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Coolest Water Party Games

Body Water Dunk Party Game

Take two kiddie pools or one large kiddie pool and place it under monkey bars (this is to be done at the park or on any playground available). Then, split the guests up into teams. Pick one person from each team to hang on the monkey bars. First person to let go takes a dive in the pool and loses. The person who is still standing earns a point for their team.

Green Yellow And Red Light Water Party Game

by Brooke
(United States)

All players line up except for the person called “IT”.

The players are lined up next to each other in a row and IT is on the other side of the play area. Each person has a cup filled to the top with water.

Then you start the game- IT says “green light”, “yellow light” or “red light”. If IT says GREEN LIGHT the players run. If IT says YELLOW LIGHT the players walk. But when IT says RED LIGHT the players stop. The first person that makes it to IT first wins and gets to dump water on IT!

Beachball Water Race Party Game

by Kristi Brolezi
(Arleta, CA)

Make a finish line with either tape or chalk. Each player needs one water gun and one beach ball. You can purchase these really cheap at any dollar type store. Each player needs to use the water gun to shoot the ball to the finish line. First one there wins. What’s great about this game is the kids will have to go and fill their water guns several times in order to get to the finish line. The number of times of course depends on how big the gun is and how far away the line is. This will give the kids exercise and wear them out.

Musical Buckets Water Party Game

by Christina
(Florida )

Fill several large buckets with water.

Have someone who isn’t playing play music while you and your friends circle around the buckets trying to make it in a bucket when the music stops! (just like musical chairs, just this time people have to stand inside a bucket filled with water!).

Water Balloon Toss Party Game

by Ashlyn

Divide everyone in to two groups. You get a balloon and fill it up with water. You put two regular sized bowls on a medium sized table and the two teams try to fill up the bowl with water by throwing it into the bowl from atleast 11 inches away from the bowl. Whichever team gets the bowl filled up first wins!

Freezing Cold Marble Water Game

Fill a kiddie pool with freezing cold water (even add lots of ice!). Have four kids sit around the pool. Add some marbles, start a timer for one minute, whoever has the mast marbles win!

Bucket Of Holes Water Party Game

by Karina
(Norwalk, California)


FIRST.. Line the kids in 2 teams in a straight line

Second.. Get 2 really BIG buckets fill it up with water, THEN get 2 of the same kind and DONT fill them with water. have the kids line up in front of each really BIG bucket.

Third.. get a smaller bucket poke it with holes on the bottom (you can use a screw driver or something sharp to make about 5 holes)

Fourth.. have each team line up between two buckets such like this diagram:
0 = Bucket
. = Child


Fifth… have the first child in front of the REALLY BIG bucket take the little bucket with holes fill it up with water THEN pass the bucket with holes over there heads and as fast as they can bring it to the bucket that’s empty.

Last… then Repeat this task over until the team with the bucket that is full of water WINS!!!

Potato Bag Water Balloon Relay

by Cassie

In this game you must divide into 2 teams. Each team gets a potato bag/pillow case the first person in line steps in the bag, and hops to the designated spot and back to there team.

But there’s a catch! All of the playing field is covered with water balloons. The winning team is determined by the team who gets there and back first.

Hide And Go Seek Water Party Game

by Ashley
(Hanover, PA, USA)

This game is just like hide and go seek but when you find someone you pour a bucket or a cup of water on their heads!

Jump Hose Water Party Game

by Angela

Have a kid lay down flat holding a hose. All the rest of the kids are standing in a circle around the kid who is laying down. Turn the hose on and tell the laying down kid to spin the hose around in a circle (have him/her hold the hold very close to the ground… they can start out slow and then go faster). The kids need to jump over the water (and not get wet). Whoever gets wet is out… the last person to stay in the game without getting wet – wins!

Brown Bag Water Party Game

by Kim Johnson
(Dobbins, CA)

You can have as many players as you want. You get a big clean garbage-can and fill it with water. All the kids line up each with a small brown lunch bag. When they get to the garbage-can you use a pitcher to fill their bag up with water and they then throw their water-filled bag over their head backwards. Wherever the bag lands they have to stand and cannot move their feet once they are there.

As the game goes on kids are throwing water over their heads and hitting other kids who have already thrown their bags. Kids get soaked!!!! The person filling the bags will get wet too. Some of the bags get thrown so hard they bust all over everyone in line…. It’s hilarious!!

Colander Water Party Race

by Ciara Gonzalez

Two teams line up.

Have two large tubs per team about five feet apart. The tub at the starting line is full and the tub at the finish line is empty.

