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Coolest Ideas for Celebrity Star Kids Birthday Parties

Get ready for one of the most glamorous kids birthday parties around! Strike a pose and start walking on that red carpet, because it’s time for a Celebrity Star birthday party!

You’ll find many of the coolest ideas for a Celebrity Star birthday party right here on this page, so get your scrolling finger ready and dazzle your way down this page!


Celebrity Star Invitations

If you’re feeling creative you can make each invitation as a director’s clapboard. What you’ll need is black poster board, a whiteout pen or white paint and a brush, and metal paper fasteners (the ones that have a round head and two prongs that bend back).

Depending on what size you want the clapboard’s to be, cut out the shapes (you see in the bottom picture) from black poster board (try making them the size of an envelope – one that is closer to being a square shaped than rectangular shaped).

Then on one of the sides of the strips punch a hole and with the round clasp – clasp the strip to the rest of the clapboard. Then with whiteout or white paint make it look like a real director’s clapboard and write all the needed information.

If you don’t have that much time to create each clapboard, you can print out these clapboard invitations we’ve created for you especially for the Celebrity Star kids birthday parties.

Another cool idea for your Celebrity Star kids birthday parties is to format and word the invitations as if it was a movie script. The front cover can read: “You’ve been chosen to play a starring role in … (child’s name) Birthday Party”. Inside you can write the “cast of characters” (this can be a list of the invited guests and possibly a brief description of each of them; for example, “Natalie: a young aspiring actress with dazzling eyes.”).

Below that write the synopsis of the movie (party). This is where you can write about your kid’s birthday as if it were the beginning of a movie – “Place: Natalie’s house, a suburban home surrounded by beautiful olive trees (add your address), in the sunny town of (write your town); Time: A Friday afternoon, at lunchtime (time), on (date); Playing time: approximately 3 hours.

Underneath that will be “Scene One” which can be a brief description of what your house will look like and sound like once the party is all set up (before anyone comes). And then add the statement “The party guests enter” and underneath that “To be continued…”, written in bold print. You might want to RSVP in a way that fits this movie script, for example write something like “If you are unable to join this production, please contact the director and producer, Natalie’s parents (add phone number).”

You can also write the Celebrity Star kids birthday parties invitations on paper and tape them to un-popped popcorn packages (or buy popcorn boxes and write the party info on them). If you are able to handout the invitations it could be really cool if you hand out popcorn boxes filled with popcorn, and the invitation could be hidden in a little bag inside the popcorn.

If you decorate your party area like a movie theater, with popcorn and a screening of a famous movie, you could print out these ‘Admit One’ invitations.

It’s even better to print them out on red, orange or yellow-colored paper just like tickets that are sold.

Another way you can make Celebrity Star kids birthday parties invitations is to write all the information on real camera film.

You can either use old camera film (that have pictures of something you wouldn’t mine using and people seeing), or just buy a cheap roll of film and cut it up. Cut up a piece about the size of three or more pictures.

Then type up all the information in a way that it would fit lengthwise on each piece of film you cut up. Once you’ve printed these out, cut them and glue them onto the filmstrips you’ve cut up.

If you don’t want to use real film, you can print out these Celebrity Star kids birthday parties filmstrip invitations.

With these printable Celebrity Star kids birthday parties film-strip invitations, you can either fold them in half and put in an envelope or roll each one up and put in a little plastic film container with some glitter and confetti.

On the outside of the film container glue a small picture of your child or write something like “there’s no business like show business!!” These invitations will need to be hand-delivered. You can try going to a film or film-developing store and ask if they can give you some empty film containers (although in today’s digital age they are becoming quite scarce…).

Another Celebrity Star kids birthday parties idea is to see if any camera shops possibly have the film roll stubs (the cylindrical dispenser that has all of the film rolled inside of it and that you put in the camera). They usually take it from customers and cut off all the film leaving a few inches of blank film. On these few inches you can write your invitation and roll it back into the film dispenser. On the tip of the film you might want to glue a small paper saying “PULL” so that people know to pull the film out of the dispenser.

