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Alligator birthday cake pictures submitted by:

Alison C.
Normal, IL

Aligator Birthday Cake Picture

I made this cake for a charity auction held for a work colleague of my husband's who was suffering from terminal cancer & whose medical benefits had expired. It was finally purchased by the high bidder for the grand sum of $140 as a birthday cake for his 8 year old son. My great satisfaction from baking this cake was that two people benefited for very differing reasons from my artistry & talent.

The 10" chocolate cake had a center filling of butter cream. The next step was to spread a thin layer of the butter cream over the sides and top making sure that the cake had a square even edge. The cake was then refrigerated while I colored the fondant icing to form the lake. The lines that represented the water were made by folding and stretching the fondant in one direction only. This is a good practice for making wood and stone effects too.

Once the desired color was achieved, the fondant was rolled to a thickness of 1/4", and a diameter of 18". The icing was then draped over the chilled cake and the edges are then flattened down. The warmth of your hand will help the fondant adhere to the butter icing. Chilling the cake makes sure that the edges stay firm while putting the fondant onto it, resulting in a smooth look.

Next step is to make the alligator's body. This is made in three parts. To make the mouth of the Alligator stay open, form the fondant into the correct shape. Take a sharp knife and cut the mouth. Then place a piece of stiff folded card covered with powdered sugar and place it in the mouth. Leave for at least 24 hours before removing the card. Leave for longer in very humid places. Once dry the body can now be placed onto the cake and the fish and bird can be made and placed in their correct positions.

The last process is to make the grass and reeds. This is done by rolling a thin layer of colored fondant out and cutting it into grass shapes with a pizza cutter. These are then attached to the side of cake using a small amount of water. The cake is now ready to eat and enjoy.

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Snake birthday cake pictures submitted by:

Dawn Y.
Whitehall, PA

Snake Birthday Cake Picture

I made one chocolate cake and one vanilla cake, each in a bundt pan. When the cakes cooled, I cut each cake in half and laid them out on the cardboard. When I laid them out, I flipped every other 1/2 so to get the curved appearance.

I cut the tail end into a point and took a little off of the face end to give it the "v" shape. I iced the whole cake with icing that I dyed green and then decorated the whole snake with miniature M&M's.

I kept the M&M's off of the head of the snake, so that you could see the eyes and then I cut a piece of construction paper for the tongue.

You could also use some fruit by the foot to make the tongue by cutting into shape.

This cake was for my son's 5th birthday party and he enjoyed decorating the iced snake with the M&M's.

Thanks for all the great birthday cake pictures on this site!

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Frog birthday cake pictures submitted by:

Suzanne R.
Middletown, CT

Frog Birthday Cake Pictures

This is My son's 3rd Birthday cake. I used the Wilton Teddy Bear pan. My son wanted Frogs. I looked everywhere, but couldn't find frog birthday cake pictures nor a frog pan so I tried out the pans I already had and the Teddy Bear pan was perfect.

I baked and cooled the cake (LEAVING IN THE CENTER INSERT - I say this because the first cake I made 3 years before, I removed that and had to bake a second cake).

When the Bear cake was totally cool I baked a 9x13 rectangle cake. Let it also Cool.

While the cakes cooled I worked on the chocolates. The Lilly Pad is green Chocolate. I first took lid of a Tupperware bowl (I measured to make sure it was bigger then the bear bottom, but smaller then the rectangle). Then I took some wax paper and rolled it to the shape of a snake, bent it to the shape of the Lilly pad then tapped the outside down to the Tupperware lid.

Then I melted the Green chocolate and poured it into the lid. I let it cool, then, when almost done I used my clean fingers to gently shape the outside edge of the Lilly pad. Set aside the Lilly pad (I placed in the fridge).

Now I used a large glass cutting board for the cake.

I always place a few dabs of frosting on the cutting board then place the cake on top that (so the cake doesn't move around at all). I first placed the 9x13 cake.

I made the frosting with a Wilton butter frosting recipe.

(My husband likes it made with 50% whipped cream added to the frosting; It makes a creamier, not as sugary taste). I added just enough sky blue food coloring to get the right shade.

I covered the whole cake then took a brand new wide hair comb that was washed very well and gently went across the blue frosting and then back a different way to make a wave like pattern. Then I took some extra frosting and added some leaf green food coloring. I used a leaf tip and parchment paper to add the green weeds around the 9x13 blue cake.

Then I placed the Green Chocolate Lilly Pad Upon the 9x13 frosted cake. Then I made a lighter shade of green frosting. Next, I added to the Lilly pad some green frosting to secure the Bear cake. I then placed the bear very carefully on the Lilly Pad. The left arm is a plastic rod from Jo-Ann's. I pushed it into the body about 2 inches then, to secure it I used one wooden skewer placed in as far as I could.

I decorated the frog with a star tip, covered it completely adding feet on the Lilly pad where there was nothing. Where the bears ears were I made the frogs eyes. I adjusted the mouth the way I wanted by added extra frosting. I filled the rod on his left arm with a lot of frosting then decorated the outside very nice and placed three mini Balloons into the rod top so it looks as if the Frog is holding balloons.

Then I used a straight line tip and did the details in the darker shade of Green. I used the extra black from the eyes to make mini flies on the Lilly pad. They are easily made with a straight tip going up then add the wings with a leaf tip.

To finish I made a chocolate multi-colored Snake and placed him on the cutting board.

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Frog birthday cake pictures submitted by:

Micki E.
Yorktown, VA

Frog Birthday Cake Pictures

My daughter's 3 year old birthday party was a FROG theme. The invitations asked everyone to hop on over to her party held at a warehouse filled with carnival jumping things.

As you can see from the birthday cake pictures above, I made her cake out of a round pan and two custard cups for the eyes. I used cream cheese icing and tinted it green. I found some wax lips and used licorice for the tongue.

The kids all loved it. Then the kids went home with lots of froggy stuff in their goody bags, including froggy gummies.

I hope you enjoy these birthday cake pictures.

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