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Coolest Child Activities and Games for a Wizard Birthday Party

Here’s an awesome collection of Wizard child activities, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Wizard theme party.

Magic Bean Hunt

Treasure hunts, scavenger hunts and all sorts of other hunts are always fun child activities. In this hunt, the kids’ll solve a series of clever clues to find a stash of magic beans. To set up the hunt, first choose four to six successive hiding spots around your house or yard (the last one will be where you hide the jelly bean jar).

Then write a clue that leads to each one. For example, the first clue, which might lead the kids to look under the couch, can be printed backward so that only if they figure out to put it up to a mirror – will they see the clue. Another clever idea is to write everything with a white crayon on white paper, and put a colored marker and instructions to scribble all over the paper to reveal the message. For the remaining clues, consider writing a riddle, creating a word search puzzle, coming up with a numeric code and a key to translate each number into a letter, etc. Once they find the treasure, have them guess how many magic beans there are in the container.

Magic Bean Taste Child Activities

Now that they’ve found the beans, one of the coolest child activities is to have them guess the taste. It’s particularly great fun if you use Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans with flavors like sardines, black pepper, horseradish, lawn grass, and lots more funny-face-twisting tastes! Give each guest a sheet of paper and have them number from 1 thru 10. Then have them eat the first flavor and determine which one it is. Have them write it down, and when everyone is done with the first flavor, tell them the answer. If they are correct they can circle that one. Continue until all 10 flavors have been tasted and guessed. The winner is the player with the most correct answers.

Wizard Magic Show

Have the kids perform the magic tricks they learned (maybe during the icebreaker activities). This’ll serve for loads of fun and excitement (and don’t forget to video tape them!) One of the coolest child activities!

Making Potions

First off, if you’ve prepared bottles beforehand (as described in the decorations section of the Wizard theme), have everyone sit together and come up with cool names. You can also show the kids how to make a potion and then let them make their own. What you will need are small bottles/jars, baking soda, vinegar and food coloring. Give the kids the food coloring and vinegar and let them mix their own colors. The MAGIC comes when they add the baking soda to create a foaming bubbly response!! This is one of the coolest child activities.

Disappearing Kids

This is a team race. A team can consist of two, three or four kids. Give each a roll of toilet paper and have them completely cover one team member. First team finished completely covering their team member wins.

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