A simple Celebrity Star kids birthday parties invitation idea is to cut out star shapes and write in small letters “A Star was born… [child’s age] years ago!” and possibly put a picture of your kid right in the middle of the star. Here are star-shaped Celebrity Star kids birthday parties invitations that you can print out and use.

You can decorate the back of the star with pictures of celebrities, movie stars, pop stars, etc. Either cut out from magazines, use stickers, stamps, or anything else that suites the theme. You can also lightly spray each Celebrity Star kids birthday parties invitation with a little perfume to give it some more pizzazz.

You can write something like “You are cordially invited to a night of Glitter, Glamour and Glitz as we celebrate (child’s name) star-studded birthday!” Then give out all the important information as in date, time, RSVP, etc. You can also tell the kids to dress up as their favorite celebrity or pop star.

Another cool idea is to make your invitations look like a long red carpet. Just take a regular sized piece of red construction paper, cut it in thirds (the long way)- and that will create 3 separate invitations. Each invitation should then be folded in half. Write all the needed information on the inside and on the back you can write something like “Hope to see you on the red carpet!”

A cute idea for the invitations is to give out little play wallets (you can easily find these at the dollar store). In the wallets put fake money (this is so that they can buy refreshments if you are planning on creating a movie theater), and put in a small rectangular piece of paper of which you have “Admit One” written on it. Then on the back you can write, “Smith (your last name) Pictures is proud to present Bill’s (your kid’s name) movie star birthday party!” add the date, Showtime, Smith Studios (place), RSVP to producers, etc.


Celebrity Star Decorations

The colors you choose for the theme of your Celebrity Star kids birthday parties can change to match what your kid likes. For a nice “girly” combination (for example) use pink, red, and/or purple mixed with gold, black, or silver to accentuate. For a more “boyish” look choose colors like blue, black, gold, and/or silver, etc. For more of a Hollywood look, the red, black and gold color combination could really fit. Choose balloons, streamers, table covers, etc. that fit your theme colors.

You can decorate with lots of balloons that fit this theme, including a movie-camera shaped balloon, star-shaped balloons, popcorn-shaped balloon, clapboard balloon and much more.

A nice glamorous tablecloth would be to put black fabric or paper on the table. Then cover it with lots of gold stars. You can cut out big gold stars from cardboard and spray them with gold spray paint to use as place mats (instead of spray painting them you can cover them with aluminum foil if you choose silver as one of your colors). You can also find gold-like paper at craft stores and cut stars out of each gold-like paper.

You can also hang these stars from the ceiling and put them all around the floor (have each kid’s name on a star just like the stars in the streets of Hollywood). You can take each kids’ picture by their star and later send them with the Celebrity Star kids birthday parties thank-you notes.

Below are decorations for Celebrity Star kids birthday parties you can print out and hang/tape around your party area. On the clapboard you can write information about the birthday kid or the birthday party itself. You can also cut out each film-strip, tape on walls and tape to each square of film a picture of the birthday kid. You can print the stars decoration onto gold and silver colored papers, cut them out and hang them.

See All Celebrity Star Decoration Ideas


For a glamorous look, put a red carpet entering the house and leading to the party. If you don’t have a red carpet, try and see if you can get a roll of red paper (although you could also try and purchase a long piece of cheap red fabric at a fabric store or use a few cheap red tablecloths combined). On both sides of the carpet you can have rocks or sticks in the ground each holding up gold, silver and white helium-filled balloons. The guests then walk up the red carpet and show their ticket to be admitted.

To get yourself and other party helpers in the mood, get dressed up (together with a few other brave parents) as glamorous celebrities yourselves. You can also choose to dress up as waitresses and waiters with aprons and have a butler in a suit or tuxedo greeting the kids at the door, some paparazzi to take pictures of the new stars as they walk on the red carpet and of course a bodyguard at the entrance (dressed in a suit, sunglasses, a cell-phone earpiece, etc.) with a VIP list to check off people’s names.

