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Coolest Indoor Birthday Party Games

Pass the Present Birthday Game

by Ana J.
( Johannesburg, South Africa)

This is also one of the classic kid party games in which boxes are nested inside each other and wrapped in wrapping paper. The smallest box contains enough prizes for everyone. Music is played and the present is passed around a circle. When the music stops the person with the present opens a layer. The last person shares the prizes with the group.

Ana H.

Whip Cream Bubblegum Game

by Annelize V.
(Miami, FL)

This is always one of the funniest and messiest kid party games! First put a piece of bazooka bubble gum in a plate (without the wrapper). Then spray the plate with whip cream. Tie the players’ hands behind their back. When you say “GO!”, each player dives into the whip cream face first and searches for the bubble gum. The first kid to chew up the bubblegum and blow a bubble is the winner.

Toilet Paper Dress Up Party Game

by Katelyn

Divide the group into teams (can be two to four people on each team). Give one roll of toilet paper to each team. Within the team, one is chosen to be the passive one (he/she will be dressed in toilet paper). Start a timer (from five to ten minutes) and during this time the people on the team need to create a dress out of toilet paper for their teammate. Have judges that choose the most creative dress out of toilet paper.

Apple Bobbing Team Party Game

by Esther
(Western Australia)

Divide the group of kids into two teams.

Approximately 5-10 metres in front have a table with buckets full of water and apples.

Each team is on opposite sides of the table.

On the mark of “GO”, the first in line of either team run towards the bucket and aims to get an apple using only their mouth. Their hands have to be behind their back.

After collecting an apple, they must run back to the team and tag the next in line. Next does as the first did.

First team to get all of the apples out of the bucket win!!

Safety Pin And Rice Game

by Amy
(Vancouver, WA USA)

This is were you take a pack of small safety pins and mix it in a bowl of rice, blindfold each child and have them pick out as many safety pins as they can within 3 mins, the one with the most safety pins wins. This has been played at baby showers, however it is a lot of fun for kids (my daughter loves this game).

Ping-Pong Ball Party Race

by Natasha
(Ames, Iowa, USA)

*2 or more ping-pong balls
*a raceway made by putting tape down in middle of table
*1 plastic straw per player

2 people race at the same time using the straw to blow on a ping-pong ball from one side of the table to the other. The ball can’t fall off the table until it hits the end (if it falls of you have to start over).

If there are more than 2 people, the other players race the winner until there is an ultimate winner.

The Grocery Bag Game

by Christina Flansburg
(Amsterdam, NY)

Take a Brown Paper Bag and fill it with things from the house (items that can be worn). Put items like hats, gloves, scarves, bibs, diapers, socks, shirts, baby hats, etc.

The kids then sit in a circle while an adult starts the music. The kids then pass the bag around and when the music stops the kid that has the bag picks an item out of the bag without looking in it and has to put that item on.

Then start the music again and pass the bag around and repeat until the bag is empty. The kid with the less amount of items on – wins a prize.

I put baby items in the bag because it was for my 11 year old daughters’ birthday and I wanted to make it fun and have lots of laughs. The kids really enjoyed it!

Cool Birthday Game – Elephant

by Olivia

You get a group of kids or adults in a circle. One person sits in the middle and looks at the first person. The person they look at tries to say or do something to make the other person laugh. If the person in the middle laughs they trade places. If they keep a straight face and don’t laugh they look at the person and say… ELEPHANT!

Cotton Ball Party Game


You have all of the kids sit at the table with an empty bowl (one bowl for each kid). Before the race starts, put a dash of Vaseline on the kids’ noses. Put lots of cotton balls all over the table, and on the mark of ‘GO’, each kid needs to pick up the cotton balls with their nose and drop them into their bowl. The child that has the most cotton balls in his/her bowl (after one minute), wins.

Scavenger Hunt Party Game

by Harley D

There should be two teams! There is not limit to how many players but the teams have to be equal. Each team needs ONE captain. Write a list of what the teams need to find! Each team needs to find the same things.

The captains sit somewhere and that’s where their base is. Every time a team finds something they go bring it to their captain. To win, the teams have to find everything within 25 mins or 30 mins. If not all things are found the team with the most of the stuff wins! Best played out doors, But it could be played in a house or large play room.

Back-To-Back Balloon Pop Party Game

by Selena

Make pairs of two and have them go back to back while placing a balloon between there backs. On the mark of ‘Go’, have all the pairs try and pop their balloon between eachother’s backs. The first pair to pop the balloon is the winning pair!

