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The Biggest Collection Ever of Awesome Pool Party Games

For these pool party games, you’ll need a… pool. If you don’t have one, you can try renting the community center’s pool or taking the party to a nearby lake (if you’re lucky enough to live near one.).

But don’t worry. If there’s no large body of water in your vicinity, you can opt to choose these excellent water games that don’t require a pool ;-).

Word of caution: Before the kids jump in, there are several things to take in account when preparing pool party games. Safety is the most important thing to consider. Always maintain a high adult-to-child ratio, while not forgetting that the younger the kids are, the more adult supervisors you need. Try to minimize diving and jumping into the pool; simply keep the games in the water. And have everyone drinking like camels and using sun block. We’re sure you’ll find inspiration from these pool party games.

Crossing the River

String two ropes the length of the pool and divide the group of kids into two teams. You will need two “rafts” (anything that the kids can float on, preferably keeping somewhat dry, but not that stable…). Then split each team in two and put each sub-group facing each other on opposite sides of the pool (standing next to the rope).

The first kid in line from each team must climb onto the raft, pull the raft to the other side using the rope, climb off and let one of the team members on the other side do the same. Continue with the others. The first team to finish OR the team with the least wet team members win.


Yes, you can even incorporate the classic Pinata into your pool party games. Make your own pinata full of little water gifts such as sunglasses, squirt guns, swimming goggles, etc. (Here are directions for making a pinata). Hang the pinata over the pool and have the kids hit it as they jump in.

Long Jump

Have all the kids line up behind the diving board. Be the judge yourself or assign someone to be the judge (the judge should be in the water so they can have a clear look of what is happening). The judge puts a small floatie (should be something fairly soft) about a foot away from the diving board, and each player has to jump over it. After everyone has had one turn, the judge moves the floatie out another foot. You’re out if you touch the floatie while trying to jump over it. The furthest jumper wins.

Dog Race

This race is for youngsters that can swim the dog paddle (just like a dog). Line all the kids up on the edge of the pool and whistle when everyone is ready. The kids jump in and begin to dog paddle to the other side, get out, and bark three times. First one to finish wins.

Jumping Jellyfish

For this pool party game, have all the kids stand at the edge of the deep end and choose someone to be “IT”. IT then tries to make the players laugh, and each time they laugh IT gets to push them into the water. The last person who doesn’t laugh can either be IT or choose someone else to be IT.

Treasure Dive

Divide the kids into two teams and have each team stand on a different side of the pool. Then go to the middle of the pool and toss in a bunch of treasures (it can be things that float and also things that sink). See which team can bring back the most.

Cannonball Splash

In this game, the kids compete to see who can make the biggest splash. Divide the kids into two groups – one for the cannonballs and the other group as a team of judges. The cannonball group line up behind a diving board and have to make the biggest splash to get the highest vote. The judges are the voters and give each person a vote out of ten. (An adult is needed to decide what the majority of the judges want to give each person). Tip: don’t forget to have your cameras ready!! This is an amazing opportunity to take a picture of each kid right when they are about to splash. You can send each kid their picture when sending out the thank-you cards.


Just put a rope across the pool and whichever team loses falls in like dominoes. It’s one of those classic pool party games!


one person is “it” and the other people are on the other side of the pool. The person who is “it” shouts out a category (ex. fruit). Then they start saying things in that category (ex. bananas, oranges, grapes. If you hear your favorite thing in that category, you try to swim to the other side without the person who is “it” seeing you. If the person who is “it” sees who, they jump in the pool and try to tag you.


one person is chosen to stand in the middle of the pool, and everyone else stands around the edges. On “GO” everyone on the edges starts running around the edge until the person in the middle chants “I’m caught in a whirl pool and theres nothing I can do” and then the people on the edges respond “oh yes you can, oh yes you can!” and then the person in the middle must go under and swim to the edge before the people creating the whirlpool catch the swimmer in the current of the whirlpool.( Game works best in a medium depth,round pool.)

For more fun have all the players to run in a circle around the edge but when you yell “switch” everyone turns around and tries to swim through the current and out of the pool! If you get tired, instead of swimming against the current, lay on your backs and relax! One of the coolest pool party games.

Stacking Turtles

by Chloe

For this pool party game you need large-sized inflatable pool toy(s) – the more people, the bigger the toys should be.

Each person must swim to the music while the toy(s) is (are) floating in the pool. When the music stops everyone must try and squash onto the inflatable pool toy(s). They have to stay there for 30 seconds while the others try to get them to fall off. Whoever falls off is out and you keep playing until no one can fall off.


by Katriel

1st, choose someone to be “IT”. The person who is it stands on the edge of the pool (so they are ready to jump).

2nd, the players that are not “IT” are in the water at the edge of the pool. Each player chooses a random color.

3rd, the “IT” person calls out random colors (fast – try not to pause in between colors). Here’s the catch: The IT person has to have their eyes closed and looking away from the pool and the players.

4th, when the “IT” says your color you have to swim to the other side.

5th if the “IT” person hears you swimming they are able to jump in and get you. If you get tagged by the “IT” person then you are IT.

It’s one of those really great pool party games!

Fashion Show Dives

by Nicole

Have the kids step on to the diving boards and do a fancy walk then they must dive there best dive. The judge decides who wins the diving fashion show.

Pegs Pool Party Games

Number pegs from one to ten (ten pegs for each number). Break the kids into three groups. Evenly spread the pegs out in the pool then wait until they sink. Once they sink stand each group at one section of the pool lined up. When a whistle blows the first person dives in and collects ONLY ONE peg, brings it back and the number on the peg is added up. After all the pegs are collected, the group with the highest score wins.

Water Bomb

by Liana
(Lake Macquarie, NSW)

Fill lots of balloon water bombs and place them in the pool. I bought a packet of 100 for $2.On go, kids jump in and collect as many as they can hold (without bursting them)in a given time slot, say 30 sec, depending on age. The one with the most at the end of the time is the winner. Lot’s of fun with these pool party games!

Duck Race

by George
(Los Angeles, CA)

To play this fun pool game, provide a plastic floating duck for each pool party guest. Have players line up at one end of the pool with their ducks in the water ready to go. After the referee announces the start of the race, the players must push their ducks across the pool and back again. This doesn’t sound very difficult, but players can’t touch the ducks with any body part other than their nose. It’s more difficult than it sounds!

Marco Polo

Now, Who hasn’t heard of Marco-Polo?

This is a traditional pool game in which the person who is it (or Marco) closes their eyes and shouts “Marco!”. The people who are not it must try to avoid Marco but at the same time, reveal where they are by replying “Polo!” each time Marco shouts.

When a person comes out of the water (little extra rule…) they must shout “Polo!” as soon as thy catch their breath.

Marco may NOT have goggles on at ANY time, but Polos may.

