Coolest Kid Activities and Birthday Party Games

So you’re looking for the coolest kid activities and birthday party games? This is a great place to start! In this section we’ve bundled the party activities and games into similar categories and themes.

Remember that you can also custom-tailor game ideas and kid activities from any theme to fit your child birthday party theme. For instance, the classic toilet paper wrap can be called a “Mummy Wrap” for the Halloween theme, “Disappearing Kids” for the Magic theme or Wizard theme, etc. The snow globe can be called a “Space Globe” for the Space birthday theme, an “Ocean in a Bottle” for the Finding Nemo or Under the Sea theme, and so on. You get the idea. And remember that your creativity is the most important ingredient.

If you’re going to be conducting the kid activities, make sure you first read our Birthday Games Survival Tips to help you get through this portion of the party with minimal injury :-)

So, let’s get the adrenalin pumping and start planning some really cool kid activities and party games that’ll make your kid’s next birthday party an outright success.

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