If you want you can also have a reporter or a “Joan Rivers” type of character asking each person questions like “Is it true that you and Brad Pitt are no longer dating?” and also some random people screaming for them and wanting to touch them. All of these together will be excitingly overwhelming, giving them a good feeling and as much attention as stars would get. On arrival you can throw some sparkle glitter on the guests to get them in the mood. I

You can then have all kinds of spotlights shining where the red carpet is (you can use hanging flashlights and also can purchase clip-on lights which you can clip on places to shine on whoever walks on the red carpet). If it’s at night you can put lots of white Christmas lights all over and around things to emphasize the occasion (you can put them around tree trunks, posts, around your house, on the both sides of the red carpet, etc.).

Another special thing you can do is to fill brown bags half way with sand and put little round candles in each, then put these on both sides of the pathway to your house and all around your garden (make sure you put the candles in the center of the sand so that it doesn’t burn the brown paper… safety is number one! It’s best to have these brown bags with candles in an area that people are always around and can watch out that everything stays safe).

For more of an elegant dreamy look to your Celebrity Star kids birthday parties, you can float candles in big glass bowls and in different size wine glasses. You can add gemstones, glitter, and/or colorful marbles to the water for it to sparkle.

For napkin rings you can use ring pops (put the napkins through each ring). For more glamour, use plastic champagne glasses that you can hot glue rhinestones around each. On the table have star-themed note-cards saying where each celebrity will be sitting. Practice the art of folding cloth napkins into swans or flowers to put on each guest’s plate. You can also put a little bell for the kids to ring when they need something (treated as true celebrities!).

You can also print out these star napkin holders and placecards created especially for Celebrity Star kids birthday parties:

You can make signs all over your house saying things like: Beverly Hills, Sunset Blvd, Rodeo Drive, etc. with pictures of palm trees and sunsets. Out of Styrofoam or white cardboard cutout the letters of “HOLLYWOOD” and glue or tie each letter to stakes which you can put in your yard. You can also take black butcher paper, tape it to a wall and with white and yellow paint – paint a skyline, buildings, and stars as if it’s NYC or Hollywood at night.

You can also make a huge Hollywood clapboard using black poster board for your Celebrity Star kids birthday parties. Write on it all the details of the party with white paint, and put it out in the front of your house or party area.

See if you can get old movie posters or anything related to certain movie stars, pop stars, etc. your kid likes. Also try to find a few directors’ chairs (or high chairs you can transform to look similar to a directors’ chair), one for the birthday child with his or her name on the back.

If you’re more into the Celebrity Star kids birthday parties being of pop stars you can make fake records by cutting black paper in circles and gluing a smaller colored circle in the middle. Then write down different singers that your kid likes and put them all around the party area; hanging them from the ceiling, taped to the walls, doors, etc.

You can hang lots of celebrity pictures around the dressing area for inspiration for dress-up ideas (preferably celebrities that the kids like and know). You can decorate your Celebrity Star kids birthday parties area with posters of famous celebrities.

You’ll want to put lots of long mirrors everywhere so that the kids can always look at themselves and glamour-up! If you decide to have a glamour-walk-the-runway show to let the kids have fun walking down the runway, you can get a fog machine to make the whole experience a lot more mysterious and dazzling.

If you want a more rock-star look for your Celebrity Star kids birthday parties, hang lots of glow in the dark stars and use a few black lights to accentuate the look. Disperse plastic inflated instruments all over for the rock and pop stars.

If your planning to make the party area look like a movie theater, you can put a lighted marquee (this can be a dry erase board with Christmas lights around it) in the entrance. On it write the information of the movie or play being shown. You can also put up a sign at the entrance saying something like “The Smith Family Theater”. You can decorate with a big popcorn box. You can make this on your own by painting a fridge or sofa box with red and white stripes, writing on it “POPCORN”, and then put lots of yellow and white balloons in it.



For your Celebrity Star kids birthday parties, you can have a box full of all kinds of dress-up clothes; include things like: glamour gowns and tuxedos (you can get cheap ones at thrift stores), feather boas, tiaras, grand hats, Mardi Gras beads, all kinds of high heels and shoes, faux fur accessories, sunglasses, rhinestone belts, bobby pins, costume jewelry, etc.

