Pool Party Games

For our pool party games, the kids had a lot of fun in the water with the inflatables, an Octopus sprinkler, a pool with magnetic fish and fishing rods for them to go fishing and a great water balloon fight. Then the kids lined up to have their tattoos done and they also colored on … Read more

Beach Ball Invitation

The invitation for the party was a beach ball, where I wrote all the information about the party. I got the idea from this website, from the “Wet & Wild” party ideas.

Coolest Pool Party Ideas

The pool party was a celebration for my son and his classmates that were graduating from preschool (4 and 5 year olds). We had the party at the very last day of school. Beach Ball Invitations The invitation for the party was a beach ball, where I wrote all the information about the party. I … Read more

Coolest Ideas for Wet-n-Wild Child Birthday Parties

The Wet-n-Wild party is one of the coolest (and wettest) child birthday parties there is! You can have this party at a pool, lake, at the beach, or even in your backyard (make sure you’ve got a hose…). First, you’ll need some cool partyware. Choose from this large selection of inexpensive themed partyware for child … Read more

Coolest Kid Water Games for Those Without Pools

Here’s an awesome collection of kid water games for those without pools, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Wet-n-Wild party or just some afternoon fun. If you have access to a pool, check out this huge collection of the coolest ever pool party games. Water Limbo “How low can you go without being completely soaked???” Put on some … Read more

Coolest Water Party Games

Body Water Dunk Party Game Take two kiddie pools or one large kiddie pool and place it under monkey bars (this is to be done at the park or on any playground available). Then, split the guests up into teams. Pick one person from each team to hang on the monkey bars. First person to … Read more

The Biggest Collection Ever of Awesome Pool Party Games

For these pool party games, you’ll need a… pool. If you don’t have one, you can try renting the community center’s pool or taking the party to a nearby lake (if you’re lucky enough to live near one.). But don’t worry. If there’s no large body of water in your vicinity, you can opt to … Read more