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Coolest Sesame Street and Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

This page is full of the coolest and most original Sesame Street and Elmo birthday party ideas! ‘C’ is for ‘Coolest’, ‘P’ is for ‘Party’, and ‘S’ is for ‘Sesame Street’!

First off, there’s a great selection of Sesame Street and Elmo birthday party supplies and party packs. But don’t worry. You won’t need to browse around forever trying to find the best deal. Just compare between the great party packs below:

Sesame Street and Elmo Invitations

A simple and fun invitation is to create the face of one of the Sesame Street characters. Elmo for example, is quite easy to make: Take red cardstock paper and cut out an oval. Add either big wiggly eyes or round circles from white cardstock with a black pupil drawn with black permanent marker or glued on black cardstock in the shape of small circles.

Then cut out an oval out of orange construction paper for the nose and a happy Elmo smile for the mouth. Then write all the Elmo birthday party info on the back with a black marker.

You can do the above instructions with lots of different Sesame Street characters. Another cute Elmo birthday party idea is adding fabric or material that resembles that specific character, for example a few yellow feathers for Big Bird, a patch of blue fur for Cookie Monster and/or Grover, a patch of red fur for Elmo, etc. For noses you can buy colorful pompoms at a material store (orange pompom for Elmo’s nose, pink pompom for Grover’s nose, etc.).

Here are all kinds of things you can write on your Sesame Street / Elmo birthday partyinvitations:

  • Hooray, Hooray it’s Roger’s Elmo Birthday Party!!
  • Come along and join the fun! Little Sherry is turning ONE, with Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie too! We look forward to seeing you!
  • Hey everybody! Elmo says there’ll be cake, balloons and so much to do, can you believe it… Jenny’s turning 2!
  • It’s Mary’s 2nd birthday… won’t you come and play? It’s an Elmo birthday party and we’re going to have a super day!
  • “C” is for Cake, “F” is for Fun, “T” is for Tommy, Come see who’s turning ONE!
  • It’s Noah’s Sesame Street 2nd Birthday!! And the whole gang’s ready for fun and play – Ernie, Cookie Monster, and Elmo too, are all waiting to party with you! We’ll have food, games, family and friends, and so much fun until the day ends!!
  • Our little Cookie Monster is turning 2! Join us to celebrate Kim’s birthday! (add a picture of your child with the Cookie Monster or just a big cookie)
  • Guess what Elmo’s thinking about today… An Elmo birthday party! You are invited to Elmo’s World!


Also check out our free printable invitations, Sesame Street sign invitations and Elmo birthday party face invitations:

See All Printable Sesame Street Invitations

When you’re writing your street name, you can write before it “Can you tell me how to get… how to get… to Jamie’s street?!” (just like the tune of the Sesame Street theme song, just add your child’s first or last name).

If you choose a specific character for your invitations, write specific quotes they usually say, for example for Elmo you can write “Elmo loves you” or “That tickles!”, for Cookie Monster “C is for cookie, it’s good enough for me; oh cookie cookie cookie starts with C”, etc.

Another idea is to create a little comic strip (downloading from the internet pictures of your child’s favorite Sesame Street characters) and have a cute dialogue happen between characters.

Check out Nate’s 3rd Birthday Party Invitation

Here are some quotes from the original TV show you could possibly use:

  • “Sunny Day Sweepin’ the clouds away, On my way to where the air is sweet, Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street! Come and play, Everything’s A-OK, Friendly neighbors there, That’s where we meet, Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street!” (part of the Sesame Street song lyrics)
  • “Hi-ho, this is Kermit the Frog here, reporting for the Sesame Street news” (Kermit the Frog) (this quote can be used to report your child’s birthday party)
  • “Lala-lala lala-lala Elmo’s song. Lala-lala lala-lala Elmo’s song. Me write the music, me write the words, that’s Elmo’s song” (Elmo)
  • “Sesame Street has been brought to you today by the letters W, S and E, and by the numbers 2 and 3” (Mr. Hooper) (you can also change the letters and number to your child’s initials and age)
  • “Hey rubber-ducky, your the one. *SQUEEK SQUEEK*, you make bath time lots of fun.” (Ernie)
  • “Greetings! I am the Count. They call me the Count because I love to count things.” (Count von Count) (this quote can be used to count your child’s age number)
  • “Yes, it is I, *Sup*-er Grover! Protector of small children and bunny rabbits!” (Super Grover)

Another fun thing you can write on the bottom of each Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party invitation is something like: “This invitation has been brought to you by the letter [first letter of your kid’s name] and the number [your child’s age]!” – just like at the end of every Sesame Street episode. Also, for that extra touch, sprinkle colorful confetti into each envelope before you close them (if you can find confetti in the shape of letters and numbers – that would be perfect!).