Blind Makeover Indoor Party Game

Pair each child up with a partner, and give them some makeup, such as cheap lipstick, eye shadow, or blush. Also supply them with dollar store makeup brushes. Put a blindfold on one of the children, and they have to give their partner a makeover! The weirdest, best, funniest, or wackiest wins a prize! It is a great game for pre-teens!

Murderer Indoor Party Game

by Laura

You will need:

* Container
* Slips of paper (enough for everybody)
* Pen or pencil

Write “murderer” on one of the papers and leave all the rest blank.

Line everyone up and pass out the papers. Do not let anyone else see your paper. Everyone sits in a circle.

The person who gets the paper with the word “murderer” tries to gain eye contact with another person and blinks 3 times. The person that has just been “murdered” counts to three and falls to the ground. Guests become eager to stay alive in the game! Play until everyone has had a chance to “murder” or be “murdered”.

The Coloured Corner Indoor Party Game

by Tanshi K.

This is a good game to play at a birthday party… :).

Stick 4 sheets of different coloured paper on four corners of the room. Then let the birthday child count till 10 closing his/her eyes… in the meantime, ask every child to choose a corner and stand in that corner… then the birthday child will say for example “the Blue corner”… whoever is standing in the blue corner is out of the game.

This game continues until there is a winner.

Making Alphabets

with the help of your legs try to make alphabets.
winner – the person who makes maximum number of alphabets in a minute wins the game.

Blind Makesovers for Tweens

by emmma

What you will need is anything that you use for your makeup. You can have as many as 4 players.

What you do is you get a blind flood, for each person. You blind fold them and get ready to go.
The purpose is to try to get make up on the other blind folded players.

The person that got least covered in makeup, wins. The person who got all covered in makeup loses.
It’s A LOT of fun and all my girls had a wonderful time.


by Sequoia

For this you’ll need just people! Gather everyone up in a circle and count up to 3 and then yell ninja! Then pose in a ninja move way.

Someone goes first by trying to hit another person with only their hands (and it can only be on the other persons hands)whether they’re diving for it or just a simple slide. But the other person has to move their hand away so that they can’t reach it.

The point is you have to stay in the same position until its your next turn and you have to use both of your hands so when both of your hands are out your finished with the game.

X-Mark the Spot!

by Jazmine H.

Get 1+ kids to play the game. Get a marker and paper and write a bunch of x’s all over the room/house . Whoever finds the most x’s wins the game!

Also to make it more groovier, you can put in a bonus x for more points!
It is the perfect game for kids to enjoy and have have fun with their friend whether they’re indoors out out!

Laughing Bench Indoor Game

by Isabelle M.
(Red Deer, AB, Canada)

Rules: you can’t touch the player or threat to make the player come off the bench.

To play this game you’ll need two players or more. The goal is to get the players off the bench by making them laugh or smile. Example: Hana is trying to get Grace off the bench by making her laugh or smile! Hana starts doing crazy funny thing while Grace is trying to keep a straight face! Grace started to smile and laugh now Grace is off the bench! Now Grace and Hana switch spots!

Things you’ll need: You’ll need as many chairs as you have players, you can have a real bench, even stairs. Just have any spot to sit as long as it’s not the ground or floor.

Hope you have fun playing Laughing Bench! I know I love it!!

Four Corners Indoor Party Game

by Stacy
(Malibu, CA)

First, number the corners of the room 1-4. Explain to the players where each corner is. One person is selected to be the shouter. He or she is brought into the middle of the room and is blindfolded. The rest of the kids then go to the corner of their choice. Then the shouter calls out a number from 1-4. Anyone who was in this corner is out. Keep doing this until your down to four or less people. When this happens, everyone must choose different corners. If the shouter picks a corner without any kids, everyone must change corners again. The one kid never found wins and will be the new shouter.

Human Pretzel Indoor Party Game

by Lanie

Have all the kids form a circle, facing inward. Then they all put both hands in the middle, grabbing another’s hand. The goal is to undo the mess of arms and hands, and have a circle again. At the end they can be facing inward or outward.

The only rule is that no one can let go of the other’s hand (or else you have to restart the game).

If you want to make it harder, set a timer for how long you feel is best. The kids then try to be finished before the time is up!

Candy in Muffin Tin Toss Party Game

by Brenda B.
(Port Hope Simpson, NL)

Get a muffin tin (to make it harder you can put numbers on the inside of each muffin hole, example – 5, 10, 20, etc… or you can leave it blank for younger kids).

