Coolest 1st Birthday Parties

1st birthday parties are such joyous occasions! First things first!

It’s best to plan a fairly short party (from an hour to an hour and a half), and its best to plan it after your baby’s naptime so that they will be rested and in good spirits for the special day. Remember that your baby doesn’t really have any expectations whatsoever. This party is for you and your family and friends who are coming to “ooh” and “aah” over your wonderful one-year-old!

You don’t need to worry too much about entertaining the adults, just make sure they have all been introduced to one another and they will chat and mingle on their own. You can have a few parent-child games organized to break the ice and add some flavor to the party besides the food and chitchat.

If possible, it’s recommended to hold first birthday parties at your own home (or in an environment your baby is comfortable and familiar with).

A theme doesn’t have to be elaborate at such a small age. A simple concept such as a shape or color, or a favorite Disney character or storybook can be the main point to focus on for your decorations and activities.

Below you’ll find some cool themes for 1st b-day parties, complete with ideas for invitations, games, foods, etc… all fitting perfectly into one theme!

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