Coolest Kid Birthday Parties

Throw the Coolest Kid Birthday Party

(Without Throwing Away Your Hard-Earned Cash!)

Have you got another kid birthday party coming up?

It’s probably one of the most special days for your child. And, as parents, we want to give it our best.

But how?! Where do we even begin? How do we throw a birthday party that’s so special without having to throw away so much money?! And if we don’t pay for entertainer or a special venue, how will we entertain the kids without losing our minds? How will we decorate? What will they eat? All these questions and so many more immediately spring up.

First thing to do is set a date for the party. Now breathe :-).

Here, on this site, together with our community of creative Moms and Dads, we’ll help you answer all of those questions. All you need to do (after setting the date as far in advance as possible) is decide together with your child what sort of birthday party you want to throw.

It can be a theme party based on a certain character, book, TV show, idea, concept or anything else your child comes up with. Or, it can be a birthday party without a specific theme. Whatever appeals to your child and, not any less important, whatever appeals to you. We’ve organized the ideas on this site into neatly arranged, complete step-by-step themes.

Parties By Age

Popular Theme Parties

  • Pirate birthday partyPirate Party
    This swashbuckling theme party has been a child's-favorite since the dawn of themed-birthday parties...
  • Princess birthday partyPrincess Party
    Once upon a time, a little girl wished to be a Princess and have the most enchanting birthday party...
  • Dinosaur  birthday partyDinosaur Party
    Children are mesmerized by Jurassic times and this theme party will give you some dino-mite ideas...
  • Elmo Sesame Street Birthday PartiesElmo Sesame Street Party
    This theme is a favorite amongst toddlers and is brought to you by the letter "C" (for Coolest)....

Popular Visitor-Submitted "Party Tales"

  • Bootcamp PartyBootcamp Birthday Party
    Kimberly from Arizona went all out and surprised her 7-year-old son with an awesome bootcamp party...
  • Yellow Submarine Birthday PartyYellow Submarine Party
    Patty's from Chicago gave her Beatles-obsessed 3-year-old a Beatles bash he will never forget...
  • Tea Birthday PartyTea Birthday Party
    A big DIY fan, Marissa from Australia put together this most artistically-crafted Tea party for her 7-year-old daughter...
  • Lego Star Wars Birthday PartyLego Star Wars Party
    Lisa from Arizon combined her son's love for LEGO and Star Wars into this fun and original theme party...


Even if you can’t find that one theme you’re after, many of the ideas can be adapted with a bit of creativity. So just mix-and-match ideas and turn them into your own custom theme. Just remember that the ideas you’ll find here have AWESOME potential, but they need a few very special ingredients:

Your creativity, your time, your energy and your ENTHUSIASM!

The most important thing to remember is that, YES, you can throw the coolest birthday party for your child – and you can do it on your own better than anyone else!