Get 5 or 6 wrapped candies and have the kids line up behind a line with the muffin tin about 5 feet away (depending on how hard you want to make it). Each child then gets a turn throwing the candy one at a time at the muffin tin to see how many they can get in each hole.

The score is added up if you have put number values on each hole. Otherwise you just note how many candy actually lands in the tin. Highest number or score wins.

Clothes Pegs in Milk Bottle Indoor Party Game

by Judy

You need an old fashioned glass milk bottle or similar bottle with a fairly wide mouth. You also need some wooden clothes pegs.

Each child stands with the bottle directly in front of him/her and attempts to drop a clothes peg into the mouth of the milk bottle. They cannot bend over and must drop the clothes peg from elbow height.

Give them 5 clothes pegs each and the one with the most pegs in the bottle wins.

Balloon Pop Indoor Party Game

by Brittany

Have an adult or children blow up a balloon for each person. The first one to sit on their balloon and pop it wins a prize! (you are not allowed to use your hands).

If you want everyone to feel that they have won, put little trinkets inside the balloon, then the balloon will be blown up with a few small prizes inside. When someone sits and pops their balloon, they receive the little prize that was inside their balloon.

Mother May I Indoor Party Game

by Sophia M.
(Northwood, NH, USA)

This ‘Mother May I’ indoor party game is like red light Mother’ (or Father). Then all the rest of the kids line up about 20 feet away facing Mother. Mother then chooses one of the kids and says something like, “Robert, you may take five giant steps.” Then Robert responds with, “Mother, may I?” Mother then says, “Yes, you may.”

Mother then addresses someone else, and the game continues until one of the kids reaches Mother. Whoever makes it to Mother first becomes Mother for the next round.

During the game there may be kids who are overly excited and take steps without asking… that’s when Mother reminds them of their manners and the player has to go back to the beginning line.

To add some pizazz to the game, Mother can also ask the player to hop on one foot or make a silly ‘twirly’ step etc.

Jumping for Balloons Indoor Party Game

by Charvi Singh

This Jumping for Balloons indoor party game can be played by age 3-7 years


1. Disperse several gas balloons in the party room so that there strings are just out of reach of the children

2. Play some music

3. While the music is playing, the children have to jump for the strings (that are connected to gas-filled balloons) and collect as many as they can

You can either play as a contest – ‘whoever collects the most is the winner’, OR add little candies in each balloon before the party (when you are just filling them up), and the children receive the candies from the balloons they collect – that way everyone is a winner.

When I Grow Up Indoor Party Game

by Mallory

(For girls 11 and up) Play the song “When I Grow Up” by TPCD. Have the girls sit in a circle and one person in the middle who must pick a “job” out of a hat (beforehand write lots of job names on pieces of paper and put in the hat). Then they must perform their job, they may not state or say their job out loud but may do any other actions and the other girls need to guess the job. ENJOY!

Candy Challenge Indoor Party Game

by Eileen

Have a bowl of candies (skittles, smarties, M&M’s, or any other candy that is small and round). Have the children form a circle and place the bowl in the middle.

Then the first person to go closes their eyes and chooses two skittles and only two. Then he/she opens their eyes and if it is a match they can eat it, but here is the fun part. If it is not a match the person must leave in their mouth the skittles and wait for their next turn and hopefully choose a match.

WARNING: This game may not work in all cases. Once I had an all-girls party and this game worked out fine, the children were well behaved and followed the rules. When my brother had this game in his party, children started fighting over the skittles. Just make sure your guests can sit still and follow the rules through the whole game or else this game can upset children. One solution is to have an adult help out. But one thing for sure is children will love this game if it is played fair (best for older children who are mature enough not to fight over the candy).


The Balloon Finder Indoor Party Game

by Winnie
(Calgary, Alberta)

Things need for this game:

kids that are 10 and up.

To play this, first you need to hide balloons all over the inside of your house. After, set up your stop watch for at least 2 minutes, and when you start the stop watch, the kids that are 10 and up, have to search all over for the house for the balloons that you hid. After 2 minutes, tell all the kids to come back. Then make all the kids count there balloons, and whoever found the most balloons – wins.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall Indoor Game

by Camille
(Western Australia)

Mirror Mirror – 4 to 7 year-olds

In pairs sit cross legged opposite each other. All say “Mirror Mirror on the wall – who is the funniest one of all”.

Then have a staring competition trying NOT to laugh.

See who “cracks” the mirror first!

Repeat as often as you like.