The Slippery Watermelon

by Tina
(Baltimore, Ohio)

Apply baby oil to a watermelon. Put the watermelon in the middle of the pool. The first child to jump in, retrieve the watermelon and bring it back to the edge of the pool WINS! This is also a fun game for adults. Even though the watermelon floats, it is very slippery and hard to control. Use a smaller size watermelon for children and a larger one for adults.

Water Balloon Obstacle Course

by Britt

Divide into two teams. You have to move a large water-filled balloon (almost ready to burst) through a course with obstacles, like around pylons, under chairs, and up over tacks. If the water balloon pops, you need to go back to the beginning with a new balloon. The team who finishes first wins a prize.

Pool Party Relay Race

by Taylor

Divide the kids into two teams and get them to stand at one end of the pool.

When the whistle blows get one person from the team to jump into the pool, swim to the end come out on the other side and then walk back to the other end of the pool. The next person does the same thing until they are finished.

The team to finish first wins. One of those really fun pool party games.

Money Finder

by Renae

Say there are 15 people you will need 15 cent coins. On one of the cents write the word “win” using a nicko pen/permanent marker. Throw all of the cents into the pool. The person who finds the coin saying ‘win’ on it wins a prize.

Fun Whirlpool Activity

by Pamsmith

All the adults in the pool make a big circle holding hands and run as fast as they can in a circle. Big children can join in and the little ones can just float (so the adults pull them round). Eventually the water is going in a circle so quickly that everyone’s feet comes off the ground and they all float around with the water! Great fun.

Sharks and Pirates

by Muriel
(Muscat, Oman)

Everyone stands on one side of the pool (pirates) and one shark in the pool. On the shout “Man overboard!” the pirates all jump in and swim to safety on the other side, the shark has to catch the pirates on the way through. If he does they also become sharks for the next mad dash. The winner is the pirate who survives the longest.

What Are They Saying Pool Game

A group of people go under the water and try to talk to each other and when they come up, you have to tell eachother what they said.

Walk the Plank Pirate Party Game

by Tweetalicious

Two children are chosen and the rest write down questions about themselves to ask them. Draw two rectangles next to the pool so no.4 reaches the edge of the pool. draw 4 boxes and label them from the furthest(1) to the pool (5). The children take turns in asking the questions to the children standing at 1 and if answered incorrectly that child takes a step forward until one person is at 5 and has to walk into the pool.

Ball Thrower Pool Game

This game can be played with up to 10 players. One person is the ball thrower and has an inflatible ball. On the mark of ‘Go’ the person with the ball throws it up in the air and catches it again; while the ball is in the air the rest of the people try to get as far away from the ball thrower as possible. When the ball thrower catches the ball everyone pauses and stays in place. The ball thrower then picks the closest person and tries to hit them with the ball. If they don’t hit anyone with the ball they start again and if they do, the person hit becomes the ball thrower and the game starts all over :P

Statues and the Sea-Monster Water Game

This game takes place in a pool. One person is the Sea-Monster. She/He counts to twelve. Other players strike poses as statues. When the Sea-Monster looks at you, you must remain a statue. You can move and swim when she or he is not looking. If you are caught, you become the Sea-Monster. Enjoy your pool party games!

Water Balloon Toss

by Elise

Objective: Try to catch water balloons! With each successful catch move further and further apart.

Rules: Pair off players into groups of two and have them face their partner about three feet apart. Begin tossing balloons to each other. Every time the balloon is caught the player that caught the balloon takes a step back. Eventually someone is going to get wet!

Winning: You win by being the furtherest apart while still successfully catching the water balloon.



I just wanted to say I had no idea what to do for my party until I came to this web site so thanks soooo much. This really helped. You have nooo idea!!

Diving Ring Toss

by Emily
(Arizona, U.S.)

Have a parent throw diving rings into the pool. Have everyone try to bring back as many as they can in one breath. Whoever has the most rings wins. (Put the found rings back where they were before each turn). One of the coolest pool party games.

Find Your Mate

by cool guy

On little papers write names of animals (you want to write each animal twice on two different papers).
Each child gets a little piece of paper. While everyone is in a huge circle in the pool everyone has to make the sound of his/her animal and find their mates.
The person who finds their mate first wins. Enjoy your pool party games!

Water Balloon Dodgeball Game

by Miley
(Phoenix, Arizona, United States)

Choose a person to be IT. IT starts out with a whole lot of water balloons which he/she tries to throw at everyone. Every person who gets hit has to help IT get people out by hitting them with the water balloons. The last person standing who wasn’t hit with a water balloon is the winner. One of the classic pool party games.

Find the Water Bottle Pool Game

by Tiffany

Fill the water bottle up with pool water then let it sink down to the bottom. While its sinking close your eyes for 15 seconds. Then try to find the water bottle!! You may also put as many water bottles as you want in the water real fun game have fun!!

Red Light Green Light Pool Game

by Ashley
(United States)

Up to 8 people can play, and there has to be an adult at the end of the pool. The adult shouts, red light, and the kids stop swimming; or, green light
and the kids start swimming. If a player breaks the rules and doesn’t go or stop when the adult says, they’re out. Whoever reaches the finish first, wins!

Wet T-Shirt Pool Party Games

by Bob

You divide into 2 teams. You take a wet t-shirt for each team. On the mark of ‘Go’, the kids put on the t-shirt (swimming with a t-shirt on is harder than you think… it’s best if you have a larger t-shirt). They have to swim from one side to the other and back. Then the next person takes the t-shirt and does the same thing. The first team to have all players finish up wins!

Quick Quack Rubber Ducky Race

by Elizabeth

There are as many teams as you would like on the same side of the pool (each team standing in one line). The player in the front has a rubber ducky. You do the usual “On your mark…Get set…GO!” and the players must swim to the other side of the pool and back pushing the rubber ducky along the way in front of themselves. Here’s the catch (depending on age) have the kids push the rubber duckies with their noses! Sounds a whole lot easier than it is! Enjoy your pool party games!

Wet Water Rodeo Pool Game

by Wysteria

Are you looking for a fun filled game that will cool you off? Wet water rodeo is the game for you!

There should be only 2 people in the pool. One of the players is the “bull” and the other player is the “cowboy/cowgirl”. The cowboy gets on a float such as a raft or chair. The “bull” jumps and/or splashes the cowboy trying to knock them off the float. When the cowboy falls off, both players get out of the pool until everyone else has gone and when it comes there turn again the old cowboy will be the “bull” and the bull will be the “cowboy”. This is a fun game my 11 year old loves it and I hope you do to!

Sharks and Minos Water Game

by Jean Jennings
(South Carolina)

There has to at least be 10 people playing this game.

First to see who the Shark is, you have all the kids on one side of the pool (it has to be in the deep end). Then they all race to the other side and get out. Last person to get out is the shark.

