl went around the table, with her own pizza crust, making her ideal pizza. The pizza’s got cooked, and we ate them.


Whenever we had to pick teams for a game, we had a bag filled with an equal number of red and blue marbles, and each girl picked one. The colour dictated the team (that way, I mixed up my school friends and church friends, and no one could accuse me of always going with a specific friend or group of friends).

Photo Scavenger Hunt

After dinner, we had a fun activity, called a photo scavenger hunt. The girls were divided into two teams, and each team was given a digital camera. Then each team was also given a list that looked like this:

You have 1 hour to take pictures of everything on this list. Be careful. The pictures that say “your whole team” doesn’t have to be your whole team, as one of you should be taking the picture, but take turns and make sure that everyone in your team is involved.

  • Your whole team “in jail”(behind some sort of bars)
  • Your team with an animal(s) (the animal could be real or not)
  • Your team in a human pyramid (make a human pyramid)
  • Someone doing a cartwheel (the person could be a part of your team, or not)
  • A finger star (five sets of fingers in a “v” shape, with the ends touching look like a star)
  • One of your team members going down a slide (there is a park at the end of my street)
  • Two of your group members swinging side by side (again, the park had two swings side by side)
  • One of your group members in a tree (there were trees in the park, or my backyard)
  • Your team under the Benjamin Moore paint sign (at the other end of my street was a Benjamin Moore paint store)
  • Your team in a bathtub (there is a bathtub in my house)
  • Someone on the monkey bars (again, monkey bars at the park)

Both teams had an hour to collect all of those photos (in no specific order) on their digital camera, and get back to my house. Because I knew what my mom wanted, I could be in a team, but I couldn’t help them out with the answers.

Make Your Own Sundaes

For dessert at my teenage slumber party, we gave each girl a bowl and had chocolate and vanilla ice cream that you could serve your self. Then, on the table were bottles of chocolate, caramel and strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and bowls of chocolate chips, Oreo cookie crumbs, Smarties, liquorice, different types of candies, and chunks of different chocolate bars.


As we ate our sundaes, we watched a few movies (chick flicks, romances, comedies), such as Two Weeks Notice, Music and Lyrics, Sydney White, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Pacifier, Hairspray, A Cinderella Story, Ella Enchanted, Titanic. We didn’t watch them all, but those were ones we wanted to watch.


During the movies and games, the kitchen table had snacks on it. The snacks included cut up fruit and dip (a great dip is a container of flavoured yogurt and a container of whipped cream mixed together); vegetables and dip; cheese and crackers; chips; cheezies and pretzels. We only had soda during dinner and after the Photo Scavenger Hunt, and we had water, fruit juice and hot chocolate for the rest of the night.

Teenage Slumber Party Games

After watching a few movies, we played some teenage slumber party games. The type that don’t involve a lot of moving around, but do involve a lot of laughing!


    Pretty simple; one girl asks another girl (we said the person to your left, but after each round, we’d get up and switch around so you weren’t always asking the same person) “truth or dare?” If the asked says “truth” then the asker asks the other girl a question, normally about something personal, like “when you were dating Bob, did you guys kiss?” or “do you like Adam?” If the asked says “dare” then the asker tells her to do something silly and/or embarrassing, like “walk around the room, flapping your arms, and quacking like a duck” or “slow dance with a broom” (the best one was “sit in the lap of the person to your right until it’s your turn again”).

    Make sure to film your friend doing their embarrassing thing with your digital camera! We made a deal at the beginning of the game that if someone didn’t want to perform the dare, or if they didn’t want to answer the truth, they weren’t to be forced, and that none of the dares could be dangerous, also, no prank calling.


    This game involved the same order (asking the person to your left), but instead, the asker says “would you rather…and they give two things that the asked has to choose from. They can range from normal, to embarrassing, to gross. For example: “would you rather get up in front of the whole class and announce the name of your crush, or eat a bag of potting soil?”. Or “would you rather get up and do a speech in front of the class that you hadn’t adequately prepared for, or go to school one day without brushing your hair.”


    This is a fun activity, and you can get good ideas from here…


    Telling ghost stories at a teenage slumber party is fun. You can tell different types, from ones you’ve heard, to one you make up. If you make them up, add in places around your town, and slumber party guests names to make the story even more creepy. If you have a computer handy, search “ghost stories” online. Then you can read them by the eerie glow of the computer screen.


    One girl went out of the room (she’s the “guesser”), while everyone else got into a sleeping bag that wasn’t her own. Then the guesser came back into the room, picked a sleeping bag, touched the girl in it, and said “bard yard”. The girl in the sleeping bag made an animal noise, and the guesser had to guess who it was.

  • HA

    The girls lay in a line, with each girl’s head on the stomach of the girl before her. The first girl said “ha”. The next girl said “haha”, and the third girl said “hahaha”. This goes on, each girl adding another “ha”. We couldn’t get past the third or fourth “ha” without breaking up into laughter.


The morning after our teenage slumber party we served breakfast which was bagels with jam and cream cheese, fruit, and juice.

Loot Bags

In each loot bag there was a bottle of nail polish, a bar of soap, a hairbrush, a bracelet and a home made kit for making a “keepsake book” (a three ring binder, construction paper, computer paper, lined paper, glue, ribbon, stickers and a paper I had printed off the computer that read: FRIENDS and had lines for writing names, phone numbers and e-mails).


Before the girls left, they each got to make a t-shirt. Each girl had a plain white t-shirt, which she could decorate with puffy-paint and fabric markers in any way she wanted. We waited until the end to do this. Because by the end of the night, the girls had tons of inside jokes, and had become friends with girls that they didn’t know in the beginning. Their friends could sign the shirts.

The End

A few days after my teenage slumber party, when the shirts were dry, I gave each girl her shirt along with a thank you card. In addition, there were copies of all the pictures to go in their “keepsake book” (their team’s from the scavenger hunt, and any other pictures from the evening that had them in it).

Teenage slumber party ideas: Cassandra P. from Toronto, Canada