Sesame Street and Elmo Decorations

Because Sesame Street is known to be very colorful, your color scheme can have many colors. If your child likes a particular character you could just focus on a few colors, for example, red for Elmo, blue for Cookie Monster and Grover, yellow for Big Bird, pink for Abby Caddaby, etc. If you’re interested in combining colors, orange and a bit of black and white would go really well with red for an Elmo party, or light blue and purple would work well with pink for an Abby Cadabby party.

If you’re using a few Sesame Street characters, mix and match colors, for example a yellow tablecover (Big Bird’s color) but put lots of Elmo (red) and Cookie Monster/Grover (blue) items on it and vice-versa: put Big Bird items on a blue or red table, etc.

If you like basic birthday decorations, use balloons and streamers around the party area. You can also take regular balloons and draw the Sesame Street characters simple faces on them (a Cookie Monster face on a blue balloon, an Elmo face on a red balloon, an Abby Cadabby face on a pink balloon, etc.).

For Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party decorations you can use Sesame Street posters, coloring pages, and all sorts of other imagery to help you create your own homemade decorations (it’s easy by downloading pictures from the internet).

Take out as many Sesame Street stuffed animals, toys, etc. and disperse them around your party area, they are also great to use as centerpieces for your tables (it’s also nice to attach a few colorful helium balloons to each centerpiece). If you have those colorful number and alphabet letter magnets on your refrigerator, disperse them on tables for extra decoration. If you have a goldfish bowl with goldfish in it – that would be a perfect centerpiece if you’re focusing on Elmo (don’t forget his favorite pet Dorothy the fish!).

Check out these free printable Sesame Street / Elmo placecards and napkin holders to print, fold and put on the party table/s:

If you will be having a big Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party celebration with lots of adults and children, you can designate a Sesame Street character to each table; an “Elmo table” (red tablecover), a “Big Bird table” (yellow tablecover), a “Cookie Monster table” (blue tablecover), etc., and then you can assign specific guests to specific tables and that way keep everyone organized when they sit down to eat.

You can also print out and tape the following shape decorations around your Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party area, on chairs, tables, doors, etc. (to see many more shapes click on the link below that says “See All Printable Shapes”:

See All Printable Shapes

It’s a great idea to print these shapes on colorful bristol paper, then just cut them out (have your kids help you!) and tape or hang around the party area. You can hang with string or curling ribbon from ceiling fans, railways, etc. For more free printable shapes, check out our free printable shapes page. And also check out this free Printable PDF Sesame Street Alphabet.

When it comes to decorating Sesame Street style, anything alphabet goes, check out the following free printable Sesame Street letters you can print out and use (all are from a free Sesame Street font you can easily download from the web). Just click on the following picture to download the complete printable PDF Sesame Street alphabet (also great to use as coloring pages):

A really great Elmo birthday party decoration is to make alphabet blocks! Take big boxes, spray paint each of them in a different color (one is all red, one is all blue, one is all yellow, etc.), and then on each of them glue on a colorful letter (either use the above printable letters or any other font from your computer, print out and glue a letter to each box). Once the alphabet boxes are created, decorate by stacking them on top of eachother. You can also create little ones and use them as table centerpieces.

Also check out the following printable numbers that also fit the Sesame Street theme:

For more Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party decoration ideas, how about setting up a Cookie Monster table with lots of cookies to munch on. Also take your garbage can and tape a sign to it saying “Property of Oscar the Grouch”, it’s also nice if you print a picture of Oscar’s face and tape to the trash can (in the area of Oscar’s trash-can it could be funny to put a sign saying “No Smiling Zone”). If you’re having the party at home, try making the entrance of your house look like the entrance to Sesame Street! If you have a fence, attach a pole with the Sesame Street sign on it, then tape on your fence pictures of the whole Sesame Street gang.

If you have a front or backyard, print out Sesame Street characters on strong bristol paper, cut them out, glue onto sticks and then push the bottom of the sticks into the ground, that way you have the Sesame Street characters all over your yard.