So the person who is the shark has to go back to the other side. Then call “SHARK!” (Loudly so that everyone can here). Then the shark’s job is to tag the minos. The minos are then jumping into the pool. On there way to the other side of the pool. The first tag can be anywhere. But after the first tag, it has to be on the head. The kids that are tagged are then turned into sharks. You keep playing until all of the minos are tagged and turned into a shark. The last person tagged becomes the new shark. Have Fun!! It’s one of the most enjoyable pool party games!

Race and Bet On It

by Emily
(United States)

This game is a lot of fun if you like bets! You will need at least 3 people. First you have to race to the end of the pool and back. The loser has to do the bet, but here’s the fun part. The winner gets to choose the bet the loser has to do!

Just some advise: Make sure you play this game before someone is mad at you because he/she can make it very mean and you will have to do it unless its to dangerous!

I’ve played this before and it was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Good luck and have fun!

Matching Items Pool Game

by Shakira

In the pool there will be quite a few water balloons spread out, and lots of matching items, such as: Bat and ball, knife and fork, key and lock, two matching shoes, or any other items that match. Every kid jumps in the pool, and tries to find the matching items. Whoever has the most matching items, WINS!

Chicken Fall

by Rosa

You will need pairs of two. One kid will be sitting on top of the other’s shoulders (this takes place in the shallow or mid-deep end of the pool so that the bottom person can still be standing). Both persons who are sitting on the shoulders try to make eachother fall. P.S – Play Safe

Dive For Treasure In One Breath

Get lots of sinking toys, and throw them into the pool. Split the kids in 2 teams and 1 person goes from each team and tries to get as many toys from the bottom of the pool as they can, IN ONE BREATH.

The person who gets the least pool toys stands off to the side and then the winner gets back in line and the next 2 people go. You continue this until everyone goes and the team who still has people on their team, wins!

The team that all its people have lost and there are no more people on the team, loses and they have to let the other team push them into the pool.

Water Leap Frog

by Caylin
(Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)

In this leap frog game you have to go under instead of over! All the players make a line in front of each other with their legs spread wide apart. The player in the back has to swim under each player’s legs until they reach the front. For smaller players, play in the shallow water.

Silent Marco Polo Pool Game

Played just like the regular Marco Polo except you have to be quiet. Kids can splash to confuse the person who is IT but don’t splash too much or you’ll be caught.

Water Balloon Bust

by Brittany
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

You will need small water balloons for this game.

Split into two teams, and give each team a bucket of small water balloons.

On the mark of “GO”, the first person on each team grabs a water balloon. They then jump in and swim to the other side of the pool with their water balloon (if they drop the balloon on the way they must go back and grab a new one).

Once they get to the other side of the pool they must get out and break the water balloon by sitting on it. After breaking it, they must swim back to the next person and tag them.

The first team to have all its players break a water balloon wins.

This is one of those pool party games the kids love!

Handstand Pool Contest

by Miley Cyrus

First get a stopwatch. Then, taking turns, have everyone do their best handstand in the pool. Have a few judges who rate them from 1 to 10 on how straight and how long they can keep their handstand in the pool.

Dibble Dabble Pool Game

by Jen

Go inside and ask your parents for a clear water bottle cap. Then grab a couple of your friends to play. What you do is one person jumps in the pool and hides the bottle cap all the way at the bottom of the pool he/she then gets out of the pool quickly. The bottle cap will eventually rise to the surface of the pool. The first person to jump in, catch the bottle cap before it rises to the surface, and then say “Dibble Dabble” is the winner.

Greased Watermelon Pool Race

by Chloe

Similar to the Slippery Watermelon Pool Game just this time A RACE. This game seems more suitable for older kids who have no problem swimming.

Have two+ teams and have a full sized watermelon for each team. Grease them before the game with petroleum jelly so that they’ll be very slippery.

The teams split, half of the team members on one side and half on the other side (facing each other). Set each team’s watermelon in the pool in front of the first team member of each team. Have the first person in line jump in and push, carry or propel the watermelon to the other side and pass it on to the next team member.

If you want to make the race harder, make up a rule that the watermelon is not allowed 2 go above the water or the person and watermelon have to start from the beginning.

Diving Board Trick Contest

by Morgan

It really doesn’t matter how many people you have, just more than 3. One person is the judge, he/she is in or out of the water (doesn’t matter). Then the other players line up behind the diving board and have to do their best trick to impress the judge. Whoever most impresses the judge, wins and gets to be the next judge.

Water Dance

by Kathie W.

Divide the kids/teens into 2 teams. Each team comes up with a team name and a dance they perform in the water. Like water dancing. Have an adult be the judge and the team that comes up with the best dance wins!

Catch the Water Balloon Game

by Vanessa Belk

This may not be a pool game, but more of a water balloon game.

Give all the kids numbers 1 – how ever many there is. Get them to stand in the shape of a semi-circle, one adult stands in the middle and chucks up a water balloon. When the adult does this, they will also call out one of the kids numbers; that kid has to run out and catch the water balloon. If they don’t catch the water balloon – they’re out. Keep going till there are only two kids left and play till there is only one; the last one to stick in is the winner!

Toothpaste and Tube Water Game

by Emily Braun
(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Get a coin, two people choose ‘heads’ or ‘tales’, flip the coin and the kid who gets the coin-side right gets to be the toothpaste and the other kid is the tube.

Both are in the water and the tube holds the toothpaste in his/her arms like you hold a baby. The tube picks a category for example {COLORS} and the toothpaste has to guess what color the tube is thinking of. If the toothpaste doesn’t guess right, the tube dunks the toothpaste under water and the toothpaste keeps guessing until he/she gets it right. If the toothpaste gets it right then the tube flips the toothpaste and they switch turns.

Crab Pool Party Games

by Alexandra

For this game you need a minimum of 3 players. One person is the “Crab” and the other people swim beneath the crab. If the swimmer touches the Crab then the Crab tries to capture them by bringing there legs together. If the swimmer can escape then they are not it. But if they are still caught in between the Crabs legs and they come above the water then they become the “Crab”.

Shark and Fishes Pool Game

by Jamilyn

There is 1 shark and the rest of the kids are fishes. Divide the pool into 3 parts with ropes. The middle is the shark tank and the 2 other sides are the aquariums. The shark can ONLY go in the shark tank. The fish go from end to end trying NOT to be touched by the shark. If the shark touches you, you become the shark.

Walk On Water

by Bob C.
(Cat. City , CA)

There are floats in the pool. The task of each player is to walk from one side of pool to the other without falling in.

Pick and Jump Pool Game

by Ellie T.

To play, you need 4 or more kids (and it is even more fun with more). To start, you need a ring or other floatie that the person that is “IT” can sit or lay on. Then the remaining people, line up by the diving board or ladder. The person that is “IT” will think of a category, and tell the group (who is out of the pool) the chosen category.

For example, the category that “IT” chooses is Ice Cream, and let’s say “IT” chooses Moose Tracks, the other group will call flavors and jump in every time they call a flavor. So, Lilly says “Chocolate,” then “IT” will say no, and Lilly jumps in. Gets out and tries again, along with all of the other kids until the choice in the category is chosen. When someone finally gets it, they win and get to become “IT.”

