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Coolest Celebrity Star Theme Kids Birthday Party Games

Here’s an awesome collection of Celebrity Star kids birthday party games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Celebrity theme party.

Acting Talents

Best for older kids. For this you will need a video camera. This is where the kids can really be creative (make their own movie or commercials). Your kid can choose a favorite movie and reenact a scene in the movie with their friends being different characters of the movie. Watch the scene beforehand and try to get it as close as possible – even taking lots of takes just like in the movies.

Other kids can do commercials – choosing anything around the house and try to sell it in a commercial. You can choose to be the director (or any other adult) and have a director’s clapboards (do as many takes as you want!). Just make sure things stay fun and don’t get out of hand.

You can also have a talk show and have someone be a talk show host who interviews the famous guests (write out questions ahead of time). Basically anything that the kids seem to be interested in that is on TV and in the movies, from cooking shows to workout videos to playing skits of famous movies, anything can be done!

Once you’re done taping. have everyone sit around a TV with good ol’ popcorn and watch it all! You can also make copies of the video and give them out.

For much younger kids you can act out favorite fairy tales or even poems the kids may know (Mary had a little lamb, Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.).

Award Ceremony Kids Birthday Party Games

After the acting, you can be the MC of the Academy Awards or the Oscars and give out printed awards and if you find plastic Academy Award statuettes to give out – excellent! The host would say something like:

“And, tonight winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress is… (Drum roll please)…”

Then let each celebrity kid make an acceptance speech. You can be creative with the type of awards you give out: best hair, best dressed, best makeup, best supporting friend, etc.

If you are planning on doing this, it would be wonderful to also video tape people when they are just coming to the party and when they are walking on the red carpet, interviewing them so that there will be a pre-show entertainment just like a real awards ceremony.

You can give out inexpensive gold academy award statues. Or, if you want to make a little joke out of the Oscars, you can call it the “Oscar Mayers Ceremony”, and give out cooked hot-dogs for trophies (just in case you don’t know, Oscar Mayer is a company that makes hot dogs – sometimes known as the Oscar Mayer Weenie).

This is one of the coolest kids birthday party games!

Rock-Star Performance

If you have a small group you can tell them to come up with a routine together to perform and a name for their group (even if you have a large group divide them for it to be easier). Give them time to dress up and make up their moves (you can show them some pop-star music videos) and have them choose the song they want to perform. They can lip-sync it if they want to. If you have a karaoke machine – even better! Make sure to videotape this! (You can also take black and white photographs, which give a whole other feel).

Pin the Star on the STAR

This is one of the classic kids birthday party games with a celebrity/star twist. Before the guests arrive, trace your child’s silhouette on a large piece of paper. Hang this on the wall and give each guest a paper star with tape on the back. Blindfold each kid – one at a time – and have them stick the star on the picture of the birthday child. The star closest to your kid’s heart is the winner. Another way of doing this is taking a poster of one of your kid’s favorite celebrities and tape it to the wall where you want the game to take place. Then cut out black sunglasses and give to each child. The one to get closest to putting the sunglasses on the celebrity is the winner.

Star Relay

Here’s another one of the coolest kids birthday party games. Divide the group into two teams. Have them stand in two long lines and give each team two large stars. These stars will be the only things the kids will be able to step on. Determine a starting line and a turnaround point. Once the relay starts, the first kid in each team puts down the first star and jumps on it. They then take the second star and put it down in front of them, then jump on the second star. They then take the first star and put it in front of them continuing to advance to the turnaround point and then return. The first team to finish is the winning team.

Movie Theater

You can create your own mini movie theater in your own house. Choose a room – possibly a basement or garage. In the entrance have a little box saying “tickets” on it (cut a slit in the top so the half ripped ticket can be put in). Have someone dressed up as if they are working at the theater (with a nametag and hat). They’ll need to rip the guests’ movie tickets (they can also have a flashlight to lead people to their seat). Try to clear out as much from the designated room (put black sheets over un-moved things). Rent or borrow chairs and put them in two or three sections (leave an “isle” between the sections). You can even put seat numbers on each seat.

Around the sections of chairs, and in the isles, you can lay twinkle lights similar to movie theaters (so that kids can see how to get to their seat). You can have intermissions of which the kids can get more refreshments and possibly eat the main meal. Also, you can borrow or rent a projector and have it shine onto a wall with a white sheet on it (there are also companies you can hire to bring a big screen). You can also make it as if it’s a drive-in. You can put blank packing boxes and have the kids decorate them with markers, construction paper and glue, of which they can make their own license plates, wheels, hub caps. They can then sit on them as if it’s their own car.

