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Coolest Kid Party Game Ideas for a Superhero Theme Party

Here’s an awesome collection of Superhero theme kid party game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Superhero theme party. 

Superhero Emblem Relay

Draw and cut out four Superhero emblems from posterboard (such as Superman diamonds). The emblems should be around 12″-15″ in diameter. To start playing this cool kid party game, divide the kids into two teams and establish a start and finish line. Give the first player of each team two emblems. The first kid in line needs to place an emblem in front of them and step on it. Then, they need to place the second emblem in front of the first and step from the first to the second, and like this, they continue around a designated point and return to their team so that they are only stepping on emblems. The next player in line must do the same, until each player on the team has had a turn. The team to finish first wins!

Fighter Jet Flight

Give each child a piece of paper to fold into a paper airplane. The kids can then decorate them to make Superhero fighter jets. Each child takes a turn launching them and the one which flies the furthest wins a prize.

Superhero Obstacle Course

For this kid party game, get your Superhero guests to save the world by going through an action hero obstacle course. Set up an obstacle course around your yard or inside your home using cardboard boxes, garbage cans, old tires, bicycles, ropes, sports equipment, logs, trampolines, basketball and hula hoops, chairs, pillows or anything you can find to create a challenging course. You can have challenges like ball throwing, long jump, balance beam walking, climbing, crawling through a tube, running faster than a speeding bullet, bouncing a super ball very high, jumping off a chair, leaping over tall buildings (sofas), etc. When the kids complete the course, have a prize ready and even a certificate saying that they have successfully completed Superhero training at one of the coolest Superhero kid birthday parties.

Save the People Kid Party Game

Blow up a bunch of balloons and draw faces on them. Evil faces for villains, and happy faces for the people. Have the children pop the villain balloons and gather up all the people balloons (saving them from the villains). They can’t just pop balloons like crazy, they have to see whether it’s a good guy or a bad guy.

Pass the Kryptonite

Just like “hot potato”, using a rock painted green (or another green object). Have the kids sit in a circle. Download the free Superman Theme Song, and play that as the kids pass around the kryptonite. When the music stops, whoever is holding the kryptonite is out. The last person left in the circle is the superhero of the game.

Superhero Dash

Place cut out posters of a different super hero in each corner of the room (four in total), ie: Iron Man, Batman ,Hulk ,Superman. Play music for the kids to dance too. When the music stops call out the name of a super hero the kids have to get to. The last kid to the hero is out. Keep playing until you have a winner, if there are lots of kids – play in teams so that it doesn’t go on for too long.

Hulk Pinata Smash

Have each kid take a turn wearing a hulk mask and hulk gloves. He/she has to smash the pinata with either his hulk hands or holding a stick. You could also do the same concept but be thor and use his hammer to hit the pinata.

Web Maze Superhero Birthday Game

Have everyone form a circle (facing one another). Then instruct the kids to extend their right hands into the ring and take a hold of someone else’s hand. After this tell them to do the same with their left hands and challenge them to untangle the “web” by stepping over or ducking under others, and turning around. Whatever the kids do, they mustn’t let go of one another’s hands until the web is completely untangled!

X-ray Vision Game

Put all kinds of items in a box and let the kids (who have something covering their eyes) identify them without sight, only touch or smell. This can get very funny when you put all kinds of silly things in the box, for instance if you put half of a tomato and you stick one of the kid’s fingers in it. Be creative, this can be one of the most hilarious kid party game ideas during your party.

Villain Tie-up Kid Party Game

For this kid party game, form two groups of kids. Bring in two evil villains (two grownups dressed up as villains) and have the kids catch the villains, sit them in a chair and “tie” them up with toilet paper (don’t forget to take pictures!)

Pin the Superhero on the…

There are lots of creative variations you can come up with for this kid party game. For instance, pin the “S” on Superman, pin Spiderman on the Web, pin the bat on Joker, etc

Kryptonite Toss

Take many buckets and cover them in tinfoil as if they were planets. The “kryptonite” are ping pong balls painted bright green. Have the kids throw the “kryptonite” into the “planets” and see how many they can throw in, every time throwing from a tougher distance.

Blast the Villain

Here’s a very popular and fun water game to play. First, you’ll need a few posters of evil villains (Joker, Penguin, The Riddler, Two Face, Mr. Freeze, etc.). You can also find pictures of villains on the internet and then have them blown up at any Kinkos. During the icebreaker activities let the kids color the villains and then laminate them with Con-Tact paper. Pin them up outside and let the kids go wild, blasting the evil villains with water balloons. This game usually brims over to an all out water balloon war during kid birthday parties, so be prepared.

Building Gotham City Hall

Hand out Superhero cards, give the kids 2-3 minutes and have them build a card tower (Gotham City Hall). The three tallest building-builders move on to the final round.

Joker Hunt

Here’s a fun kid party game idea for your Batman birthday party. Towards the end, tell the kids that the Joker has stolen their party favor bags and that they have to find them. Find old Joker playing cards to write the clues on and let the kids find the bags that you have hidden.

Web Hunt

Here’s a fun kid party game idea for a Spiderman party. Cut pieces of yarn (about 20-40 ft. long) and attach one end to the favor bag. Designate a Web area or room and hide the favors in drawers, cupboards, under chairs, etc. Slowly stretch each piece of yarn around the room, wrapping it around furniture and intertwining it with other pieces until you have used all the pieces. This will create a massive web!!! Then, attach the name of a guest to the end of each piece of yarn and when the kids find their names they may begin to unravel the spider web and hunt for their prize. (Make sure to prepare extra favors so that no guests are left empty handed).

Superheroes and Villains

Form two groups – Superheroes and Villains. Give the Superheroes cans of silly string spray and send them after the villains. Then switch so everyone has a chance to be the Superheroes.