It’s also nice to decorate with party signs. You can make your own Elmo/Sesame Street signs, for example “Welcome to Sesame Street”, “Elmo’s World”, “Elmo Welcomes You “, “Guess what Elmo is thinking about today? Josie’s Birthday! Come in and join the fun!”, “123 Sesame Street”, or instead of the word “Sesame” use the birthday kid’s first or last name, for example “Howard Street”, etc. Also check out these free printable sesame street signs (one with wording and one blank):


Another cute idea is to put Sesame Street character footprints leading to the party area. Check out the following free printable Sesame Street character footprints (it’s best to print each one on colorful paper and cut out, Big Bird footprints on orange paper, Cookie Monster footprints on blue paper and Elmo footprints on red paper):

For the printable footprints below just print out as many as you need and then glue or tape them to the floor as if they are walking footprints (one after the other, right then left, etc.).

Printable Sesame Street Footprints


As a finishing touch, music can add a whole lot of atmosphere and mood to your child’s Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party. There are TONS of Sesame Street music CDs you can buy, from favorite song CDs to songs from a particular show, etc.



Our coolest homemade costumes site has lots of Elmo and Sesame Street theme-related party ideas for costumes. Check out all of the homemade Sesame Street costumes your kid may like to wear for their party.

Take a look at all the coolest homemade Sesame Street costumes

If you want your party to be extra Sesame Street colorful, you can ask each guest to come wearing one of the following Sesame Street colors: red (for Elmo), green (for Oscar the Grouch), blue (for Grover and Cookie Monster), yellow (for Big Bird), pink (for Abby Caddaby), light orange (for Zoe), etc.

Another nice option is to give out colorful foam noses to everyone, orange for Elmo’s nose, pink for Grover’s nose, etc.

You can make Elmo caps by buying lots of simple and cheap red caps and/or visors at a discount store and using craft foam cut-out circles for the eyes (white and black) and ovals for the orange nose. Then glue them to the cap. If you want something more permanent, use puffy paints and draw on each cap (this idea can be used for other Sesame Street characters, blue caps for Grover, green for Oscar, etc.). Here’s an image to help you envision these caps.

You can also print out these free printable Sesame Street Sign and Elmo birthday party cone hats:

All you have to do with the above printable hats, is print them out, cut around the half circle, roll each of them up and staple!

Instead of paying someone to come as one of the Sesame Street characters, it’s much cheaper to rent out costumes for a few hours and have friends or older kids from the family dress up as a few of the Sesame Street characters, this could bring a lot of joy to the kids!


Sesame Street and Elmo Icebreaker Activities

Elmo’s Favorite Pizza Making

Elmo loves pizza! For this great activity set up a table with all kinds of pizza toppings (a few kinds of cheeses, tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, peppers, etc.) and have round pizza dough already made in flat circles and a bowl of red pizza sauce. Then each guest gets to take a round flat pizza dough circle, add some pizza sauce on top of it, spread cheese and toppings, and then put them in the oven to bake. If you’re guests are only toddlers coming with their parents, this can be a fun activity the parents can do together with their children.

Sesame Street Coloring Pages and Activities

Take a look at these Free Printable Sesame Street Coloring Pages…

Coloring pages are always a fun activity, designate a coloring table, cover with newspaper or a tablecover and spread lots of crayons around (Elmo loves crayons!). The official Sesame Street website has TONS of free Sesame Street coloring pages. There are coloring pages of each of the characters on their own and lots of group Sesame Street coloring pages.

You’ll also find lots more original and free Sesame Street coloring pages, printable bookmarks, and downloadable Sesame Street activities at the PBS kids site, you should really check it out – lots of free stuff!

Play dough Station

If the party is for three-year-olds, play dough is definitely a fun activity! Assign a table just for this station, cover the table with newspapers or tablecover and put buckets of colorful play dough for everyone to play with. You can also create a few Sesame Street characters beforehand to guide people.

Cookie Monster Decorating Activity

Clean a table and use it to have real cookie dough on it and all kinds of cookie stencils. Then let the guests cut out cookie shapes from the cookie dough and decorate their cookies with all kinds of sprinkles and candies. Have trays with baking paper on them ready for the kids to put their decorated cookies on, once everyone is done, put the cookies in the oven for the designated amount of time and then everyone can eat them for dessert!

Sesame Street Quiz

If you’ll be having adults coming with their small children to the party why not create a fun activity for them! We’ve created a printable Sesame Street Quiz (and another page filled with all the answers), it’s a fun addition to your party – see who remembers important Sesame Street Facts. Have fun!:

Just print out and give to each guest. Whoever answers the most correctly wins a small prize! (can be movie tickets, coupons, a nice music CD, etc.).

