Sesame Street Party Banner

The guests continued out into the backyard their eyes lit up as they became immersed in a Sesame Street wonderland.One of the first things they saw was a large banner I ordered from Birthday Express with a photo of Elijah and pictures of many of the popular characters (Sunny Days Range). It read “Come and … Read more

Sesame Street Party Food

I researched the Sesame Street characters to find out all the characters favourite foods, so I could serve these. The menu included baby appropriate foods (a lot of healthy finger food options) and more traditional, less healthy party foods to satisfy the older kids too. Some of the foods included: Oscar’s Trash Can Treats, Cookie … Read more

Sesame Street Footprints Decoration Idea

The front door opened to reveal Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird Footprints all over the floor of the passage. The younger kids in particular were so excited that Elmo and the others were already at the party, and stepped on their footprints as they excitedly made their way through the house to the party … Read more

Coolest Sesame Street First Birthday Party Ideas

For my only child Elijah’s first birthday I decided fairly early on that I wanted to have a theme party. I was unsure what exactly until we went on a holiday to the Gold Coast in Queensland and visited Sea World. They also have a Sesame Street Beach show and a Sesame Street themed amusement … Read more

Coolest Sesame Street and Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

This page is full of the coolest and most original Sesame Street and Elmo birthday party ideas! ‘C’ is for ‘Coolest’, ‘P’ is for ‘Party’, and ‘S’ is for ‘Sesame Street’! First off, there’s a great selection of Sesame Street and Elmo birthday party supplies and party packs. But don’t worry. You won’t need to … Read more

Coolest Sesame Street and Elmo Games

Here’s an awesome collection of Sesame Street and Elmo games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Sesame Street and Elmo theme party.  Hide and Seek with Elmo Hide lots of block shapes and letters around the party area before the guests arrive. Then when you’re ready for this simple and fun game, send the kids on … Read more

Coolest 1st Birthday Sesame Street Party for Nikash

Coolest 1st Birthday Sesame Street Party for Nikash

1st birthdays are always exciting but a tough one to plan. Getting the adults and kids to enjoy is one thing, getting your one year old to smile through the party is another. I started planning for my boy’s 1st birthday 3 months before and boy oh boy, how rewarding it was, only my pictures … Read more

Homemade Sesame Street Theme Favors and Goodie Bags

The goodie bags were completely homemade. I bought Sesame Street lollipop molds and cookie cutters online. I made blue blueberry flavored Cookie Monster lollipops, green lime flavored Oscar lollipops, yellow lemon flavored Big Bird lollipops, orange colored and flavored Bert lollipops, and cherry flavored red Elmo lollipops. I also made dozens and dozens of Sesame … Read more

Elmo/Sesame Street Games for 2yr old kids

We invited a Red Monster with the likeness of Elmo to join us at the party and games/activities * Pass the Cookie Jar – We had a clear jar with cookie monsters picture on it, and cookies inside and we passed it around to music. Upon stopping the music the child took out a cookie, … Read more

Sesame Street Favors – Homemade and Super Original

The favors were displayed on the table in the foyer, so they were a perfect decoration in and of themselves. For the favors: “Recycle*Reuse*Renew” That’s one of our mottos. For the favors, we did just that. My daughter and I took a big bucket of broken crayons (who doesn’t have broken crayons?!) and peeled them, … Read more

Homemade Sesame Street Invitations

For the invitations: About a month before the party, I took a picture of Nate with some of his stuffed Sesame friends and had some prints made. I always like to incorporate a picture of the birthday child in the invitation. It personalizes it and also makes for a great collection for us to keep. … Read more

Homemade Elmo and Sesame Street Decorations

I printed the happy birthday sign with my son’s name and on a large red vanguard sheet; I pasted it with baby Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster scattered here and there. I glued blue crepe paper so that it would give some edging to the banner. There, banner done! Now, it was serious business. … Read more

Coolest Elmo Girls 2nd Birthday Party

Coolest Elmo Girls 2nd Birthday Party

For my daughter’s 2nd Birthday we choose an Elmo Sesame Street themed birthday. The invites we choose to use smilebox we used a balloon blast invitation. The Cake and Cupcakes: I mad an Abby cake (used the Wilton 3d teddy bear mold), and made cupcakes to look like Elmo & cookie monster. Decor: We bought … Read more

Coolest Sesame Street Party for All Ages

I tend to go a little over the top with birthday parties. It drives my husband insane and every year he begs me to tone and it down and not spend a fortune on the kids birthday parties. This year I managed to make both of us happy. First, I invited almost everyone using facebook. … Read more

Coolest Sesame Street 3rd Birthday Party Ideas

Coolest Sesame Street 3rd Birthday Party Ideas

On Nate’s 3rd Birthday, we celebrated with a Sesame Street themed party. This was the second year for our Sesame friends, so I had some ideas of things to do, though almost all were different from those of the year prior. I like to save money and do most everything myself. It is much more … Read more

Coolest Abby Cadabby Birthday Party

Abbey Cadabby Birthday Party

For my daughter’s 2nd birthday, we threw her an Abby Cadabby party. Her favorite character on Sesame Street is Abby. I began practicing to hand-draw the birthday cake a few months before the party. Heres the Abby Cadabby cake and how I made… I searched for Abby Cadabby party favors from our local Factory Card … Read more