When I play it with my daughters, we vary the category. From Ice Cream to Flowers, to Candy Bars, and stores in our local mall, to smells from the candle store to all sorts of crazy things. They like it the most when we choose pizza toppings for the category. Hope you have fun!

Jumping Jelly Beans

by Rebecca
(Australia, Sydney, New South Wales)

One team is in the water and one team is on the edge. The people on the edge have to jump up as high as they can. The people in the pool have to judge who jumped the highest. Then every one else has to jump in. It is a great party time fave!!!

Jackpot Group

by Ashley
(Spfld, MA, USA)

One person is chosen to be IT. IT sits on the side of the pool and holds a ball in their hand. Then IT yells an amount of money out and throws the ball and the rest of the people in the water have to try and catch the ball, if they catch it, that’s the amount of money they get. IT can yell ‘mystery’ out instead of a money amount and then it is a mystery money amount. IT can also yell out ‘mailbox’, during this all of the players have to swim up to IT and touch the ball. The first person that touches the ball gets the money. But instead of giving the mailbox winner a money amount IT can say ‘sticky feet’.

When you get ‘sticky feet’ you have to stand in your spot with your hands cupped for five turns (five times IT throws the ball). The person who has sticky feet can’t move. IT can also at anytime yell out jackpot, if you catch the ball on a jackpot you win and become it. If no one gets jackpot, the first person to reach one thousand dollars becomes IT.

Rubber Duck Race

by Me
(Carmel, IN)

Kids push rubber ducks (or floating balls) across the pool using only their noses. Another version is that they use their breath by blowing on the rubber duckies and moving them. The first one to get their rubber ducky to the other side is the winner!

Sharks Fish And Hurricanes

by Allison Singletary
(Navvare, Flordia)

In this game you have to divide the kids into 2 groups. Pick one kid from each group to be a shark then all the others are fish. If the shark catches you then you become a shark as well. Time the game to about 2 to 3 minutes. When the time is up, you have to say “hurricane”, when yelling “hurricane” it makes all the fish come to land. Ask each of the sharks who they tagged and the team with the most fish left wins!

Holding your Breath Underwater

by Meg
(Las Vegas, NV, USA)

Send all of the kids in the pool on the count of three; on three they go under the water. Whoever holds their breath longest, wins.

Bucket Race

by Kira Kay

There are 4-6 teams. Each team has a cup, and is close to the pool or some other body of water. Opposite the teams are buckets. Each person takes turns filling the cup with pool water or other type of water and races the other teams to put the water in their bucket. Once one person fills the cup and puts in the bucket, the next person in line goes. When time runs out, the person with the most water in their bucket wins.
Time limit: Either 2 minutes, or 5 minutes.

Floating Apples Pool Game

by Tess

You have all the kids stand around the pool and have apples in the middle of the pool. On the count of 3 everybody jumps into the pool and has to swim and retrieve the apple. One apple each. They can only use their mouth to get the apple. The first person to retrieve the apple with their mouths and get back to the edge of the pool – wins!!!

This is one of those pool party games the kids enjoy so much!


Shaving Cream Shoot-Off

by Katie Prichard
(Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA)

Split the kids up into groups of two. One of the kids from each group puts shaving cream on their face (as if they’re shaving their face). The kids without shaving cream, take a small water gun and on the mark of “GO” need to shoot the shaving cream off their team member’s face. The first team to have all (or most) of the shaving cream off wins a prize!

Duck Duck Splash Pool Game

by Synthea Camacho
(Auckland, New Zealand)

“Duck Duck Splash” is the same as “Duck Duck Goose” but instead of ‘goose’, you splash and swim around the circle. If you get tagged, the person who tagged you gets to push you into the pool. The last one who doesn’t get pushed into the pool, wins.

Answer Correctly Or Walk The Plank

Group all the kids together. One of them has to be the one who asks the questions. He or she has to pick someone and ask them any question. If they answer the question wrongly they have to walk off the plank (the diving board) or if you don’t have a diving board they can just jump in to the pool. The last one who remains outside of the pool wins.

STAR Pool Game

by Emily

In this game, there is one person that is “IT.” The “IT” stands at the opposite end of the pool from everyone else. They pick a movie and tell the other side the movie initials. For example, if the “IT” wanted to choose the movie “Finding Nemo,” they would say the initials F.N. The other side has a moment to think. If they know the movie, they can yell STAR and race to the “IT.” They whisper their guess, and if they are right, they can be “IT.” If no one can guess the movie, start giving hints (the rating, the actors, etc.)

Sea Horse Pool Race

by Michelle

Each kid gets one noodle (those long circular floats that you can sit and float in the water with) and sits on it like a sea horse. They then have to race across the pool on their noodle. The first one to get to the other side of the pool – wins.

Team Floaters Pool Party Games

There are 2 teams. Each team is split in half (one half will be on a big floatable mat and the other half of the team will be in the water surrounding the other team’s floatable mat). Each team on the floatable mat will be on one side of the pool. They need to get from one side of the pool to the other without being ambushed by the other team’s players. The players in the water try and flip or jack (steal) the other team’s floatable mat. Whoever succeeds to get to the other side of the pool first, is the winner.

Balloon Color Dive Pool Game

by Izzy

Each player gets one balloon and each has a different color. Someone needs to be “IT”. Give the ‘it’ a paper with all the colors. When it calls the color of your balloon you have to pop the balloon and dive in.

But… each balloon has a different dive (check out the key below). Any person who does their dive or jump in correctly becomes ‘it’. The last person standing wins (a prize like a float or something is always good and inexpensive).

Red – head first
Blue – belly flop
Pink – tater totter
Orange -pencil dive

These are just ideas for pool paerty games, have fun and create your own.

Rock Paper Scissors Pool Game

This is a simple game. Two people on a round tube at a time. They play ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors”. The loser falls from the tube into the water :-). Not a complicating game, but fun.

Pop the Balloon

by Nikita

This can be done out of the pool as well, but is also fun in the pool.

Every kid gets a blown up balloon while they’re in the pool. All the kids then have to somehow pop the balloon without using anything except their body. The first person to pop their balloon wins.

Underwater Guessing

One person goes underwater and acts out an animal. Other players go underwater with Goggles and watch.
They then try and guess what the animal was.

Pool Water Balloon

by Miranda Albritton

First make sure there are NO alligators in the lake!! ;-) (I played this in a lake, but you can also play this in a pool).

Divide the kids into even groups. Have 1 kid from the different teams be the swimmers. The kids have to swim to a different shore and swim back. While the kids are swimming have the other kids throw water balloons at the kid who is not on their team. If one of the kids hits the enemy swimmer, he/she must start over again. If a kid hits a swimmer who is on his side the swimmer is not out. ENJOY!!