Froot-Loop Necklaces

Designate a table for creating colorful (and yummy!) Froot-Loop necklaces. You’ll need Froot-Loops (cereal) and thin long licorice laces. Tie a few knots on one side of a licorice lace and start threading on Froot-Loops, do this until the whole licorice lace is filled with Froot-Loops. A great and tasty activity!


Homemade Sesame Street and Elmo Birthday Party Cakes

Check out the cool Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party cake ideas on coolest-birthday-cakes.com, the Web’s largest gallery of homemade birthday cakes. You’ll find thousands of cakes submitted by visitors like yourself with photos and how-to tips.

Take a look at all the coolest Sesame Street birthday cakes.

Other than all of the above creative Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party ideas, you can create super simple Sesame Street cupcakes. Just frost cupcakes in Sesame Street character colors – red for Elmo, blue for Grover and Cookie Monster, green for Oscar, etc. Then use a matching color gumdrop for the nose and a piece of black licorice for the smile. For the eyes you can take a mini Oreo cookie, split in half, and use the white side as one of the eyes (you’ll need two for each cupcake; you can also use Necco candies and/or marshmallows), then ‘glue’ black pupils with frosting (use jelly beans cut in half or use a dab of black frosting).

It’s also nice to make alphabet and letter cupcakes, just color each cupcake with a different color frosting, then cut out letters and numbers from fondant and add each one to a cupcake. Before eating the cupcakes, the kids can spell different words with the letter cupcakes, then give each guest a cupcake with the first letter of their name.

Another nice desert you can make for your Elmo birthday party is Elmo ice-cream! On separate plates put a scoop of any kind of red-colored ice-cream (raspberry, strawberry, red bean, etc.). Then add little white marshmallows or white round candies for the eyes, a drop of black icing for the pupils, an orange gum-drop or big orange candy for the nose, and black licorice for the smile. You should make these before the Elmo birthday party and put in the freezer until serving.

Sesame Street and Elmo Birthday Party Food and Drink

Kids that love Elmo and Sesame Street will love foods that are shaped in all kinds of shapes, for example numbers, letters, circles, triangles, animals, etc. Also, remember to have signs all around the party food, so people know they’re eating Sesame Street food!

Sesame Street and Elmo Birthday Party Food

Usually the Sesame Street and Elmo party theme is used for first and second birthdays, that’s why it’s important to make food that the youngsters will eat but also the parents will benefit from. Here are some ideas for your Sesame Street/Elmo birthday party food:

  • Colorful fruit plate – yellow bananas (Elmo’s favorite fruit!), oranges, red strawberries, blueberries, green apples and kiwis, pink watermelon, etc.
  • Big Bird macaroni and cheese
  • Shape sandwiches – use shape stencils or cut sandwiches with a knife into different shapes (circles, squares, triangles, etc.)
  • Pizza! Elmo’s favorite food :-)
  • Bert’s Oatmeal?! Sounds a bit strange for lunch, but if your party is in the morning oatmeal is a healthy and tasty treat! (And it’s Bert’s favorite food!)

Sesame Street and Elmo Birthday Party Drinks

  • Elmo Drink – any type of red soda or fruit juice.
  • Big Bird Punch – Take one liter of Sprite or 7-up and combine with one large can of pineapple and/or lemon juice. Right before serving add a few spoonfuls of pineapple and/or lemon sherbet.
  • Super Grover Cooler – any blue drink (Koolaid or soda) will do the job!
  • Cookie Monster Shake – in the blender make a vanilla shake from vanilla ice-cream and crumble in lots of chocolate chip cookies (yummy!)
  • Also check out Apple & Eve brand juices, they have a variety of Sesame Street theme juices that you can find at a supermarket, here’s the Apple & Eve website with all the different Sesame Street juices (you can also find Big Bird and Elmo Apple & Eve juices at Walmart).

Tips: Don’t forget to set-up Elmo and Zoe’s famous ‘Lemonade Stand’!

Also, you can put all of your drinks in a big trash can with ice, then put a sign “Oscar the Grouch Drinks” on the trash can.

Another cool idea is to take Elmo fruit snacks (distributed by Betty Crocker) and freeze them in ice cubes, then when you serve the drinks put a few Elmo snack ice cubes in each person’s drink.

Silly Straws are awesome and could really add a lot of fun to the party!

