Coolest Kid Birthday Party Ideas (Ages 8-12)

In this kid birthday party themes section, we’ve included all of our party themes suitable for the 8-12 age group. At these ages kids are on their way to pre-teen-hood. It is usually very important for them to be with good friends. It’s best to get them involved with the planning of the party and having them decide all kinds of important things regarding the party (the theme – if any at all, the location, the activities, the friends being invited, etc.).

Parties can be held inside the home or outside the home (a party venue, an amusement park, etc.). At these ages, kids usually want more challenges and you might need to put more thought and creativity in the decorations, invitations, and activities for the party. Parties can have a bunch of kids or just a few good friends (it depends what your child wants).

At these ages kids have more patience and can stay for much longer, you can have birthday party themes that are longer than the regular 2-hours (for example a slumber party, a movie party, mall party, pool party, mystery party, etc.).

You can have riddles, memory and mystery games, or any other activities that result in using the mind. This age group can usually cope with the idea of winners and losers, so games can become a bit more competitive if you choose (you can hold different contests and races).

If you do choose to have competitive activities, it’s also nice to have a few ‘everyone wins’ activities so that everyone still feels like a winner. For example you can have a scavenger hunt that is geared to older kids (have more complicated missions or tasks that they need to do during the scavenger hunt).

Organizing kid birthday parties can be challenging with this age group. They have usually outgrown the playground but might not be ready for teenage activities yet. It really depends on your child and what will make them the happiest.

The key is to be creative and find activities that that are challenging to the kids and that are also educational. Most likely you won’t need to look over them too much (just stick around), as they are old enough to be together on their own.

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