Homemade Piñata Instructions

The piñata was made using newspaper strips and white glue on a punch ball balloon. I started a week before the party and covered the balloon three different times with strips with a day in between for drying. Once it was all dry, I then painted him red. Next time I’ll only do two coats … Read more

The Backyardigans Party Treat Bags

I also made Uniqua treat bags for the girls and Pablo for the boys. I bought solid color pink and royal blue bags and painted dark pink spots on the Uniqua bags and cut out yellow tummies and bow ties for Pablo. The kids loved them!

Homemade Uniqua Birthday Cake

This was my first home made cake, first time using layers and first time with fondant icing. I iced the cake in buttercream and used the fondant for the dots and Uniqua. It was so much fun!! She loved how it turned out!

DIY Pablo Costume From The Backyardigans

I just couldn’t resist making my 4 month old son a Pablo outfit to wear as well. His was really easy; I just cut out a yellow fabric tummy and a royal blue bow tie and used wonder-under to attach it to a blue shirt. Then, I satin stitched it on. I made the hat pattern … Read more

DIY Uniqua Costume From The Backyardigans

I used fabric I bought at Wall-mart in pink polka-dots. So, I made the Uniqua out of solid color fabric and used Wonder Under to iron the pieces together like a puzzle. Then, I satin stitched around it. The outfit was made using a Butterick pattern I think but I changed it a good bit. … Read more

Candy Airplane Activity

Here is a candy airplane the kids made out of chewing gum, PepOMints (orange flavor), smarties and a rubber band. I made stickers to cover the chewing gum “wings” and put them in a kit with the other materials and instructions.

Candy Bucket Party Favors

I purchased clear acrylic paint cans at Paper Mart and then designed a logo after the NYC sweet shop Dylan’s Candy Bar and printed them on clear glossy label paper for the front of the tins. I drilled small holes in the sides of each tin and threaded ribbon into each hole, tying a knot … Read more

Candy Party Table

To get some height on the Sweet Shop birthday party table, I put a shipping box in the center and covered it with a lime green satin fabric I found at JoAnn’s.

Barbie Party Decorations

In order to make Barbie’s room for the birthday party, I had a bed with a canopy, wall decorations, TV with a Barbie playing on it, rugs, pillows- basically, the works.

Coolest Magic Tree House Themed Party Ideas

We have boy/girl twins who were turning eight and wanted a party that would accommodate all their friends and ideas. So, we took the book series “The Magic Tree House” that all the kids are reading and used this as inspiration. It was a rainy day, so we had to stay indoors. Making the Magic … Read more

Coolest Movie Theme Party Ideas

A Movie themed party lets kids become actors in their very own film. The birthday child chooses which script to produce then casts their birthday guests in their roles. They arrive in costume, have make-up applied, collect the props, then the Director calls “Quiet on the Set!” Next using the movie script they shoot the … Read more

Coolest Mad Scientist Party Themes and Ideas

I have a son who has a birthday around Halloween so we always like to have party themes that are spooky and fun. Here’s our Mad Scientist Party themes and ideas. This was a party for nine 9 year olds. Invitations I took the labels off of plastic water bottles. I cut a small slit … Read more

Coolest Ratatouille Birthday Party Ideas

ratatouille birthday

My daughter was turning 5 and since she loves to help me cook, she naturally loved the movie, Ratatouille. We chose to have a Ratatouille birthday party theme. The invitations I did on the computer and instead of asking them to RSVP I asked the “reservations be made” by a certain date. On our front … Read more

Coolest Robot Party Ideas

Robot party ideas and photos by: Emily from Durham, NC I had a hard time finding ready made Robot birthday party items, so I ended up making everything. I got the robot design from a woman online who made robot mix and match cupcakes. They were adorable and the robot was an easy design to … Read more

Coolest Snowman Party Ideas

construction theme party

Snowman party ideas and photos by: Rikelle from Chandler, AZ We live in Arizona and don’t get any snow. My daughter wanted to build a snowman so we thought a snowman party without the snow would be fun. This would also work great for a Christmas in July party. We did this for my daughters … Read more

Coolest Superman Party Ideas

Superman party ideas and photos by: Rigel from Tulsa, OK For my son’s 4th birthday he wanted a Superman theme party and conveniently enough was also going to be Superman for Halloween. I took pictures of him in his costume then uploaded them onto the computer. I cut him out in PhotoDraw and created different … Read more

Coolest Sweet Shop Birthday Party Ideas

sweet shop birthday party

Sweetest Party Invitation In designing the Sweet Shop birthday party invitation, I wanted to set the tone for the entire party (i.e. warn the parents about the impending sweets). This invitation took some labor to produce but I got a lot of compliments on it. The front circle was attached by a brad (not shown … Read more

Coolest Uniqua Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter just loves the Backyardigans, especially Uniqua so I decided to take the theme and run with a Uniqua birthday party! I decided to do the party color scheme in two-tone pink like Uniqua. That way it could be kind of girly. I did buy some Backyardigans decorations plates and napkins at Party City … Read more

Coolest Valentine Party Ideas

Valentine party ideas and photos by: Tara from Lexington, SC Here are my party ideas. The invitations were of course cutouts of hearts with the party info, and then sprinkled with glitter for an added touch. We also included little sweethearts candies in the envelope! First we decorated my daughter’s room with cutouts of pink … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Birthday Party Ideas

Last April my son wanted a Larry Boy/Veggie Tales birthday party for his 6th birthday. I asked him what kind of cake he wanted (not having a clue exactly what he wanted) and he said “Bob and Larry! Bob and Larry Cakes Making Bob (a tomato) was easy, just a 9″ round with red frosting … Read more

Coolest Willy Wonka Party Ideas

Willy Wonka party ideas and photos by: Laura from Spring Lake, MI When my 3-year old decided that he wanted a Willy Wonka party I thought I was getting away easy! Then I realized that Willy Wonka was a popular movie but not a popular birthday theme! The one thing I knew from the beginning … Read more

Coolest WWE Wrestling Party Ideas and Photos

WWE Wrestling party ideas and photos submitted by: Nanette from Oakley, CA Are you ready to rumble! My son is a huge World Wrestling Fan. For his 6th birthday we had a WWE wrestling party. It was probably one of the funniest yet! We had 8 boys ages 4-6. We did this party in January … Read more

Coolest Yugioh Party Ideas and Photos

Yugioh party ideas and photos by: Lydia from Patterson, CA My son and I had a lot of Big-Kids meals at Burger King when they had Yugioh figurines. We kept the pyramid boxes that the figures came in as well as the activity sheets. We used the pyramid boxes for goody bags and the activity … Read more