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Coolest Child Birthday Party Ideas for Your Kid’s Wizard Birthday Party

Wizard child birthday party ideas were around way before JK Rowling invented Harry Potter ;-)

So, if you and your kid want to throw an original Wizard party without Harry’s assistance, just say Hocus-Pocus (read this page) and POOF, the coolest child birthday ideas for a Wizard Theme will magically appear before your eyes…

Wizard Invitations

How about a Crystal Ball-oon invitation?

Take a clear balloon and blow it up. With a black marker write all the information down and then deflate the balloon. Stuff some glitter and star confetti into the balloon and put a rolled-up note inside telling the recipient that they’ll have to blow up their crystal ball-oon in order to see their fortune.

In each invitation you can also put a cool magic trick for each kid to rehearse so that they can perform it at the party. This’ll add lots of excitement and let the kids feel they’re an integral part of the party.


Wizard Decorations

The dominant wizard colors are black, blue, white and yellow. Hang lots of balloons, streamers and other decorations in these colors and bring out Halloween decorations, such as spider webs, bats and owls to hang from the ceiling. You’ll also find crystal balls, wizard-shaped mylar balloons, magic mirrors and lots more.

One of the coolest do-it-yourself child birthday party ideas is the potion bottle. Get a bunch of old clear glass bottles and jars and fill them up with odd and creepy things. Label the jars with the names of potion ingredients. Use creepy names that a wizard would use for his potion.

Here are some ideas:

  • Beetle Eyes (pepper balls, black beads or poppy seeds)
  • Bloodworms (cooked spaghetti in water dyed with red food coloring)
  • Owl Liver (chopped canned mushrooms)
  • Gecko skin (pickled ginger)
  • Pig pituitary (capers)
  • Eyes of Blind Dogs (cocktail onions)

As one of the games (see the games section below), you can leave the labels blank on a few of the jars and have the kids make them up.

Cover the table with a black or blue table cover and scatter cut-out stars and glitter all around.

You can also designate a Wizard’s den (a dark room with a Black Light) and scatter around lots of glow in the dark items. This is a great place to have the games.


Beforehand, you can also prepare black capes simply out of black material. Fold over about an inch of the top and sow together to create a tunnel to put a string through (so that the kids can wear them around their neck). As part of the icebreaker activities, let the kids decorate their capes with precut stars, swirls, sew on buttons, jewels, stickers, etc.

Take a look at all the coolest homemade Wizard costumes.

Wizard Icebreaker Activities

Sorcerer’s Glitter Globe

You will need little jars (possibly baby food jars). Fill the jar almost to the top with water and stir in a few drops of glycerin (sold at most pharmacies) and 1/2 a teaspoon of glitter, star and moon confetti. What the glycerin does is increase the density of the water and causes the glitter to fall much slower. Now the kids have a great glitter globe that can be added to their party favor pack.

Wand Making

Purchase wooden dowels and have the kids paint them using black and white paint (have them leave about 2 inches from one end to paint white). They can add gold or silver glitter glue to the end of the wand after the white end has dried.

Magic Tricks

Instead of putting magic tricks in the invitations for the kids to learn and rehearse at home, have them learn and rehearse them while waiting for everyone to come. Later you can have a show and all the kids can perform their magic tricks.


Homemade Wizard Cakes

Take a look at all the coolest homemade Wizard birthday cakes.

Wizard Hat Delight: Here’s one of the coolest child birthday party ideas for Wizard cakes. Make or buy brownies and take a round cookie cutter to make them round. Then take the scraps that are left and push them into an ice cream cone and fill up the rest with ice cream. Then take the cones and flip them upside down onto the round brownies. Voila! Wizard hats!

Magic Cupcakes: Use Pop Rocks! Simply make your favorite cupcake recipe and after your cupcakes have baked and cooled, frost and then sprinkle with Pop Rocks. When eaten, the candies will crackle and pop in everyone’s mouth!