It would really be nice if you set up a make-up table with lights around the mirror where the gals and guys can see themselves and glamour up! Try to bring out a few long mirrors for them. For the girls to put make-up, lipstick, body glitter, blush (try avoiding eye makeup for health reasons) and if the girls are old enough nail polish (if they’re old enough they can give each other manicures and pedicures :-). Have the kids try on false eyelashes, fake moles, false fingernails, different wigs and so on. You can have any older siblings, cousins, neighbors, or friends help give makeovers to the kids.

You can print out this star hat. All you have to do with the printable star hat, is print it out, cut around the half circle, roll it up and staple!


Celebrity Star Icebreaker Activities

Hollywood Stars

Everyone can dip their hands in washable sidewalk paint. If you don’t want to get your sidewalk all colored up you can roll out a long piece of butcher paper on the floor, draw a huge star for each kid, fill out their name, and let them put their handprint in the star by their name (this is a great keepsake for the party).

Another great Celebrity Star kids birthday parties idea is to get their handprints printed in Plaster of Paris (you can get at craft stores) so that they can take home their handprint (and signature) and have a great memory from the party.

This is how you do it: First of all you need a mold (so that you can pour the Plaster of Paris into something). You can use any container or make your own (like using an aluminum pie plate). It can be quite simple; for example to make a heart-shaped mold take two thin strips of cardboard (the same size) and according to the size of the kid’s hands create a heart by taking both of the strips and stapling the top part of the heart that creates two rainbows and then stapling the bottom for the tip of the heart. Then see how the kid’s hand will fit – and if it’s too big simply make the bottom part smaller by raising where the staple is. Then put the mold on a piece of aluminum foil up around the cardboard to make sure plaster won’t spill out (to secure it you can staple the cardboard to the aluminum foil towards the bottom and all around).

Mix Plaster of Paris according to the package directions and once the plaster is ready pour it into the mold. Once it’s a bit thicker than pancake batter consistency let any kid press their hand in for about 20 seconds and sign their signature with a stick (if it doesn’t hold the shape of the hand jiggle it to re-smooth the surface and try again). If the kids want to, they can press small silk flowers, glitter, or any other kind of decoration to set in with the plaster.

To do this with many kids you’ll need lots of adults to help. If you do have many kids around you can all make your molds together (going through all of the steps together) and then pouring the plaster together, etc.

Star-Struck Photo Frames

If you have a digital camera or Polaroid camera, take each kids’ picture when they are all glammed-up. Then give each kid a black frame, stars, rhinestones, glitter, sequins, stickers and glue to decorate each frame. Once they are done decorating, let them tape their picture to the inside of the frame. Have them autograph their picture with a gold or silver-colored pen. They can take this home with them!


Take foam balls, make a hole in them from top to bottom so that you can put a string through and knot it on the bottom so that you can later hang it. Then have the kids glue pieces of small mirror Plexiglas pieces on to it (you can get these at any plastic shop and most craft stores). The kids just glue on pieces of the plastic mirror onto the ball as tightly together as they can (if the kids are old enough you can let them use glue-guns, if not, give them regular glue or have many adults helping with glue-guns). It’s not safe to use real mirrors, they are more bound to break and hurt someone; stick to plastic mirrors.


You can give the kids little autograph books (this can basically be little notebooks where you write on the front the name of the party and date or little papers stapled together that each kid can make at the party). The kids can get started with decorating their autograph books (have glue, glitter, markers, crayons, stickers, etc. out on a table for them to design with). After decorating their autograph books, they can go around and get autographs from everyone at the party. People can also fake real celebrity signatures. You can look online for specific celebrities your child might like and their signatures. Print them out and let the kids try and imitate them.


Homemade Celebrity Star Cakes

Take a look at all the coolest homemade Celebrity Star birthday cakes.