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9 thoughts on “Coolest Celebrity Star Theme Kids Birthday Party Games”

  1. Guess Which Star You Are Game

    As each kid comes in the door put a name tag or picture of a famous
    celebrity (one that the kids would know) on their back. Then they have
    to find out who they are by asking the other kids questions (make it
    harder by allowing only “yes” and “no” questions). The other guests can
    answer any question, but must not reveal the name of the star. By the
    end of the party everyone needs to figure out who they are.

  2. This is THE Best Party Game Ever! Take a Sheet, Cut it in half, and Hang
    it in an opening, perhaps a doorway, to make a “Backstage” Area. Then,
    give the kids mics, throw dress up clothes backstage, then send the
    guests backstage and let them Dress up. When they are done, they can
    come out and sing, or, if you are doing a fashion party, put a red
    carpet on the floor and let them strut their stuff!

  3. Music Band Celebrity Party Match Up

    You need to have printed out pictures of different kinds of band
    members. You cut them up and scatter them on the floor facing up ways.
    Then you have to match up the people that fit together in the band, if
    you get it right, you win.

    • Great Idea, You could even make this an adults game, by having pictures of bands/artists and also pictures of the albums and them you have to match album to artist/band. Cheers

  4. Celebrity Heads Star Birthday Party Game

    This is what I played when I was a girl.

    Buy or use headbands and
    write a name of a celebrity on paper and then sticky tape the name onto
    the headband. Then put the headband on the child. The child with the
    headband asks the audience 5 Yes or No questions regarding the
    celebrity’s name written on his/her headband. The audience can only say
    yes or no. Once the child with the headband guesses the answer they swap
    over with someone else and you put a new name on the headband. This
    game was a classic.

  5. Find the Paparazzi Celebrity Party Game

    Everyone writes the name of their favorite star on a card. You take the
    cards, make a distraction (opening presents time, a movie, etc.) and
    hide all but one of the cards. After they’re done you say that one of
    them is paparazzi and they need to find out who. You give each of them a
    clue to where one of the cards is hidden. When they find one they call
    out the name and the kid who’s ‘name’ was called comes back and takes
    the card. The kid who found the card is done and stops looking. You
    continue this until all but one card is found. The person who doesn’t
    have one is the paparazzi. This game lasts about 5-10 minutes and is a
    fun game for the kiddies.

  6. Improv is one of the most fun things you can do at a kids party or even
    at an adult party for that matter. If you are not familiar with improv
    games, here is what you can do:
    1. Each game has a “theme” or scenario in which to build off of.
    2. Only the two kids doing the seen know the scenario.
    They have to play out the scene and the audience has to guess where the
    scene is taking place, what the person is trying to get from the other
    person, etc….you can make it as hard or easy as you want.

    on YouTube for scenes of the show “Who’s Line is It Anyway” to get a
    better idea. Students in acting schools play these games. It is an
    absolute blast for both the kids and the adults. It really makes you
    think on your feet and use your imagination to its fullest.

  7. Murdering the Celebrity Game: There is a boss, a detective, a murderer and a Celebrity who dies.
    Everyone sits in a circle with their eyes closed, except for the boss
    who goes around the circle and taps a tap on someone’s shoulder (this
    person now knows he/she is the detective). Then the boss taps two taps
    on the shoulder of the murderer. The murderer opens their eyes and
    points to the Celebrity he/she wants to kill; once chosen the boss goes
    to that person and taps on their shoulder (that way they know they are
    the murdered Celebrity). This person then screams and lays on the floor
    as if dead (this is when the game starts and everyone opens their eyes).

    Throughout the game the murderer continues to kill by winking
    at people (if someone got winked at by the murderer, they fall to the
    floor as if they died). Then the the detective stands up in the middle
    of the circle and tries to see who is killing every body, they have 3
    guesses and if they choose the wrong people or give up, the murderer

  8. Find the Celebrity Party Game

    The birthday girl/boy will hide anywhere in their house or garden with a
    mobile phone on hand (make sure the mobile has been put on silent).
    Once everybody that has been invited to the party has arrived an adult
    or sibling will ring the birthday kids’ mobile to tell them that
    everyone has arrived, 5 seconds after this phone call the birthday kid
    phones the house phone and gives the guests 1 small word that describes
    where they are hiding (example: up, down, out, in, etc.).

    word they choose the guests must go look for them (if they picked the
    word “up” the guests will go upstairs, or “out” they will go outside).
    Then the birthday kid phones again and says another 2 words. This is a
    great game to get your party started.

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