Each team has a colander (ones bought at the dollar store usually have a lot of holes not punched out and work really well). Each team member must scoop up water in the colander, hold it over their head and race to the empty bucket to dump the water in, run back and pass the colander to the next team member.

The team that has the most water in their tub at the end of a set time wins.

This game is a lot of fun to play and watch!

Water Slide Party Game

by Hannah

You lay down a few large garbage bags on the grass and then put detergent and water on it. Then you get the kids to run and slide on their tummies on the slide. Whoever gets the furthest wins.

Hurricane Soccer Water Party Game

(Richmond, VA, USA)

All you really need for this game is a bunch of bored kids, a sprinkler and a ball soccer balls or those smaller plastic balls you find often in supermarkets.

Set up teams and decide which side of the yard belongs to who. Set a sprinkler in the middle, the higher the water pressure the harder the game. Its seriously fun when kids kick the ball into each others goals and slip in the mud that is being created from the sprinklers.

This game is ever popular and each year played until October when it starts to get cold (better for older kids).

Water Balloon Party Quiz Game

You need water balloons, each player gets a water balloon and puts it on their head.

Pick someone to ask questions. That person goes down the line and asks each player a question, if they get it right they stay in the game if they get it wrong, the question-asker gets to squeeze the water balloon on their head! The question-asker then goes on to the nest player.

The last person standing wins!

Egg Toss Water Party Game

by efwef

Having an egg toss during the summer is so much fun. Have the kids pair up with a partner then have them toss an egg back and forth until they drop it. The last team standing wins!

If the kids are covered with yolk use the hose to wash off (best if kids are wearing their swimming suits).


(Portland, Oregon)

there is a person that is Mr. fox and he or she turns around without looking at the other kids and the kids yell ” what time is it Mr.fox ” and they yell whatever number they want and whenever Mr.fox wants to he could say time to eat you and he or she chases them until they get back were they started and if they get caught they take turns being Mr.fox THIS IS A VERY FUN GAME IT CAN BE PLAYED WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY VERY COOL GAME GUYS!!!!!!!! HOPE YOU ENJOY IT PEACE OUT!!! XOXOXOX

Water Twister Party Game

by Sam

All you need is a twister board and some water. Place the twister mat outside, but take the hose and spray water on it. Play regular twister, but now it will be harder as you can slip and fall much easier! If you fall, you’re out. It’s Twister with a twist!

Frozen Wet T-Shirt Race

by Holly M.
(Brockport, NY, USA)

Getting Ready:

Take a few t-shirts and completely soak them in water. Then twist each shirt as if you are going to wring it out of water – but don’t wring out any water… just have it in this shape (kind of like a rolled pretzel). Then put it in the freezer for a few days… once they are frozen you can use them.

How To Play:

Have two or more teams. Each team gets a frozen wet T-shirt. Everyone on the team stands in a circle and tries to thaw out the t-shirt (they can’t use any liquids, electronic devices, and have to all participate thawing together).

The first team to thaw out the shirt and have one of the team members wear it – is the winning team!

Fill the Bucket with Water Party Game

by Zoe
(United States)

Here is how to play:

Take 2 water guns, 2 bowls or buckets, and 2 lids that belong to the buckets. Set the buckets up a few feet away from the person who is holding a water gun. Have another person hold the lid about a foot above the bucket. Now the person with the water gun has to spray water and hit it off of the lid (and in this manner try and get water into the bucket).

You can set it up so that you can go against another person, and then you can see who gets more water in the bucket!

Water Pinata

by me

Buy a regular pinata and fill it with water without anyone knowing. Have guests put cell phones on a table. Then show them several balloons and tell them that there’s candy in the balloons. Then sit back and watch them try to get “candy” while a unsuspecting guest breaks the pinata and gets soaked!

Jelly Bean and Ice Water Party Game

by Gina
(Bradenton Florida)

You’ll need two buckets with cold ice water and a ton of jelly beans in each bucket.

The object of the game is to get as many jelly beans out as you can in say one minute…. but it’s not that easy because of the name…. the water has ice in it!

It is also every boy/girl for themselves! Each person will be going against someone and then take the top two highest jelly bean amounts and have a championship round and give the winner a prize!

Requires: Jelly beans, Two buckets, Ice and boys and girls willing to take the chance to get wet and cold!

Water Jump Rope Outdoor Game

by Tiana
(New York)

Take a hose and hold it from the end the water comes out. Use it just as you would use a regular jump rope. Have someone jump like they are jumping rope and watch them fail getting soaked!

Water Sponge Dodgeball Party Game

by Nathan Burkholder
(Piqua, OH)

This game has the same rules as regular dodgeball but instead of a ball you use a sponge completely soaked in water.

