Coolest Rainbow Theme First Birthday Idea for Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

Just invite Roy G Biv to this cool first birthday idea and you’ve got it made… Who?! Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Violet… ;-) For this fun-filled and colorful first birthday idea, you can mix-and-match solid color plates, napkins, cups, plasticware, etc. You’ll find a bunch of cool rainbow accessories and party items here: Rainbow Party Supplies at Birthday in … Read more

Coolest Rubber Ducky 1st Birthday Games

Here’s a great collection of Rubber Ducky 1st birthday games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Ducky party.  Rubber Ducky Tub Game This is one of those simple 1st birthday games babies will love. The point of the game is to toss rubber duckies into the tub. You can use an inflatable baby pool or some kind … Read more

Coolest Rainbow 1st Birthday Party Games

Here’s an awesome collection of Rainbow 1st birthday party games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Rainbow party. Take a look at our complete Rainbow first birthday idea section for more of the coolest party-planning ideas. Many of the 1st birthday party games on this page have been graciously submitted by visitors like yourself. If you’ve got any cool ideas … Read more

Coolest Noah’s Ark First Birthday Game Ideas

Here’s an awesome collection of Noah’s Ark first birthday game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Noah’s Ark 1st birthday party.  Baby Floor Play A classic first birthday game is to let the babies explore, touch and cuddle with all the soft stuffed animals for floor play. You can also, build an ark with play … Read more

Make a Wish Benefit Birthday Party

Benefit party by: Julie from Melbourne, FL The kids were totally into the benefit birthday idea and this was one of the most fun birthday parties we have ever had or been to. Most donations were between $5 and $25 and together the kids raised over $300 for the Make-a-wish foundation. Make a wish was … Read more

Coolest Outdoor Birthday Party Games

Silly Outdoor Scavenger Hunt by Rachel T. (Plain City, OH) Items needed: various dress up items (the funnier, the better!). Set up just like a normal scavenger hunt with clues at each destination (at least 2 routes, so teams aren’t just following each other). Each team will select one player to be captain and do … Read more

Coolest Indoor Birthday Party Games

Pass the Present Birthday Game by Ana J. ( Johannesburg, South Africa) This is also one of the classic kid party games in which boxes are nested inside each other and wrapped in wrapping paper. The smallest box contains enough prizes for everyone. Music is played and the present is passed around a circle. When … Read more

Classic Birthday Party Games

Birthday Guessing Game by Olivia B. (Tunnel Hill, GA) Using the party theme, select items to put in a jar and let the kids guess how many are in the jar. The closest guess wins. For instance, for a Pirate party you can call it “Guess the gold coins in the chest”, for a Princess … Read more

Coolest 6th Angry Bird Birthday Party

Coolest 6th Angry Bird Birthday Party

This year we finally agreed upon an Angry Birds birthday themed party…so much fun! I recreated the artwork from an Angry Birds “cake theme” game screen for the invitation which included a pop-up pig inside. Next, the party favors and goodie bags. Okay, I’ll admit…I went a little crazy! I purchased small black gift bags … Read more

Coolest 8th Birthday Lego Theme Party

Coolest 8th Birthday Lego Theme Party

My son wanted an all out LEGO Party for his 8th birthday and then said he wanted a cake like the Cake Boss from the TLC show. I knew there was no way I could make his kind of cake, those are some big shoes to fill, but I did the best I could by … Read more

Coolest Fear Factor Party Ideas and Photos

Coolest Fear Factor Party Ideas and Photos

Fear Factor Party ideas and photos by: Sandra from Peoria, IL My boys wanted a Fear Factor party for their birthday last year. I made the invites on our computer. The basic yellow and black from the Fear Factor logo, some clip art and all the important party info. The first game we played was … Read more

Coolest Camping Party for a 5 Year Old


Birthdays are HUGE in our family. My husband’s mom always made hand-made themed cakes for each of the 3 kids. So, when we started to have kids, it has been fun to keep up the traditions. Our son Jacob turned 5 on Mother’s Day this year. His parties are always on a different weekend because … Read more

Coolest First Birthday Ideas and Photos

Coolest First Birthday Ideas and Photos

First birthday ideas and photos by: Elad from Israel There are already a bunch of great 1st birthday ideas on this site. For our latest first birthday for Noa, I came up with a few new first birthday ideas while planning the party. 1st birthday parties are a challenge, primarily because the guests are usually … Read more

Coolest Lego Star Wars 6th Birthday Party

Coolest Lego Star Wars 6th Birthday Party

My son Ashton was turning 6 on the 6th of January…so I wanted to plan a fun party for his special “golden” birthday. For the invitation, I used the photo editing site to add the graphics to my favorite recent picture of him, then printed them out in a 5 by 7 size. We … Read more

Coolest Halloween Party Ideas and Photos


Halloween party ideas and photos by: Trinity from North Richland Hills, TX This was my daughter Piper’s 2nd birthday party which we combined with Daddy’s. Both are in October. Piper was dressed up as a kitty while all the family also dressed for the occasion also! Even great grandma was Bozo! We started with homemade … Read more

Coolest G.I. Joe Birthday Party for 5 Year Olds

Coolest G.I. Joe Birthday Party for 5 Year Olds

Where do I begin? In the beginning there was Peyton and Carson, twin boys, and from the beginning all I could dream about after their birth was really cool birthday parties. I’ve always enjoyed decorating for holidays, arts and crafts, so what a better way to fulfill my artistic need than to do it through … Read more

Angry Bird Mask Idea

Each birthday invitee was also given an Angry Bird Mask! I simply purchased black masks at the craft store and hot-glued trimmed pieces of foam.

Coolest Minnie and Mickey Mouse 2nd Birthday Party!

Coolest Minnie and Mickey Mouse 2nd Birthday Party

We couldn’t wait to celebrate our daughter Jordan turning 2 years old. We decided to have a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme party since Jordan loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We invited around 60 people (adults and children). Invitations were sent 6 weeks in advance and had the outline of Minnie Mouse’s face and ears, but … Read more

M&M Party Decoration Ideas

I purchased dessert plates in all the M&M colors. I used my computer to print out 40 M’s in the M&M font and glued them to the plate. Yes, I printed and cut out all 40 of them! I glued several of them to dowels rods and stuck them along side our drive way so … Read more

Coolest Princess and the Frog 3rd Birthday Party

Coolest Princess and the Frog 3rd Birthday Party

Olivia was in love with the new Princess and the Frog movie, and she asked me to plan a Princess and the Frog party for her third birthday. As we were inviting close family and friends there were only a couple of children attending, so I wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable and happy. … Read more

Phineas and Ferb Games and Activities

The first thing we did for the party was separate the party-goers into groups of two. Each group was given the same supplies—at least one empty toilet paper roll, at least one empty egg carton, at least one shoe box and a roll of duct tape and a roll of masking tape. They were given … Read more

Coolest My Little Pony Birthday Theme Party for a 7 Year Old

Coolest My Little Pony Birthday Theme Party for a 7 Year Old

For my daughter’s seventh birthday, she was very big into My Little Pony. Not only did she have every one available at that time, which has now been five years, but she also had all of mine from the eighties! To plan her party, we decided on a crafting pony themed party at a local … Read more

Princess and the Frog Party Food Ideas

First, the FOOD. Of course, if you know Princess and the Frog, you know it is set in New Orleans. So, we had to make muffalettas (which are enormous, loaf sized cold cut sandwiches). To keep the kids happy, we made various tiny po?boys out of miniature buns. I made a ton of deep fried … Read more