Ball Passing Pool Party Game

by Zola Machiu
(South Africa)

9 players per team

1) Pass the ball to any of your members who are not defended.

2) Try to score as many goals as possible (each team has their side of the pool and a bucket or anything else that can be the goal).

3) Wear the same colour of swimsuits or something to recognize your team members.

Piggyback Wrestlers Pool Game

by Aria

So you have two teams of two, one person from each team sits on the other teammate’s shoulders. Then the two teams go up next to each other and the battle of the two people on top begins! They try and topple the other teammate down. (This is a very fun game, but the teammates need to be careful and play safe).


by Alison Rnault

This game is to be played just like musical chairs but in the pool. Instead of using chairs you use pool toys and take 1 pool toy away each time.

Coins Everywhere Pool Game

by Taylah

Get everyone to stand outside the pool in different spots (on the edge) and toss in coins.
Once all the coins are at the bottom of the pool, call out “GO!” everyone must then dive into the pool. The person with the most coins wins!

You May Cross

First you figure out who is it. Then that person who is it stands in the center of the pool. The others playing go to one end of the pool. The person who is it will say something and they can say something about anything. Example, “You May cross if you have pink on”. And if you have pink on (or something they say) you try to cross to the other side of the pool and then the person who is it has their eyes closed and tries to catch the people who are swimming over to the other side without opening their eyes!! Have a Fun Partyyy everyone!!!

Farthest Jump

by Lexi Marco
(Cape Coral, Florida)

Basically this is an easy game, but really fun. The people playing have to jump into the pool and see who jumps out the farthest.

Trick Plunge

by Jessica
(Fountain Hills, AZ, USA)

Have each kid jump off the edge of the pool into the water, but while there in the air have them do a trick like the “tornado” or the “pencil”. Have an adult or another kid for the judge, who ever wins gets to push every one else in the water. (Be creative with the tricks).

Colors And More Pool Game

One person stands in the middle of the pool (with their eyes closed), and then all of the others players stand at the wall of the pool (while they are inside of the pool). The person in the middle has their back facing all the other players. The players by the wall THINK of a color and tell the person in the middle that everyone is ready. The middle person shouts out different colors, and if the middle person calls a players color, then the player will try and silently swim to the other side of the pool (passing the person in the middle).

If the person in the middle hears a player, they can try and tag them… but! their eyes have to stay closed the whole game. If you get tagged you are out! The people who make it to the other side of the pool are the winners!

The twist is that you can play this game with other categories like: movies, animals, songs, trees, sports, etc.

Movie Initials Pool Party Games

by Shannon
(Tallahassee, Florida)

You divide everyone into 2 teams. Each team gets on opposite sides of the pool. One team says the innitials of a movie (ex: B.A.T.B.); then, the other team tries to guess what movie it is. If they can’t guess, they get 3 clues. If they do guess right, they say the movie’s name ex. ‘Beauty And The Beast’, and both teams swim to the opposite side of the pool. The first team to arrive to the other side of the pool gets to do the next play (say the innitials of another movie).

Jail Break Pool Party Game

by Zach

Jail break is played with one person as the guard and all the rest are prisoners in jail (one side of the pool, in the pool). The prisoners go to the wall where the guard is facing the other way. The prisoners have to sneak to the other side of the pool before the guard gets them. Whoever gets out of “jail” is a winner.

Marco Polo Group Pool Party Game

by Michelle
(Andrews, North Carolina, United States)

Okay, so you divide all the kids into teams, one team is ‘Marco’ and one team is ‘Polo’. Have each team stand on separate sides of the pool. Make sure the teams are lined up in a straight line. Have the person who is in the front of the Marco line jump in. When the Marco kid jumps in, have the first person in the Polo team jump in. The Polo kid yells, “Marco, Marco, where and who where and who are you?”. T

hen Marco replies in a girl voice (if it’s a boy) and in a boy voice (if it’s a girl): “You can tell just by my voice by my voice you have a choice”; then the kid says his/her name and they say somebody else’s name on their team, if the Polo kid guesses right, that team gets a point, if the Polo person guesses wrong, the Marco team gets a point, once everyone gets 2 turns to be Marco or Polo, the team with the most points wins!!

Water Balloon Crossing Pool Party Game

It is played with 2 or 3 groups of kids (each team has the same amount of players). They can line up by their height (or let the kids choose who is first, second, and so on).

The game is very simple; all the kids line up on one side of the pool and an empty bucket is on the other side. The water balloons are floating in the center of the pool. On the mark of “GO”, the first kids in line on each team, swim to get a balloon and put each balloon on the other side where the bucket is. They need to try and swim as fast as they can back to their team, and the next one in line gives a try.

The 1st group who finishes the task the fastest (all their team members put a water balloon in the bucket), is the winning team. The water balloons: maybe 5-10 pieces.

Teacher And Student Pool Party Game

by Kendal

Teacher is a fun game I play with my friends all the time.

One person is the ‘Teacher’, all the rest are ‘Students’. The Teacher stands in the middle of the pool and spreads their legs out as far as they can (this is called ‘1st grade’). Then a Student (any of the other kids) needs to swim underneath the Teacher. If the Student touches the Teacher they fail the 1st grade, if they don’t touch the teacher they will go on to 2nd grade (which is when the Teacher moves her/his legs a bit closer together). The final grade is when the Teacher has his legs completely close together and the longest into the pool.
Have fun!!!

Human And Fish Pool Party Game

by Sara

Someone is Human and everyone else Fishes. There are items that float in the pool. The Humans have to try and catch the Fish. To do this, the Human stand out of the pool on the other side of where the Fishes are. The Human counts to 10 and then jumps into the pool. The Fishes have to try and not be touched by the Human, a Fish does this by touching a floaty (they can only stay on a floaty for 10 seconds).

If the Fish is touched by the Human it is out of the game. Whoever makes it to the other side without being touched by the Human is a winner.

Survival Pool Party Game

Two players both sit on a small raft. They each hold a noodle and try to get each other off the raft using only the noodle. The winner plays the next player.

Surf-O-Rama Pool Party Game

There doesnt have to be teams for this game.

All the kids get a regular pool noodle. Then, every kid gets a chance to make up rules on how to surf on it. For example, the first kid might decide to stand on their noodle with 1 leg and they cannot be touching the ground. Then the rest of the kids do this, and the last person still on their noodle wins and gets to pick how to surf the noodle next.

The kids have to be creative! Fun for all ages!!

Through The Ring Pool Party Game

by Pashawn Jenkins
(Indiana Marion County)

The players must swim through a bicycle tire/hula-hoop as many times as possible within 2 minutes. Whoever swims the most times within 2 minutes, wins.

Find The Colored Pebble Pool Party Game

by Summer Avery
(The Colony ,TX)

One person throws two rocks for each of the teams to find.

(Two Teams), every ones eyes have to be closed. The person who throws the pebble will say ‘GO’.