You line up sponge balls in between two cones. You say ‘GO’ and then the kids get the balls and throw them. In order to throw the sponge balls they must be dunked in a bucket of water. When a kid gets hit they are out, if a kid catches it the person who threw the ball is out, if a kid crosses the cones that kid is out.

The materials that are needed are sponge or foam balls, buckets of water, and cones.

Water Baseball Game

by Kenlee

Prepare tons of water balloons that are filled half way full. Split the group of kids in half to create two different teams, have one kid from each team pull out a name from a bucket (this will be there team name!) Write on a board that can be erased.

The first team has a bat and the out field team pitches the first water balloon. Hit the balloon softly so it doesn’t burst, if someone can catch it without having it burst onto them the person who hit is out, if it splashes on them they get to run to first base.

Slip N’ Slide Trampoline Water Game

by Ty

If you have an old trampoline that is falling apart you can take the legs off one end to make it look like a slide. Then cover it in water and squirt on some dish-washing liquid. You can then slide down it or try to climb up it. It’s really fun to try and climb up on your knees.

The King Water Party Game

by Emma G.
(Cairo, Egypt )

This game is very easy. You divide the kids into two teams. You will need chalk and lots of water balloons.

You draw a square on the ground so that the whole team stands inside of it and they can’t move outside of the lines. The team in the square has to choose a person to be the king. The aim of the game is to protect this person (the King) from getting wet :). The other teams that are outside of the box throw the water balloons trying to get the King wet.

After a certain amount of time (like a minute or 5 minutes, or after 20 water balloons have been thrown) the teams change places. The King that is most wet loses :)

Jump Rope Water Splash

The player holds a cup of water in there hand and jumps the long ropes… the person that has the most water in their cup at the end wins a skipping rope! Fun!!!!

Water Gun Tag

by Shaniqua J.
(New Jersey)

For this game you have to give everyone a water gun. The kids will sneak around the house and backyard in teams or by themselves with the water guns. put buckets of water around the house as “refill stations” in case they run low on water. they have to go around shooting each other and the goal is to try to get shot the least. the kids can where a white shirt so you can tell who got the most soaked if they want to. Its a fun game and they get lots of exercise by running around the house and shooting their water guns. if you get shot more than 3 times then you are out of the game. Thats okay though because they can sit and shoot other kids who run by. They are just not aloud to leave their spot that they have “fallen” or been hit the 3rd time in

Water Rope

by Trin

All you need is a hose and players. One person takes a hold of the hose. Once everyone is in position you turn on the hose. Move your hand in a circular motion as a jump rope.

Water Bucket-PALOOZA!

You take a bucket with holes on the bottom. Split people up into two lines sitting down, and have two big tubs at the front and back of each line. Have one person stand at the front, then when the timer stars and is set for 5 minutes. The person at the front, fills the bucket,and gives it to the next person. They have to varry the bucket over their heads. The person at the end has to dump the rest of the water into the tub at the back and goes to the front to refill the bucket. At the end of the 5 minutes, the team with the most water at the back of their tubs, wins.

Dunk Tank

Someone sits on the little seat in the dunk tank. He/She makes boring jokes to the audience. To shut him/her up you have to hit the target and he/she goes plunging in the water!

The Flop

by Hunter
(Kentucky )

If you have a deck then tie a water hose to it where water flies all over a trampoline. Then get on and bounce high as possible then fall on your butt stomach or back. Continue this until everyone has gone and have someone judge who has the best flops!


by Ahmed

You have two buckets, one bigger than the other. You shoot from a water gun into the small bucket, and every time it is full fill the big one to the top. The quickest team wins.

Drip Drip DROP


This game is like dock duck goose.
Everybody gets in a circle and one person is the drip drip droper and they go around saying drip to people and when you want to you say drop and you splash that person.

Bucket Game

by sarah and salma

Have 2 buckets for each team. Fill them with cold water or put water and ice.
Take a ball that can get wet.
Throw the ball and try to get it in the opponets bucket,if u do take ur bucket and throw the water on them. Repeat.

Water Jump!

Get a water hose and set it to the highest pressure or less if you have younger kids. Hold the hose close to the ground and move it slowly then faster back and forth players try to jump over the water and if one fails to jump over gets a hard sting of water. If you have kids that are yonger lower the pressure so it won’t hurt their delicate feet.
Whoever stays in the logest without giving up wins!

Frozen Yet?

by Ruth
(Westifel )

have a pool full of water with cold water and ice. See who can stay in the pool the longest.

