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Coolest Camping Party for a 5 Year Old

Birthdays are HUGE in our family. My husband’s mom always made hand-made themed cakes for each of the 3 kids. So, when we started to have kids, it has been fun to keep up the traditions. Our son Jacob turned 5 on Mother’s Day this year. His parties are always on a different weekend because it always falls on or near Mother’s Day. So, he usually has at least 2 cakes. One for the party – and one on his actual birthday. This year we made him a giant “5” cookie cake for his actual birthday.

As for his party – well, we had a blast making this Camp Site cake. The camp site had to include a bicycle because he has just really gotten the hang of riding his bike and now that is all he wants to do. We had many children and their families at the party so the backyard was the place to be. We had several bikes for them to play on as well as camp chairs all around. Where we live it is extremely hot in May so needless to say, we did NOT have a campfire – but that sure would have been fun to do s’mores. Instead, they rode bikes and played with all the other stuff we had in the yard.

For party favors, I gave each kid a little back of “rocks” – grey M&M type candies. I also used those “rocks” on the cake to circle the campfire.

I did learn that when you’re looking for fun stuff for a themed party, go to a candy store. They have all sorts of shapes and sizes to be used for whatever you come up with on your cake. I got the leaves for the trees and the candy rocks there.

My husband and I made the cake and we had such fun doing it – and it tasted pretty darn good too!

I think if you live where it’s a little bit cooler, this would be a fun party to throw for your child.