Transforming Routine

Have an old suit, hat, and tie and form two teams. Then have each member dress and undress themselves the fastest while blindfolded. The team that wins is the one that each team member has finished dressing and undressing.

Catch the Villain Kid Party Game

(Submitted by Christina P. from Long Beach, CA)

Print 10 (or more if a lot of kids are playing) villains of any superhero and have them laminated. Next, write the name of the villains on separate index cards or pieces of paper. Tape the villain pictures to the ground in a circle (this can be played inside or outside). Have a child stand on one of the villains (there should be no extra villains) remove any extra villains. Have someone in charge of playing music, have the children walk in a circle stepping on one of the villains at all times; this game is kind of like musical chairs, when the person stops the music each child should be standing on one of the villains, pick one of your cards.

Whomever is on the villain that you picked is out and they remove their villain from the floor. So, for example, if you have a joker as a villain and you pick the joker card, you can say “batman defeated…” (give a short pause) “THE JOKER!” It’s fun to use different villains from one superhero, so when you say “Spiderman defeated….” it can make the children who are on Spiderman’s villains anxious and excited. When it’s down to two villains the person who isn’t on the villain that you call next is the winner. You can Google the name of the superhero villains (batman villains, superman’s villains) and a bunch pop up, just save the image and print. Than you can delete the image from your computer when finished.

This game was THE HUGEST HIT at my son’s party! The winner got a prize and after the kids wanted to play over and over again, in fact, they played till the party ended. So I am sure your child will love it! If you are playing this game with younger kids that may get upset to be “out” you can give a prize to the child standing on the villain that you call. That way everyone wins a prize, no one ever has to be “out” and they all get to play the whole time.You could change it a bit so that you have a variety of superheroes on the ground and when the music stops say “(villain) was defeated by (superhero)” and then give the child a little prize and they can sit down for having ‘won’ their battle.

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10 thoughts on “Coolest Kid Party Game Ideas for a Superhero Theme Party”

  1. Super Burp Superhero Contest

    During the eating of the cake everybody HAS TO HAVE A DRINK because its a
    burping contest. Who ever burps the loudest wins the SUPER BURP

  2. Super Hero Tug of War Party Game: It is like the same game of tug of war, but instead of a flag in the
    middle there is a bag with a money sign on it. Inside of it is candy and
    goodies and prizes. One team is the super hero’s and one is the
    villains. They pull and whoever wins gets the bag of goodies.

  3. Superhero Corners

    Put up 4 – 6 super hero emblems (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Spiderman, Captain America, etc) and put them up on various walls in a room. Buy a big foam dice and glue a smaller picture of each emblem on each side. Play some music and tell the kids to go to an emblem. Pause the music and wait until each kid is at an emblem. Roll the dice and whatever super hero emblem it lands on all the kids standing at that emblem are out. Continue until only one winner.

  4. Find Out Your Superpower

    This game is to see what your guest’s super powers are.

    Build a tricky obstacle course and at the end have a little basket with folded up papers on it. On the folded up papers write all kinds of cool super powers. For example- The power to smell- The power to have stretchy arms, etc. Once every person finishes the obstacle course, they choose a piece of paper and find out their superpower.

    Then the kids can make tee-shirts describing or symbolizing their superpower!

  5. Superhero Mix Up

    Fill a bowl with pieces of paper (each piece of paper has a name of a known superhero). Each kid has to put there hand in the bowl and pull out a name without looking at it. Then you help them sellotape it to their heads (they still can’t see what superhero is taped to their foreheads!). Then the children have to go around the room asking each other Yes or No questions about which superhero they are.

  6. Duck, Duck, Penguin Batman Party Game

    For a Batman-themed party. Played like Duck, Duck, Goose or Duck, Duck, Grey Duck, except the tag word is “Penguin.” Children sit in a circle, with one standing outside the circle. The one outside the circle taps each child on the head, saying “duck.” When the child tapping the others taps one and says “Penguin,” the tagged child stands up from the circle and chases the tagger, both of them walking like a penguin. If the one chased makes it safely to the open place in the circle without being tagged, the child chasing becomes the new “tagger.”

  7. Destroy the Villain’s Hideout

    Using small cardboard boxes or Styrofoam blocks build a tower in the living room on top of a larger box or table as a base. Label each individual box with a point value — higher points at the base of the tower and smaller values up at the top. Use a bean bag or a small stuffed Spiderman and give kids 3 throws to knock down as many of the enemy’s blocks from the base as possible. Count up the scores at the end of the round and give a prize to the winner. We stood a Venom action figure at the top of the tower and the kids got a big kick out of knocking him down.

  8. Superhero Ball Toss

    It’s very simple… I took a piece of 9ft x 6ft canvas (about $9) and cut out holes in different sizes. I then gathered up any balls I had around the house & made sure they fit through the holes… I tied the canvas between two trees and the children & adults could throw the balls through the holes…

    I then used temper paints and sharpie markers to decorate the canvas with superhero words like “ZAP”, “ZOOM”, “POP”!

    Fun for all ages…!

  9. Strength of Steel

    Superman is stronger than steel. He also uses his mind to conquer a problem. See if the kids can be as strong and smart as Superman, and get two nails apart that are twisted together. This is a nail puzzle that you can easily find online or at a toy or party store. Have the kids try and get the nails apart, whoever gets it done first wins! Also fun for adults (the nails don’t bend, they actually slide apart if positioned correctly).

  10. Villian, villian, Hero!
    Similar to duck, duck, goose; every kid should wear a cape and when they’re tapped on the head and called hero they get to fly around the circle and try to catch the villain who provoked them before he steals their spot!

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