Slip n’ Slide Long Slide

by Rylee

Just like a long jump, see how far you can slide down a slip n’ slide. Then you mark on the side of the slide on how far the person got. If you fall off of it you will be disqualified and wait till it’s your turn again. You can not stop with your hands, you will have to stop when ever you slow down. The farthest one to the end of the slip n’ slide is the winner. Have fun with the game!!!

The Water Gun Hunt

by Kathy B
(Colorado Springs, CO, USA)

This is for older children that may have gotten bored with the old fashioned Easter Egg type of Hunt.

I bought water guns (what size is up to you) for each child and adult.

I hid empty water guns in the yard for all children and adults.

Game Rules were explained to everyone before the game began.

Game Rules:

Each person could only take one water gun, even if you found more than one. You may not tell anyone where other water guns are hidden.

Once you have your water gun, you must go to the hose and fill your water gun.

When you have filled your water gun you may start squirting everyone else.

Eventually, everyone has a filled water gun and the real fun begins.

We all enjoyed this Water Gun Hunt. I don’t know what my neighbors thought since we had our fun in the front yard.

Hope you can use this game and have some fun.

Unfortunately, we did this about 10 years ago and don’t have pictures to share.

Water War

In this game every player gets a water gun.The goal in the game is to shoot every person with the water gun.

First every person hides in a empty spot (maybe around trees or chairs) then after about 20 seconds (to give everybody time to hide) every player can either wait and hide to shoot somebody or come out of there hiding spot and attack. There also should be a referee saying who shot first. If you get shot you simply should just sit down where ever you are. If two people shot each other at the same time and the referee can’t decide they have a showdown. Who ever is the last one standing is the winner.


by Raghvi Arya
(London, England)

There are people around a circle, each with a water gun and one person is in the middle. The person in the middle has a water balloon or sponge and he has to spin round and round. As soon he stops he has to shout duck and throw the the water balloon or sponge at the person he is facing while they try to duck before being hit.

The people on the other side of that person have to shout Duck! and squirt each other with water guns. Whoever squirts the other person first wins and is then the new person in the middle and the earlier middle person joins the circle. This is a very fun, wet and entertaining game!

Hose Tag Fun Party Game

You start of with a designated area in a square shape (marked with cones or chairs or even shoes). Then you get one person to stand well away from the square (this person is ‘IT’).

Everyone runs around staying inside the square until the person in charge yells STOP. Then the person who is it having their back towards the playing area turns around as quick as they can and squirts the hose on full speed in the sky to come down in the kids or straight at them. The aim is to tag someone and then swap being ‘IT’.

This is very entertaining and has been very entertaining for my kids.

Dunking for Water Balloons Game

by Alyssa
(Albuquerque, New Mexico)

This is a one-on-on match. You have to fill a bucket full of water and put some water balloons in the bucket. With only your mouth you have to grab the water balloons with out letting them pop in your face. The player with the most water balloons win.


This game is so much fun to play alone or with others.
Use chalk to draw targets all over the ground and the fence, tape pieces of paper with targets on them in other places. Give each kid a water gun (water balloons work too) and have them shoot the targets and count the number of targets each kid shot that kid wins(but all the kids get a piece of candy). This game is sure to make you summer fun.

Water War

by Keyri
(New York City)

First your going to divide the players into two teams. Then, you have to fill up one bucket of water and get a bowl or cup for each player. Then place the bucket on a table outside or on the floor. Then you begin throwing water to eachother, but you have to run after them or run away. You have to run back to the bucket and fill up your bowl or cup with water and continue doing the same routine until there is no more water in the bucket. The team that ends up the most wet loses and the team that isn’t that wet wins the game.

Water Baseball

this game is a fun activity to play with family and friends. First you set up your field. Space the bases evenly apart.
First base is a small pool full with ice cold water.
Second base you have to sit on and pop a water balloon.
Third base is two buckets of ice cold water.

To play the game you split into two teams. one team is out field and the other is infield. Playing with a plastic bat, the pitcher throws a sponge to the hitter. After the hit the player has to run and sit in the pool.
Then he runs to 2nd base to pop the balloon, it doesn’t count unless he sits on it to pop it.
Then he runs to 3rd base and has to stand in the buckets.
Then using a tarp with soapy water on it he slides into home plate. The winning team is decided by whoever gets the most runners home. You get out by either getting touched or the sponge reaches the base before you. The pitchers sponge is soaked with cold water.