The first team to find THEIR rock wins and gets to choose what parent throws the rock next.

Sharks Guessing Pool Party Game

by Sara

One person is it and they are the shark. Everyone else is a person. The shark goes under water for 15 sec and all the rest of the people try to hide outside the pool. When the shark is done counting he/she yells “People in the pool!!!” (but with there eyes shut) and everyone comes out of there hidding spot and jumps into the pool with there eyes shut. The shark has to find one of them, guess who they are by touch, if they guess right – that person becomes the shark. If not, start all over again.

Shoot The Enemy Pool Party Game

by Zack

You play ‘shoot the enemy’ simply by taking army men or any small figures, line them all around the edge of a pool, and shoot them with a foam dart gun. Give the kids 30 seconds to see how many figures they can shoot. After they shoot all of the army men into the pool, have them dive in to see who can collect the most. Who ever shoots the most enemies and collects them, wins. Have Fun:)

Search for the Toothpick Pool Party Game

by Alexis

Have all the children stand around the pool. Then have everyone turn around (not facing the pool). Have a grown up throw a tooth pick in the water. Wait a minute for it to sink. Have the kids search for the tooth pick. If some one thinks they see the toothpick, they have to jump in to get it. It’s not easy! Sometimes jumping moves the tooth pick! First one to have the tooth pick ,WINS!

*** This Game Requires A Build in Pool ***

Watermelon Pool Party Race

by Creative Cutie
(United States)

Split everyone into 2 teams. Have half of each team go to the opposite side of the pool. The first person swims with the watermelon then hands it off to the next person on the other side of the pool. You keep on swimming and passing the watermelon to the next person. To win, your team has to finish first (each person on each team had there turn of crossing the pool with the watermelon).

Plop Pool Party Contest

You all line up on the side of the pool and each one takes a turn of jumping into the pool. Have a judge who will decide who made the loudest “plop” sound with their backs (when they jump into the water). You can also have a contest of who makes the biggest splash from jumping into the pool.

Jump Or Dive Pool Party Game

An adult, or a team captain (whichever you prefer) will stand by the side of the pool. Then the other kids will line up by the deep end. One by one, they’ll run up to the edge, and at the last second the captain will either yell “jump” or “dive.” It’s an extremely fun game, and the kids have a ball.

Sharks And Goldfish Pool Party Game

Pick one place in the pool to be the cave. Then have one or two people (depending on how many people is at the party) be the sharks and everyone else is the gold fishes. The shark stands in the middle of the pool and counts to ten with his/her eyes closed, and all the gold fish have to hide (put objects in the pool for them to hide under such as pool rafts) . The shark then KEEPS his/her eyes closed and tries to find the fish with only their ears. After the shark finds them, they have to put them in the cave. The gold fish can escape after 30 sec. and the sharks have to keep them in. If the fish is in the cave for longer than 2 min. or so, they become the shark and the shark becomes a gold fish.

*** This game is better for small groups(4-8 people) ***

White Horse Pool Party Game

You get all the kids in the pool party to stand around the perimeter of the pool’s deep-end. The bystander will then call words like “white house” or “black house”. If the kids jump in on those words they are out.

But if you called “WHITE HORSE” they would all have to jump in. The last one into the water when you call ‘white horse’ is out.

Rope Walking Pool Party Game

Duck tape (or do whatever you can) to make 4 ropes fastened to opposite sides of the pool (either the width or length of the pool). It’s best to tie the ropes to something very strong on both sides of the pool (duct tape might work, but you’ll probably need lots of layers).

You’ll have 2 ropes close together per team so in total you’ll have 4 ropes. On the mark of “GO” the first team member of each team walks on the ropes (which are on the surface of the water) to the other side.

The first team with all members to the other side wins!!

Sitting On Beach Ball Pool Party Game

by Rosemary

The rules of the game are simple.

This is best played in the shallow end or in a big paddling pool.)

Inflate a big beach ball and hold it under the water so it touches the bottom of the pool, then take it in turns to sit on the ball and the one who is able to sit on it the longest is the winner!

Sounds easy but is actually very difficult, includes lots of splashing!

Seahorse Pool Party Races

by Holly
(Brockport, New York, USA)

Divide the kids into 2-3 teams and hand each team 1 noodle and have them race from one side to the other by bouncing up and down on the noodle.

The team that has had every player have a turn first wins.

Have fun with your pool party games.

Make A Chain Underwater Pool Party Game

by Kerri Mason
(Houston, TX)

Use links (like the Discovery Toys Boomering Links), throw a bunch into the pool for each child. Ask them to make the longest chain they can UNDERWATER in one breath. Whoever makes the longest is the winner.

Mermaid Swimming Pool Party Game

Have each child line up behind each other to get ready to take a swim. Each child will have to see who can swim the most like a mermaid or merman. You or anyone you choose to be the judge has to be in the water next to the swimmer. The judge looks at the movement of each child and sees who swims the fastest and who swims the most like a mermaid or merman. Then after each and every child has had a turn to take a swim, the judge announces the winner and the prize is the glory of being the best mermaid or merman. It is optional to have a merman winner and a mermaid winner!!!

How well do you know me pool party game

by Autumn
(Stevens Point, Wisconsin)

1. You choose someone to be IT.
2. The person whom is IT has to ask questions about him/her self.
3. If you think you know the answer you jump into the pool and swim to the other side and back then if you got there first.
4. If you answer wrong you have to go run around the pool 4 times.
5. After the person who is IT asks 11 questions you go to the next person, or end the game.
6. At the end who ever answered the most questions right wins the game.

Ping Pong Pool Party Games

by Jess

This game is fun and simple and is great for people of all ages. To play, somebody must be chosen to be the describer. The person chosen will then sit outside of the pool and describe a movie, song, character or show. Meanwhile the other people will all be at a side of the pool. If somebody thinks they know the movie or whichever subject is being described they race across the pool. Once they get to the other side they yell “ping” and then race back to where they started and then yell “pong”, then finally say what was described.

The fun part of the game is when more then one person thinks they know what’s being described then they must race to be first to say “ping” and “pong”. The first person to say the correct thing being described gets to be the describer. If its a tie the two simply do paper, scissor, rock. If somebody says the wrong thing that was being described, the other people then have a chance to keep on going (so does the person who said the wrong thing), but they still must go across the pool and back and yell “ping pong”.

I personally didn’t make up this game, my babysitter taught me when I was younger. It’s a pretty popular game but for people who aren’t familiar with this game will hopefully enjoy it.

Good luck with your pool party games!

What Time is It Mr/Mrs. Fox Pool Party Game

by Rachel

There’s a Fox and then the rest of the guests are critters.

The critters will stand on the edge of the pool (shallow end) and call out to the Fox who is on the opposite side of the pool. The Fox will answer a time like 12:00 then the kids would go 12 steps (or spaces) forward towards the fox. (So 4:00 means 4 steps.