Other than all of the above creative ideas, here are extra cool and simple ideas for kids birthday parties that fit the Celebrity Star party theme:

Make your cake look like a director’s clapboard. Cook your kid’s favorite cake in a square cake pan. Then once it cools put on a cake board or serving tray. Then to create the clapboard arm make a slice about two to four inches down from the edge of one of the cake’s sides and across it’s whole width. Take the arm and put it on a diagonal to the rest of the cake so that it creates a 30-degree angle. Then frost the whole cake in chocolate frosting (if you like dark chocolate frosting that would be best since it’s closest in color to black). Then with a frosting tip and white frosting (you can also use white chocolate chips) make the proper lines of a clapboard and write the date and something like “Happy Birthday to a STAR!” (for a picture of a clapboard look at the invitation section of this theme). Also write “TAKE 9” (if your kid is 9 years old).

Another idea for these Celebrity Star kids birthday parties is to make a Hollywood star cake by using a star cake pan or drawing a star on a square-shaped cake. Then frost with yellow frosting (you can take white frosting and put yellow food coloring in it). You can then take a frosting tip that has chocolate frosting (or by using stringy black licorice to write out the letters) write in your kids name and date of birth. You can also write something like “The most outstanding STAR”!!! Then you can give your kid a frosting tip and they can write in their signature, wash their hands very well (or have them put on one of those cheap plastic gloves or wrap their hands with saran wrap), and have them indent their hands in the cake.

You can make a long red carpet cake by making two cakes in two thin long cake pans. Then trim the tops so that they are pretty straight. Put them together on a big board and frost the tops red (you can also bake a rectangular cake and cut it in thirds the long way – then on a long cake board put them together to create a really long thin and rectangular cake). The sides can be frosted if you want them – you can frost them with chocolate frosting and put long wafers side by side to add to the look. This can also be a runway cake and basically frost it in any color you want. Then at the end put little famous figurines or any glamorous type of plastic guys and gals (make sure to wash them well before putting them on the cake) all along the red carpet. You can even take pictures of your kid and his or her friends, cut out their faces, tape them to popsicle sticks, and stick them into the cake (as if they are the celebrities walking on the red carpet).


Celebrity Star Party Food and Drink

Ideas for Birthday Party Food:

  • Jewel Salad (a salad with dried cranberries, golden raisins, cherries etc.)
  • Finger sandwiches (watercress, cucumber, cream cheese, Peanut Butter and Jelly… practically anything – but they should be petite and delicate and can be cut into different shapes with cookie cutters.)
  • All kinds of breads and a platter of meats or cheeses
  • Star Pizza bagels – here just cut the cheese with a star-shaped cookie cutter and put two of these stars on a bagel one on top of the other (the cheese gets cooked as a star!)
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Fruits inside of wine glasses

Extra cool food ideas for Celebrity Star kids birthday parties:

Serve these foods on silver trays. At the beginning of the party maids can carry around trays of appetizers and trays of sparkling cider in champagne glasses offering them to the celebrity kids. The more courses the better! (You can even over exaggerate this by serving a 5 or 6 course meal).

Print out your own menus for your Celebrity Star kids birthday parties; even use a French/English dictionary to make elaborate sounding foods. You can have Caviar, Escargot, frog legs, and more classy foods written on your menu (where you can write what’s really in it – making up dishes that would seem like they really are these high-class foods).

You can give the kids wallets as soon as they come (or make ones out of construction paper by folding a A5 paper in half and staple the sides, then let them decorate it). Inside you can put a certain amount of fake money so that they can “buy” themselves refreshments. In certain areas make stands; this could be a snack bar, popcorn, hot-dogs, pizza, nachos, drinks (you can fill a cooler up with ice and soft drinks and juice boxes), snow cones, ice cream, cotton candy, etc. Make signs on top of each describing the prices (this is a good way to regulate the amount of candy intake the kids have, as they do have only a certain amount of money – and of course you don’t want their tummies to ache!). You can try buying some popcorn boxes from your local theater.

Ideas for Birthday Party Drinks:

  • Banana-Butter Star Treatment: for this drink- cut 2 ripe bananas into pieces and place into blender. Then put 3 cups of nonfat frozen yogurt and half a cup of smooth peanut butter. Whirl in blender until the mixture is smooth. This serves 4 people. The kids’ll guzzle this drink down!
  • Sparkling apple cider in wine bottles (you can pour it into disposable plastic wine glasses and let the kids decorate the glasses with jewels, sequins, glitter, etc. beforehand)
  • Hot Chocolate- if it’s a bit chilly outside- this is a hit!