Sesame Street and Elmo Birthday Party Treats

  • Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes
  • Cookie Monster chocolate chip cookies
  • Sesame Street Jell-O – make red, green, yellow and blue Jell-O, you can put them on top of each other for colorful layers or serve each color on its own (it would also be nice if you cut each Jell-O jiggler into shapes, numbers, or using Sesame Street cookie cutters)
  • Cheese and “quackers”
  • Sugar cookies with Sesame Street character faces on them. This is quite simple, just make circular cookies, frost them with Sesame Street character colors, white and black frosting for the eyes, a matching color M&M for the nose and black licorice for a smile
  • Goldfish crackers (in honor of Elmo’s pet fish, how about serving goldfish crackers in small fishbowls!)
  • Oscar’s pet worm – Slimey (gummy worms)
  • Elmo fruit snacks (distributed by Betty Crocker)


Sesame Street and Elmo Birthday Party Favors

See All Sesame Street Favor Boxes

We’ve created these printable and foldable Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party favor bags and favor boxes. They are blank and so the kids can decorate and fold them themselves. You can also print them out on different-colored paper, possibly the color/s of your child’s Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party colors. You can also create them before the party.

We have large favor-bags, medium favor-bags, and favor-boxes for you to print out. For the favorbox and the medium favorbag – print out, color if needed (or print on colored paper) and cut out. Before you start gluing the favorbox, fold along the dotted lines and assemble so that all the sides connect. Only then add glue and secure the folded flaps.

To create the large Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party favorbags you’ll need to print out TWO designs for one favorbag. First, cut along the lines and fold along the dotted lines. Then, connect the two so that the left side of one is glued to the right side of the other.


Another nice idea is to have alphabet favorbags. On regular brown bags write each kid’s initial (for example a big “A” for Amanda, or “E” for Emma, etc.), then when you give out each favorbag ask each kid, for example “and so… “F” is for??” and then the child will answer by saying their name.

Whether you’re using our free printable favorbags/favorboxes or your own treat-bags, it would be really nice if you tied tags to your bags saying “This party has been brought to you by the letter (first letter of your child’s name) and the number (child’s age)!”. We’ve created these tags for you, just print them out and tie to treat bags with ribbon or string (there are also blank ones just in case you want to write something different).

Here are all kinds of ideas of things you can put in the favor pack:

Sesame Street stickers, finger puppets, ABC blocks, rubber duckies, activity books and coloring pages, goldfish crackers, Elmo’s crayons, Sesame Street finger puppets, bubbles, punch balloons, small cans of play-dough, Sesame Street music CD’s, magnet shapes, numbers and letters, Elmo snacks, Oscar the Grouch gummy worms, Cookie Monster’s chocolate chip cookies, Sesame Street toothbrush and toothpaste (Crest has these), Sesame Street bubble bath (you can get at Kmart and via Amazon), Sesame Street band-aids, Sesame Street lollipops (can be found on eBay), etc.

Also, check out the above free printable Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party thank you notes:

See All Printable Sesame Street Thank You Cards


Sesame Street and Elmo Games and Activities

Here’s an entire page with the coolest ideas for Sesame Street and Elmo birthday party games, such as:

  • Hide and Seek with Elmo
  • Oscar’s Garbage Can Toss
  • Rubber Ducky You’re the One
  • Pin the nose on Elmo
  • and many more (including visitor-submitted game ideas)…

You should also read these VERY important tips to help you survive (and enjoy) game time!

Pinatas are a great addition to the party and a wonderful activity for the kids. Pinatas are always a “hit” ;).

You can also make your own Sesame Street pinata. For Elmo’s face, use a big round punch balloon and decorate to look like Elmo. We’ve created a whole page on how to make your own pinata, check it out!


Your Elmo and Sesame Street Parties

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories “Party Tales” and they serve as a great inspiration! Take a peek at other people’s Sesame Street theme Party Tales and you’re sure to find lots more outstanding Sesame Street and Elmo birthday party ideas:

If you’d like share your complete party with us, then once your party is over, send us your own PARTY TALE and we’ll create your very own theme party page and photo gallery that’s hosted on our site! (Family, friends and just about anybody will be able to find inspiration from your child’s birthday party and comment on YOUR ideas!)

For more great Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party inspiration, check out this wonderful short montage of Eleanor’s third birthday party – all Sesame Street!:

All of these Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party ideas were brought to you by the letter “C” and the number “1”!


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