Then when the Fox chooses, he/she will call out “Lunch Time!” and chase after the critters, while the critters escape to the starting side of the pool without being caught (tagged) by the fox.

Whoever gets tagged first is the new fox. One of the coolest pool party games!

Pool Party Bobbing for Apples Game

by Hank

Throw in a few apples in the pool, and each contestant can only use their teeth to grab an apple (while their hands are tied behind their back). The one to do it in the least amount of time, wins! One of those classic pool party games.

Sinking Treasure Pool Party Games

by Jessica

place anything in the water. Anything that can sink. They have to find it without goggles or you can blind fold them. Who ever finds the most stuff wins a prize!!!

Beach Ball Pool Party Race

by Sophie
(Redding, CA)

You need 2 beach balls.

Divide kids into 2 teams and have them form a line out side of the pool, throw the beach balls in the water and yell ‘GO’… the first person in line has to jump in the water, grab a ball, race to the other end of the pool and back while they are swimming on top of the ball.

The first team to have all their players do this, wins.

Witch What Time Is It Pool Party Games

2 people go to the deep end and face the wall, they will be the “Witches”. The rest of the people go to the shallow end, they will be the “Town People”.

One Towns’ Person will say “Witch O’Witch what time is it?” then one Witch says a time (for example 5:00). Then the Towns People move closer to the Witches 5 steps (the amount the Witch said).

But when the Witch says “midnight” the Towns People have to get back to the shallow end wall before they get tagged. At the end of each round the Witches will pick a new Witch to be it.

Water Balloon and Ring Pool Party Race

Divide players into 2 teams outside of the pool. Have 1 person from each team stand at one side of the pool holding an inflatable ring float. Then have 1 person from each team on the other side of the pool who races a water balloon (in the pool) to the other side and tries throwing the balloon in the ring. If missed, player is out. If not missed, whoever swims back to the other side the fastest wins and earns a point for the team. Keep on playing until everybody has had a turn. Hope you enjoy this game!

Drip Drip Drop Pool Party Games

by Ginger
(Houston Texas)

Play this game just like duck duck goose, only use a cup or small pitcher of water. Kids stand in a circle in the shallow end, the person who is it drops some water on each person’s head as they go around the circle while saying “drip, drip…” (they can use a sponge or fill a cup with water). When they pour the whole cup on a players head they say “drop” and the child in the circle has to chase them around to get the empty seat in the circle. The person who is left standing is the next one to drip drip drop.

Pool Party Object Game

by Shelby
(Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

First, divide your friends into 2 teams on each side of the pool with one judge. Now the judge is allowed to choose an object, example: a fruit, an inflatable, etc.

Next every player on each of the teams is assigned an object, but a player from each side of the pool get the same object (for example an orange).

Now when the game starts, the judge calls out a fruit for example an orange, then throws two oranges into the pool. The two players from each side of the pool that were told they were an orange must jump/dive into the pool and collect their fruit and put it in a bucket.

The first person to drop their fruit into the bucket gets a point for the team. This continues something like 10 rounds, and at the end – the team with the most points, WINS!!

Volley Ball Pool Party Games

You need a net and you will need a soft ball which is big.

Have everyone split into 2 groups.

One team starts, hits the ball over the net, the opposite team hits it back… and this goes back and forth until the ball falls. If the ball falls on the opposite side, your team gets a point (and vice-versa). If someone hits the ball outside of the pool, the other team gets a point.

The first team to get 11 points is the winning team.

Dash for Cash Pool Party Game

by Jessy
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Throw money in the pool and everyone has to try and get the most money and whoever has the most money by the time there’s no money in the pool is the winner.

Hide And Go Seek In The Pool

by Gabriella
(New York)

There is one person counting on the ladder and the other people are hiding in the pool. You can first hide behind the ladder underwater or take a big floating object and hide behind/under it.

Duck Hunt Pool Party Game for Young Kids

by Kristy

This game is for little ones: place a bunch of identical duckies all around in the pool. On the bottom of one, or two, place a sticker (or color it with waterproof marker). The kid, or kids, that find the duck with the markings gets a prize and all the kids get to keep a ducky! this is one of the pool party games kids love so much!

Rope Swimmers Pool Party Games

by Kailynn

For this game you’ll need 4 ropes and 8 players. Four players are on one side of the pool (each holding one side of their rope, they are the pullers), and the other four players on the other side of the pool (holding the other side of the rope, they are the swimmers).

Pick a judge (you can pick the birthday boy/girl). The judge yells out ‘GO’ and the four players holding the rope (the pullers) must pull the swimmers to shore. First one to the other side wins!

Extreme Raft Water Balloon Toss Pool Game

by Lizi
(Carlsbad, CA, U.S.)

This is a great game for kids parties or even just a day at the pool! The supplies you will need are a raft and water balloons. You will need to do this in a large pool.

The way you play this is you put the raft on one end of the pool and you divide the kids into two teams (or you can do this independently). Once they are in teams give each team some water balloons (choose how many water balloons to give each team) and have the kids stand on the other end of the pool and have them try to toss their balloons into the raft without letting the balloons pop. Each round you can move the raft back a little bit more. Then the team that got the most water balloons on the raft with out popping them wins!

Also if you want to get rid of the rest of the balloons let the kids have a water balloon fight for fun! :)

Shallowest Dive Pool Party Games

by Viktoria
(Fenwick, Ontario, Canada)

Have a line of kids behind the diving board and have them try and dive into a pool, but as shallow a dive as possible! Have a judge in the water with goggles on, that way they can peep into the water when each person dives and see who can dive the shallowest. Whoever the judge picks either gets a prize or can be the judge for the next round.

Kids, try not to do a belly flop!!

Cool Shark Pool Party Game

by Ashley

Put out enough floats for every person at the party. There’s one “Shark” person and everyone else is on floats. The Shark goes and flips people but can not scratch or tickle or do any harm to get them off the float.

Once someone is off the float he tries to get back on his float or any available float. The Shark will try to touch his arm so the person will lose their arm and not be able to use it till next game, same with the person’s legs hands or feet!

After the shark gets someone off a float he can go for different people too!

If the shark tags the person’s chest then that person is the Shark.

Break The Ice Pool Party Game

by Bailey

You will need two large t-shirts for this game. Soak the t-shirts in water. Then freeze them over night. Divide into two teams. Each team must do whatever they can to break the ice. Including smashing it on the ground, or dipping it in the pool. The fist team to have their t-shirt thawed out has to choose one member of their team to put the t-shirt on, swim across the pool, and sit down. The first team that is all sitting down wins.

Eye on the Ball Pool Party Games

by Alyssa D.

The first thing you do is split up into teams. Each team has a ball (sounds easy right? wrong!). The teams stand on opposite sides of the pool and form a circle to discuss who will swim to the other side of the pool with the ball. When someone yells ‘GO’ you try to swim to the opposite sides of the pool.