Left or Right Indoor Party Game

by Jessica
(North Dakota)

Before your guest’s come over, have a story written about the birthday girl or boy. In the story it has to have a bunch of ‘left’ and ‘right’ words, for example “Sally was in gymnastics and she did flips to the right” or “Sally is left handed” and similar things like that.

When your guests arrive, have them all sit in a circle with a prize (start the prize off with the birthday girl or boy). Then have a person who inst playing read the story out-loud and whenever they say “left” or “right” from the story, the person holding the gift gives the prize to the person sitting on the left or right (whichever word was said).

By the end of the story, whoever ends up with the prize gets it.

In the Dark Hide-and-Go-Seek Indoor Party Game

by Kelly
(New York)

First you need to buy some glow sticks – you can get them at the dollar store or Walmart (I prefer the dollar tree because they are cheap and a lot cooler).

You turn all of the lights off and play while holding glow sticks around your house. One person is the seeker the others are the hiders. When the seeker counts to 20 he/she goes to find the other players, whoever is found last gets a prize.

Dancing On The Paper Indoor Party Game

by Kadz

Make a team such that there are 2 kids in one team.
Give all teams a full sheet of newspaper. Play music and ask them to dance on it. While they dance they shouldn’t let their feet go out of the paper (if their feet go out they are out). After some time stop the music and ask them to fold their paper in half. Continue this till the paper gets very small!! The last team to stay on the borders of the paper as long as they can are the winners!

Don’t Touch Indoor Party Game

Tape streamers around the house from wall to wall. As kids walk around, they can’t touch the streamers with any part of their body (they can jump or crawl under them).

If one kid touches a streamer he/she is out. Whoever gets through without touching wins! You can let the kids try a few times.

Guess The VIP Indoor Party Game

by Samantha

Every one sits in a circle closing their eyes. one person needs to tap on another person’s head to show that they are the VIP. then all the other people open their eyes and the person has to give clues about the VIP and the other people have to guess the VIP (but they can only ask yes or no questions like does this person have black hair?) The person who guesses the VIP at the end is the person who gets to chose the next VIP.

Hide And Seek In The Dark Indoor Party Game

This is just the same as normal hide and seek but its in the dark instead. You can play it just in one room or the whole house.

The seeker goes to a room your not using to count while the rest hide (you can have the light on for this but someone will need to switch it off when everyone has already hidden). After finishing the count, the seeker goes out and looks for everyone, the first person they catch becomes “it”. You can give them frights as well.

Find the Prize Under Pot Party Game

by Robin Jochim
(Colorado Springs)

You will need a pot, plastic cooking spoon, a blindfold, and a prize.

Blind fold the child then put the prize under the pot (the pot is on top of the prize upside-down). Spin the child 3 times and give them the spoon, they have 60 seconds to bang the spoon on the ground until they hear the “ding” on the pot that way they know they’ve won!!

Jellybean Guess Party Game

by Mackenzie

Fill a jar with jellybeans and have children guess how many jellybeans are in the jar. The child with the closest guess wins the game.

Circle Drawing Guessing Game

by Angela
(Woodhaven, NY)

Every kid is given a piece of paper and pencil/pen. On the mark of ‘Go’ they have to draw a picture using only circles in two minutes time. When the time is over, disperse all of the drawn pictures on a table and one by one the kids have to try to guess what is drawn in each picture.

The Fruit Loop Indoor Party Game

by Wendy Quick
(Wilson, NC, USA)

Before the game begins an adult chooses one fruit loop of any color and puts it in a snack bag or envelope (the kids don’t know what color has been chosen).

Then give each child a small bowl with milk and fruit loops. The children get to eat their fruit loops and are told to eat all but one fruit loop. Anyone who has the same color fruit loop left in their bowl that matches the one chosen before the game started – is the winner.

Say Happy Birthday Indoor Party Game

by Lya
(East Java, Indonesia)

Every kid has their own chance to say a greeting (“Happy Birthday”) to the birthday kid, right? But here’s a game that makes it even more fun!

7-10 kids picked by the host at once. And then as they’ve always wanted to say “Happy Birthday” but this time they have to say it as long as they can (as long as their breath) like “happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..yy”. And you’ll need someone to count how long each kid can say it.

And as my experience kids always have this game in birthday parties but it seems to always be hysterically fun!!

Lifesaver and Straw Party Game

by Courtney

You have two teams in separate lines. Everyone has a straw in their mouth. The first person on the team has a lifesaver on their straw (the straw is in the lifesaver’s hole). They have to pass it to the next person’s straw without touching or dropping it. The first team that gets it through their line wins.

