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Coolest Sesame Street Party for All Ages

I tend to go a little over the top with birthday parties. It drives my husband insane and every year he begs me to tone and it down and not spend a fortune on the kids birthday parties. This year I managed to make both of us happy.

First, I invited almost everyone using facebook. For the people I needed to invited using a paper invitation (my grandparents for instance) I made the invitations myself instead of ordering them. I designed them using Microsoft Publisher, printed them on a laser printer in color at our local library, and glued them to bright red card stock. The invitations were bordered in primary color polka dots. The invitations read “Can you tell me how to get to Tucker’s second birthday party?” with Tucker’s name in the classic green Sesame Street sign design, followed by all the pertinent details. The envelopes of the paper invitations read “Brought to you by the letter T and the number 2” on the back of them.

For decorations, I went to the dollar store and bought primary color solid tablecloths, plastic ware, paper plates, napkins, & cups. To dress up the tablecloths, I made letter T and number 2 confetti and glued it to the tablecloths. (As my MIL likes to point out, yes, confetti should be random. However, I didn’t want confetti flying all over my yard.) I used the dozens of Sesame Street stuffed animals and toys my kids have to decorate. Prior to the party, I downloaded a bunch of Sesame Street albums onto my i-pod and played them throughout the party. Using the template on this site, I traced big bird foot prints onto our driveway and painted them yellow using sidewalk chalk paint. I sprinkled a few yellow feathers around for added effect.

Homemade Sesame Street Theme Favors and Goodie Bags

The goodie bags were completely homemade. I bought Sesame Street lollipop molds and cookie cutters online. I made blue blueberry flavored Cookie Monster lollipops, green lime flavored Oscar lollipops, yellow lemon flavored Big Bird lollipops, orange colored and flavored Bert lollipops, and cherry flavored red Elmo lollipops.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

I also made dozens and dozens of Sesame Street character cookies and cookies cut into letter T’s and number 2’s. I put each of the T and 2 cookies into a clear cookie bag. I folded an index card sized piece of bright yellow cardstock in half and stapled it to the top of the baggie. I put a Sesame Street character sticker on the left hand side and had my 5-year old write Thank You in sharpie. I bought Sesame Street fabric and using a pattern online I made Sesame Street crayon rolls.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

Each child received a primary colored bag with a lollipop, a crayon roll, and a letter or number cookie. (I planned on decorating the bags with eyeballs and noses to make the bags into characters but I ran out of time.) I made a taggie blanket out of the Sesame Street fabric as thank you’s for the babies in attendance.

Since my son was only turning 2, it’s not like he had a ton of friends to invite so it was mainly family with kids ranging in age from a few months to teenagers and lots of adults. I wanted everyone to be involved so I planned games for each age group. The young kids played bean bag toss (bean bags made with the same fabric as the crayon rolls) into a silver trash can that was a perfect replica of Oscar’s (found by the side of the road a week before the party!). Everyone got a Sesame Street juice box and some Sesame Street crackers for participating. For the middle and high school kids, we had a cookie eating contest (using those dozens of Sesame Street character cookies). The contest was a big hit with the participants and spectators. I had plated up equal amounts of cookies onto paper plates ahead of time and using a stopwatch, the teens had 2 minutes to eat as many cookies as they could. The winner received a Cookie Monster flash drive for their computer.

I made a Cookie Monster cake using a 14” deep dish pizza pan and three boxes of cake mix.

After making two layers, I put frosting and crushed Oreo cookies in the middle. I frosted the cake blue, used crushed Oreo’s to make Cookie’s mouth, white-iced sugar cookies for the eyes, and mini Oreo cookies for the eyeballs. In addition to veggies, chips, & watermelon, we cooked out on the grill for lunch. I bought a few silicone Sesame Street molds online and made Sesame Street shaped ice for the drinks.

For the over 21 crowd, I used the Sesame Street quiz on this website. I bought three Sesame Street books online (Sesame Street Unpaved, Sesame Street A Celebration – 40 Years on the Street, and Street Gang) and left them out as references. The winner received an adult “crayon roll” – made larger and filled with nips.

At the end of the party, the birthday party passed out number 2 and letter T cookies to all the adults, saying “tank oo” to each of them. He also passed out the goodie bags to the kids. It was a fun day, very themed (which I wanted) and did not cost a fortune (which my husband wanted).

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  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas, I’m working the details for my son’s 1st birthday for June and I’m getting excited!

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