Now here’s the catch… remember when you were huddled up? You were also choosing your defense and decoys. The defense sticks around to keep the opposite team to your side with the ball, while the decoys go over to the opponents side and try to confuse them with who really has the ball!

You may be thinking “Hey, how come the other side gets the shallow end and I get the deep end!” well there’s an explanation… Each side has its advantage as well as its disadvantage – the deep end is hard to defend after a while of treading water, but it’s also hard for the other players to get past since you are able to maneuver! There’s more – you have a secret weapon! Since you have the hard side you get to whack your opponents with a noodle!! ha now who has the better side???

The shallow end on the other hand has to just stand around and its hard to sneak up on someone with such shallow water! but then again can they swim after you?? No!!! They don’t have enough depth! Once you’re swimming you hide the ball and you can also pass it! make it to the other side with the ball and you win! but watch out! if the opposite team’s defense get your ball they can throw it and you have to swim all the way to the ball and start all over!

Hope you like it! I made up this whole thing by myself for me to use at my birthday party!!

Octopus Pool Party Games

by Alexis Siner
(Kansas City, Missouri)

In octopus, one person is “IT” and stands in the middle of the pool. The other players line up at either side of the pool. The players must swim across the pool. If “IT” touches you while you are swimming across, you have to hold hands with “IT”. Now there are two “ITS”. Now the two “ITS” try to tag as many people as possible and It becomes a huge “IT” like a long octopus. The last person untagged wins the game. Whoever wins is the next to be “IT”. Have fun!!!

Synchronized Diving Pool Activity

by Simmi

There are groups of two and a few judges. The teams will try to jump as synchronized as possible. The team who is the most synchronized – wins. Judges choose the winning team. It’s one of the coolest pool party games.

Chicken Fight Pool Party Game

by Emily
(South Carolina)

There are four players and one player gets on the neck of the other player and the same thing is done with the other two. Then the players that are the necks of the players in the pool try to knock the other player off into the water, the player remaining out of the water wins. Then the next game is played. This is a really fun game as long as you are in the kinda of deep or water you can stand in just make sure you be careful. :D Hope you have fun!

Mermaid Tag Pool Party Games

by Kinah

“It” rides a sea horse (a noodle) and tries to tag the other people as they swim around like mermaids.
The the last person in becomes “It” or chooses an “It”.

It’s such a fun game me and my bffs came up with while bored and swimming day.

Spoon Dive Pool Party Game

by T.
(Rome, Italy)

You will need one spoon for every child. The spoons are thrown in the water while the children have their eyes closed, then everyone must find one spoon.

The next round one spoon is removed before throwing the spoons in the pool again. The children dive again for one spoon. However there is one less spoon per child. The child who doesn’t find a spoon is out.

Another spoon is removed from the bunch before being thrown in the water again. One by one the child who doesn’t find a spoon will be out (they can help throw the spoons in the water).

At the end of the game there will be 2 children and one spoon. The child who finds the last spoon is the winner! Very fun game, but you may need goggles.

Tuna Tag Pool Party Games

This game is similar to other classic pool party games like tag or sharks and minnows however usually played in the shallow end of a pool.

One person is IT and they go in the middle of the selected playing area. The other players are on one of the walls, and then IT says “tuna tag” the players try to swim to the other side. IT needs to tag people by touching their head (if your head is underwater the person who is “it” can NOT tag you).

The person tagged before they reach the wall becomes IT!

Raft War Pool Party Game

We have so much fun with pool party games!

This game is for 2-4 players, you need 1 inflatable raft for each person and you have 2 teams.

You jump in the pool with your raft and try to flip the other teams rafts, if you fall out of your raft your out! When your out, you can still help your team mate by pushing them around the pool. The last person standing on their raft – their team WINS!!

This is such a fun game! This is a game I made up, I’m sooooo sorry if it was anyone else’s idea but I’m 99.99 percent sure no one else made this up :)

High Jump

You put a rope across the pool. Then you have to run up than jump over it with out hitting it. If you hit it your out. Every time everyone has had there turn you raise the rope. The game will go on till there is only 1 person left or u can’t raise it any more. When you can’t raise tha rope anymore it is settled by who can make the biggest cannonball splash. The remaining people will judge the biggest splash.

Music Go

by Haley Stovalt
(Fresno, CA, U.S.A)

All the kids line up around the pool and a parent or someone is in charge of the music when that person stops the music everybody has to jump in the pool the last person to jump in the pool is out. This game is great if you have more than 6 people. The whole point is to not be the last person in the pool.

Horse and Carriage

You get a lounge floaty (carriage), then get two teams of two people each. One gets at the foot of the floaty (the horse) and the other person rides on top. (the passenger) Whoever gets to the other side of the pool first wins!!! This is one of the pool party games the kids love so much.

Dive for the Rings

Yet another one of those cool pool party games. So you have some rings and a person will throw the rings in the pool (shallow or deep). Then the people trying to get the rings will dive in the water to get them whoever gets most of them wins. If there is a tie just throw them again and whoever is the tie breaker wins.

Colors Catch

by Jimima
(St. Agustine)

We’ve had so much fun with pool party games!

In this game you don’t have to use colors as the categories. All you have to do is have one person stand at the end of one end of the pool and all the other kids behind them.

Someone picks a category such as colors. The person who is “it” starts to say colors, if the color he said is the color that one of the other kids was thinking that person or people has to try to swim to the other side of the pool before “it” gets them.

Water Splash Quiet Game

by Jenetity
(new orleans, louisiana, usa)

All you need is people and water! you have to splash all the players. Whoever laughs first is out and the last one wins a prize!

Apple Mouth

by Minnie

Here’s another one of those cool pool party games. You put a couple of apples in the pool and then two people have to take the apples out of the pool with out any hands just there mouth!

Ice Cake

Freeze small prizes and toys in a large chunk of ice and let the kids melt out the prizes. This is not only fun but takes well over 20 minutes to play.

We use toys from the dollar store that come in packs of 6 or 10 or even 40 in the case of green army men.

I freeze my brick in a large square Tupperware bowl and do it in layers. It takes about 2 days to freeze all the layers. So plan this in advance but it’s worth it. Freeze as many trinkets and toys into the ice as you can on each layer to make it more fun.

It’s not one of those very expensive pool party games, but the kids get so excited it’s unreal. I give them access to small amounts of water and let them dribble small 2oz cups of water on the ice.

The kids have to work together and the chatter never stops…”I’m going for the plastic lizard!” “I’m waiting for this spider to come out!” “not me, I’m getting this glow in the dark skeleton!”

The hosting party child is assigned the job of making sure all his/her friends get equal amounts of prizes and that one child does not quietly hog all the goodies… which happens more often than I ever thought would. Kids like to hoard things and the quietest kids are usually the ones during this game that figure out how to quietly grab the goodies and hide them in their lap!

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