Heads Up 7 Up Indoor Party Game

by Nicole

Simple, Easy, Basic

20 + Players
Have 4-6 people be the “thumb-touchers”
Everybody else puts there heads face-down and there thumbs up.

The “thumb-touchers” go and touch 7 peoples thumbs.
Once the thumb touchers are done they say “Heads Up 7 Up”
The seven people whose thumbs got touched stand up
Those 7 people guess who of the thumb-touchers touched them.
If they are right, the old thumb-toucher takes the place of the person who got it right and the person who got it right becomes a thumb-toucher.
If the person gets it wrong, they sit back down and the thumb-toucher keeps there job.


Golden Glitter Indoor Balloon Game

by Big Daddy Dough
(Manitowoc, WI)

For this game you will need black balloons and red, blue, green, and gold glitter.

Put the gold glitter in one balloon and all the other glitter colors in the other balloons. Blow the balloons up with your head facing the ground (unless you like to eat glitter…).

Mix the balloons up so that nobody knows which balloon has the gold glitter inside of it. Place the balloons on the ground (this makes it harder to see the color of the glitter in the balloons).

Now from youngest to oldest, one at a time, let each person bust a balloon. The one with the golden glitter in it is the winner.

Egg Race Party Game

by Lindsey
(Sierra Vista, AZ)

Team up all of the players into groups of two. Spread everyone out and have the partners face each other. You’ll need spoons and plenty of eggs! One person starts with the egg on their spoon. When someone says go they have to pass the egg to their partner without breaking it. The catch is the person catching the egg can’t use their other hand, just their spoon!

Test Your Memory Indoor Party Game

by Amrutha Raghu
(Chennai , Tamil Nadu , India)

The game organizer must write about 40-50 items on a piece of paper. In this game there can be any number of players. All the children must read the items given in 20 seconds and memorize as much as they can. After the children memorize they will be given 30 seconds time: within this time they have to write as many things as possible (from what they remember from the list of items). Finally, the child who writes the maximum number of things is the winner.

Candy And Straw Indoor Party Game

by Jess

There are two players on each team. Each team has 1) a plate filled with candies (Smarties are good for this), and 2) an empty plate, 3) a staw for each player.

On the mark of “GO”, all of the players need to suck the smarties with their straw (so that the suction keeps the candy attached to the bottom of the straw), and then they need to put it on the empty plate.

Assign a certain amount of time for the race (2 minutes is good), and when the time is over, whoever has the most sweets on the plate that was at first empty, is the winner!

Make sure the candies are bigger than the hole of the straw, that way you will have suction and the candy won’t be sucked into the straw.

Suitcase Party Game

by Sarah
(Delaware, Ohio, US)

You will need a bunch of larger clothes and 4 suitcases. Fill 2 suitcases with clothes, jewelry, a pair of shoes, hats, etc. (the other 2 suitcases stay empty and are put on the other side of the room)

Split the group into two teams (each team has two suitcases). The first child of each team must put EVERYTHING on from the suitcase then run across the room to their 2nd suitcase, disrobe, and zip the suitcase up. Then the next in line does the same thing.

1st team to complete the dress up and undress wins. It’s a lot of fun with younger children!!!

The Apple Pair Party Game

by Cara

Pair the people up at the party, then give every pair an apple to put in between both of there heads. Someone gives commands like – ‘jump’, ‘take two steps’, etc. If the apple falls, that pair is out of the game. The last pair left wins!

The Uh And Uhm Indoor Party Game

by Yuuki

Someone comes up with a topic. Then another person has to keep talking about that topic without saying ‘uh’ or ‘uhm’ for 1 minute. If they say ‘uh’ or ‘uhm’ before the 1 minute is up, they’re out.

The last person to stay in the game without saying ‘uh’ and/or ‘uhm’ is the winner!

Make Your Move Indoor Party Game

One person is IT, and the other people spread out around the room. The person who is IT thinks of a topic and everyone else has to act like it (yes, you can make noise!).

The person who picked the topic (IT) is also going to pick the person who they think is doing the best at acting out the topic. Whoever they choose, will be the next person who is it.

Mouth Drawing Competition Party Game

by Stacy
(Beloit, WI, Usa)

Give everyone a piece of paper and then blindfold them. Have them draw a picture of anything they want but the catch is to draw it with there mouths (no hands). Whoever has the best picture wins! The adults can be the judges. It’s funny to watch and to see everyone’s drawings.

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