Tip: try shopping around for star-shaped ice trays.

Ideas for Birthday Party Treats:

  • POPCORN (of course)
  • Cotton-candy
  • Assorted pastries
  • You can also make star cookies and write each celebrity’s (kid’s) name on a star. You can then take each star cookie and put it next to their placecard or in their party favor packs.
  • Meringues
  • Chocolate-covered fruits (melt chocolate chips in a mug in the microwave and stir, then let the kids do the dipping and afterwards dry on wax paper; best with strawberries, bananas, dried apricots, now that I think of it, isn’t anything dipped in chocolate wonderful ;-D)
  • Dinner mints
  • Red rubies (strawberries, cranberries and cherries)
  • Golden candies (butterscotch)
  • Gold and silver Hershey nuggets
  • Golden popcorn (caramel popcorn)
  • You can make little “popcorn” cupcakes. Frost each cupcake with white frosting. Then take yellow mini marshmallows, cut them in half and smush them back together firmly (this will look like popcorn). Then fill the whole top of the cupcake with lots of these little popcorn pieces. If you want a buttery type look, take yellow food coloring and dilute it with water; then brush it on with a clean brush. If you don’t have mini marshmallows, you can use real popcorn (no butter)

Tip: you can serve treats in black-flocked top hats that you can turn upside-down.


Celebrity Star Party Favors and Thank You’s

We’ve created these printable and foldable favorbox and star favorbags especially for Celebrity Star kids birthday parties. They are blank and so the kids can decorate and fold them themselves. You can also create them before the party. We have a favorbox, a medium favor-bag, and large favorbag for you to print out.

For the favorbox and medium Celebrity Star kids birthday parties favorbag – print out, color if needed (or print on colored paper) and cut out. Before you start gluing the favorbox and favorbag, fold along the dotted lines and assemble so that all the sides connect. Only then add glue and secure the folded flaps.

To create the large Celebrity Star kids birthday parties favorbag you’ll need to print out TWO designs. First, cut along the lines and fold along the dotted lines. Then, connect the two so that the left side of one is glued to the right side of the other.

Favors for Celebrity Star kids birthday parties you can put inside:

Anything dazzling and celebrity-like can be given: star-shaped sunglasses, director play megaphones, autograph books, little director clapboards, clapboard picture frames, film-strip photo frame, glamorous key-chains, hollywood star award, stylish pens, glowing LED star-ball necklace, flashing LED star ring, makeup, basically anything STAR-quality!

For more of a movie-theater type party, you can put the party favors in popcorn boxes. You can also use empty video cases of which you can sleeve your own papers (possibly put something resembling the invitations with all the party information so that they will have memorabilia from your kid’s party). You can fill these up with candies, gummy hot dogs and hamburgers, gummy soda bottles, butter-popcorn-flavored jellybeans, caramel popcorn, etc. You can also give out lots of glow-in-the-dark items the kids’ll love.

For simple Thank You Notes, you can write “It was glamorous to have such a shining star like you at our party!”. Check out these nice star-shaped thank you’s made for Celebrity Star kids birthday parties (you can print out the worded or the blank ones):


Celebrity Star Games and Activities

There are lots of great game ideas that fit perfectly with Celebrity Star kids birthday parties.

We’ve put together this complete Celebrity Star kids birthday party games section where you’ll find detailed instruction for games such as:

  • Award Ceremony
  • Paparazzi
  • Pin the Star on the STAR
  • And many more (including visitor-submitted game ideas)…

You should also read these VERY important tips to help you survive (and enjoy) birthday games time!

Pinatas are a great addition to the party and a wonderful activity for the kids. Pinatas are always a “hit” ;-)


Your Celebrity Star Parties and Ideas

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete Celebrity Star kids birthday parties story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories “Party Tales” and they serve as a great inspiration! Take a peek at other people’s Celebrity Star Kids Birthday Parties and you’re sure to find lots more outstanding Celebrity Star party ideas:

Share your kid birthday party ideas here…

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