Dribble Dribble Drench Water Game

by Johanna

Get a bucket full of water and a sponge and bring it to the destination that you chose (outside). Then everyone needs to sit in a circle. One player will get the wet sponge out of the bucket and walk around everyone dripping drops of water on their head then when you get to a person that you choose, drop or squeeze all the water out of the sponge. Then that person will have to chase you around the circle to get back to where you started without being tagged.
(Just like ” duck duck goose”:-)

Squirt Question Water Party Game

by Julia Baxter
(Butler, PA)

You pick one person to stand in front, then the others line up and the person you picked to stand in the front will ask questions.
If the first person in line gets the question right they get to squirt the person in the front for 10 seconds with a water gun (or 5 seconds with two water guns). If you get the question wrong the person in front gets to squirt him/her. If everyone gets the questions right, they get to fill a plate up with whip cream and throw onto the persons face. If everyone gets the questions wrong, the person in front gets to squirt everyone or throw whip cream.

Kiddie Pool Marble Dip Party Game

by Michelle
(Los Angelas, California, United States)

Divide the players into two teams and get one kiddie pool full of water and marbles. Then the first player of each team will run to the kiddie pool and dip their feet into the pool and with their toes they will try and get as much marbles as they can in half a minute. Once the half a minute is over, the next team-member gives a try (and so on until all the team-members try their luck). At the end you will count which team has the most marbles and whichever team has the most marbles WINS!!

Hit The Target Water Balloon Party Game

by Brooke
(South Carolina)

Morning of the party, get some sidewalk chalk. On the driveway, make approximately 8 circles (one inside the other) with the smallest one in the middle filled in as a target. Have the kids stand in a designated spot on the driveway and let them all throw 1 balloon filled with water at the target. Mark each child’s initials in the middle of the water spot. Closest to the target wins.

Water Balloon Knee Passing Party Game


Prepare some balloons and fill them with water and glitter. The aim of the game is to pass the balloons from one kid to another without pressing the balloon too much (so that it doesn’t pass). The balloons must be passed between their knees. There can be two teams playing against eachother, whoever gets to the finish line first (without dropping the water balloon) wins!

Water Gun War Party Game

by Lisa
(Plainfield, IL)

Have 2 teams (we played boys against girls)- have a small pool filled with ice and water. Use that to fill up large squirt guns with, then just run around and attack each other. What a shock to get hit with that cold water! (we used the newer pull back on the barrel to fill up, guns. One long tube, sold at pool stores).

Splat Water Balloon Party Game

by Beenish

For kids, there is something exciting about dropping things just to see them go splat. This game indulges that impulse without the indoor mess. To play, you will need a paved surface (such as a driveway), a box of filled water balloons (all close to the same size), some chalk and a measuring tape. Taking turns, each child holds a balloon high overhead, then heaves it onto the hot pavement, trying to make the biggest wet mark possible. The water will quickly evaporate, so two scorekeepers outline the wet mark in chalk and put the child’s initials next to it, as well as the size of the splat at its widest point. You can give out all kinds of prizes, for the hugest splat, the most unique splat, the smallest splat, etc.

The Spoon Race Water Party Game

by Bekah

You’ll need two even sized cups, a spoon, a small table to put the cup on, two bowls of water, and two teams.

Set the two cups on the table next to the bowls of water. Then form a line of two teams. When everyone’s ready say “GO!”, Then the first in line of the team runs to the table then picks up the spoon dips it in the bowl to get water then dumps it into the cup. Then he/she puts the spoon back on the table and the next person goes. Continue playing until the cups are filled up, and whoevers team fills the cup up first wins.

Spoon Balloon Water Party Game

by Rylee Shortridge

Divide the kids into two groups. Give each team a spoon and a small water balloon filled with water. Have the two teams stand on one side of the party area (all of the members of the team standing in a line, one after the other). On the mark of “GO”, the first person on each team tries to go from one side of the party area to the other and back with the water balloon on the round part of the spoon (decide if you want the easier game – them holding the spoon, or the harder game – they hold the spoon with their mouths).

If the water balloon falls and breaks, that team member needs to start from the beginning (have extra water balloons ready).

The first team to have each team member participate, wins.

Water Pinata Birthday Activity

by Stephanie P.
(Neosho, MO)

On the hottest days of summer, nothing beats a homemade piñata full of cold water. This candy-free version is a dentist’s dream. You’ll need a medium-sized trash bag, water, rope, bandanna or scarf, and a broom. Fill the trash bag with one to two gallons of cold water and knot the top of the bag. Tie one end of the rope tightly beneath the knot. Toss the free end of the rope over a tree branch and either tie it securely or have the adult stand by to raise and lower the water piñata. To play, each child takes a turn being blindfolded, getting spun around three times, and then taking three whacks at the pinata with the broom. The winner is the one who manages to break the bag and unleash the tidal wave. (You can also put little water presents in the water trash bag- as in squirt guns, sunglasses, water goggles etc.)

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