Wizard Party Food and Drink

Child birthday Party Ideas for Food

Remember to put small labels on each dish just to make sure everyone understands that this is what REAL Wizards eat…

  • Bat-Wings: Chicken wings in barbeque sauce.
  • Dragon Legs: Chicken drumsticks.
  • Magic Wands: Chicken strips or fish sticks
  • Wizard (or “witch”) Stew: You can make your kid’s favorite soup, stew or other hot dish and serve it inside a cauldron. As you give out each kid’s portion, sprinkle salt and pepper over it and chant, or have the kids chant, a magic spell for fun! (Example: “A dash of ginger root and a bit of dried swamp flowers, keep this magical soup hot for hours!”)
  • Wizard teeth: Corn
  • Crocodile eye balls and guts (yes, I know this sounds gross, but the kids love this spaghetti with meatballs)
  • Levitating Balls: Falafels
  • Alligator Pot-Pie with Newt Eyes, Bat Tongues and Owl Liver: A chicken pot-pie with all kinds of different vegetables. With such a cool name, the vegetables will magically transform into really cool things to eat!

Child birthday Party Ideas for Drinks

It’s nice to make punch and put it in a black cauldron, then around it use dry ice to give that really cool smoke effect.

  • Dragon Snot: Add green sherbet to Sprite.
  • Magic Potion: You’ll need one pack of (0.13 oz) of unsweetened drink mix (you can chose any flavor and try bright colors). Mix each pack of drink mix with one and a half cups of water and pour into an ice cube tray to freeze solid. On the day of the party, pour chilled lemon-lime-flavored carbonated soda into clear glasses and put 1-2 flavored ice cubes in each glass. The ice cubes then dissolve and the drink will magically change color and flavor before the kids’ eyes.
  • Spellbound Magic Drink:Turn an ordinary beverage into an enchanted drink that crackles and spits! Pour any kind of beverage into everyone’s cup and then add a few Pop Rocks to each, it will then crackle, pop and spit. The little magicians will love it!! This works well with the Magic Cupcakes.

Child birthday Party Ideas for Treats

  • Snake eyeballs: Grapes
  • Lizard tongues: Baby carrots and peeled cucumbers halved lengthwise
  • Jell-O: Make different colored Jell-O and cut the Jell-O into stars and moons with cookie cutters
  • Chocolate Toads: Melt semisweet chocolate, and with a clean paintbrush lightly paint the tops of gummy frogs with the chocolate
  • Magic Wands: Take pretzel rods and dip them into chocolate frosting (it’s best if you microwave your frosting until it melts). After dipping, roll the pretzel rod in sprinkles and put them all on cookie sheet. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Then, take vanilla frosting and microwave until it melts. Dip 1-inch of each rod in the vanilla frosting. Let it stand until the frosting sets
  • Magical beans: Jelly beans and other colorful candies
  • Star Fruit: Take watermelon or cantaloupe and cut into pieces with star cookie cutters
  • Put lots of black licorice strands (as if they were magic wands) on the table of treats. Next to them put pop rocks candy; they “POP” in in the mouth. The kids can take a magic wand (black licorice strand), then make a spell with them, and put the pop rocks in their mouth. The “spell” makes them pop!


Wizard Games and Activities

Wizard Hat Pinata: Have the kids “help” by waving their wands while the blindfolded kid tries to break the Pinata. They can also chant magical spells.

Levitating objects: For some truly magical pictures, use fishing line to hang some objects above the kids and let them pose for pictures with wands underneath these objects to create the illusion that they are levitating it.

Here’s a whole page with the coolest Wizard party games, such as:

  • Magic Bean Hunt
  • Making Potions
  • Disappearing Kids
  • Magic Bean Taste
  • and many more (including visitor-submitted game ideas)…

You should also read these VERY important tips to help you survive (and enjoy) game time!


Your Wizard Parties and Ideas

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete Wizard party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories “Party Tales” and they serve as a great inspiration! Take a peek at other people’s Wizard theme Party Tales and you’re sure to find lots more outstanding Wizard child birthday party ideas:

Share your kid birthday party ideas here…

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