Coolest Scooby Doo Birthday Party Ideas

Scooby Doo Party Ideas

If you’re sniffing around for the coolest Scooby Doo birthday party ideas, just read on for the GROOVIEST time! Start off by comparing these cool Scooby Doo party supplies: Scooby Party Supplies at Birthday in a Box Scooby Doo Party Supplies at Amazon Scooby Doo Invitations You can make Scooby Doo invitations in the shape … Read more

Coolest Winnie the Pooh Birthday Ideas

Winnie the Pooh Party Ideas

Who doesn’t adore Pooh and his loveable friends?! Below you’ll find the coolest Winnie the Pooh birthday ideas to help you throw a picture Poohfect birthday! First off, there’s an overwhelming selection of Winnie the Pooh party supplies and party packs. But don’t worry. You won’t need to browse around forever trying to find the … Read more

Coolest Kid Party Game Ideas for a Superhero Theme Party

Here’s an awesome collection of Superhero theme kid party game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Superhero theme party.  Superhero Emblem Relay Draw and cut out four Superhero emblems from posterboard (such as Superman diamonds). The emblems should be around 12″-15″ in diameter. To start playing this cool kid party game, divide the kids into … Read more

Coolest 4th Disney Princess Tea Birthday Party

4th Disney Princess Tea birthday party

My daughter Natalie loves Disney Princess’ so when it came time to plan her 4th Disney Princess Tea birthday party there was no doubt on what she wanted. For our invitations we printed out a message in old english on some pink card stock. It read “You are cordially invited to attend a royal tea … Read more

Coolest Yo Gabba Gabba 2nd Birthday Party


My daughter loved and still loves Yo Gabba Gabba. She wanted a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party for her second birthday. I ordered invitations that had my daughters picture uploaded into them as DJ Lance. I found these the cheapest on eBay. Then I photoshopped the picture of her as DJ Lance onto labels that … Read more

Toy Story Bean Bag Toss Game

I created a Buzz Light-year Bean Bag toss game with 8 blue star bean bags, easy to make with fabric and beans or rice to stuff them. I bought a large piece of canvas fabric for $11 and borrowed an overhead projector from Preschool to draw a huge Buzz Light-year found on the internet coloring … Read more

Thomas the Train Party Invitations

I love invitations and always like very unique ones. So I made my invitations with some decoupage shapes on a stick. I covered front and back of the shape with scrapbook paper then used ribbons to cover the sides of the shape. I printed all the party details then cut them out and added them … Read more

Sesame Street Party Banner

The guests continued out into the backyard their eyes lit up as they became immersed in a Sesame Street wonderland.One of the first things they saw was a large banner I ordered from Birthday Express with a photo of Elijah and pictures of many of the popular characters (Sunny Days Range). It read “Come and … Read more

Sesame Street Party Food

I researched the Sesame Street characters to find out all the characters favourite foods, so I could serve these. The menu included baby appropriate foods (a lot of healthy finger food options) and more traditional, less healthy party foods to satisfy the older kids too. Some of the foods included: Oscar’s Trash Can Treats, Cookie … Read more

Sesame Street Footprints Decoration Idea

The front door opened to reveal Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird Footprints all over the floor of the passage. The younger kids in particular were so excited that Elmo and the others were already at the party, and stepped on their footprints as they excitedly made their way through the house to the party … Read more

Spiderman Party Decorations

For the Spiderman city, I got boxes at the grocery store and painted them with spray paint to look like buildings. Among the buildings I placed a big Spiderman figure, spider webs, and spiders everywhere.

Coolest Mario Birthday Party Ideas


Since both my middle and youngest sons’ birthdays are in May and they shared the same Mario obsession we decided to have a Mario birthday party for both of them together. Mario Birthday Party Invitations Ben (turning 7) wanted to help make his invitation.  Step by step we made the Mario party invitation together using … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Party Ideas

ratatouille birthday

For my son’s 7th birthday party he decided on a Pokemon party. Invitations For the invitation I used scrap booking tools and paper to create a very large pokeball invite. This is very easy to do if you have circle cutters. First I took a 12 x 12 piece of red scrapbook paper and folded … Read more

Coolest Scooby Doo Birthday Party Ideas


The invitations for The Scooby Doo birthday party were bought from a local party store. However, on the inside I wrote: “Come help us solve the mystery of the missing Scooby snacks!” The decorations were 70’s flower power cut outs (can be purchased at the party store), printed pictures of the gang from the web, … Read more

Coolest Sesame Street First Birthday Party Ideas


For my only child Elijah’s first birthday I decided fairly early on that I wanted to have a theme party. I was unsure what exactly until we went on a holiday to the Gold Coast in Queensland and visited Sea World. They also have a Sesame Street Beach show and a Sesame Street themed amusement … Read more

Coolest Spiderman Party Ideas


Spiderman party ideas and photos by: Melissa from Davison, MI For my son’s 4th birthday he wanted a “Spiderman” theme. Spider man stuff was easy to find due to the fact Spider man 2 had just came out that summer but I wanted something unique too. The Spider man invites were hand made by me … Read more

Coolest Spider Man Birthday Party Ideas

Spider Man Birthday

My son’s and daughter’s birthdays are in the same week in August.Instead of throwing two different parties, for his 4th birthday and her 2nd birthday I had one party with two themes: A Barbie – Spider Man Birthday Party. Party Decorations So, I removed all the furniture from my dining room and from my formal … Read more

Coolest Spongebob Party Ideas

construction theme party

For my niece’s 5th birthday we did a SpongeBob party. Her birthday is in September so it was a nice day to have it outside. Party Decorations We decorated the back yard like Bikini bottom, with streamers and balloons, we had a small pool for kids to play in with water and balls (the small … Read more

Coolest Thomas the Train Birthday Party Ideas


Thomas the Train birthday party ideas and photos by: Patricia from Johannesburg, South Africa My son who just turned three on April 15, 2007, is crazy about trains of all kinds, and he is a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. It came as no surprise that he asked for a Thomas … Read more

Coolest Thomas The Train Party Ideas


My son wanted a Thomas the train party for his 3rd birthday party. Homemade Invitations We had so much fun planning this party together. I love invitations and always like very unique ones. So I made my invitations with some decoupage shapes on a stick. I covered front and back of the shape with scrapbook … Read more

Coolest Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

toy story birthday

My son Reese loves Buzz Light-year and Toy Story so we ordered all the party supplies online for his Toy Story birthday party. Party Games Then I created some games including a Buzz Light-year Bean Bag toss game with 8 blue star bean bags, easy to make with fabric and beans or rice to stuff … Read more

Coolest Winnie the Pooh Party Ideas


Winnie the Pooh party ideas and photos by: Margaret from Farmington Hills, MI My son Michael’s birthday was coming up March 29, the year was 2004, and he wanted to have a Pooh Party for his 2nd birthday. So right away, I thought about the big blank wall with the slanted ceiling we have in … Read more

Coolest Star Wars Birthday Party Games

Star Wars Birthday Party Games

Here’s an awesome collection of Star Wars birthday party games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Star Wars theme party.  Jedi Training Course Here’s one of those Star Wars birthday party games you can play right when all the kids arrive, they must go through this training course to become a Jedi! The best way to set … Read more

Coolest Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Party Ideas

You don’t need the powers of THE FORCE to create a Star Wars birthday party! First off, here are the coolest Star Wars party packs and party supply items available today: Star Wars Party Supplies at Birthday in a Box Star Wars Episode VII Party Supplies at Birthday in a Box Star Wars Rogue One … Read more