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Coolest Spider Man Birthday Party Ideas

My son’s and daughter’s birthdays are in the same week in August.Instead of throwing two different parties, for his 4th birthday and her 2nd birthday I had one party with two themes: A Barbie – Spider Man Birthday Party.

Barbie and Spider Man Birthday Party

Party Decorations

So, I removed all the furniture from my dining room and from my formal living room and made a room for each child. My daughter had a Barbie Bedroom and my son had Spiderman City.

In order to make Barbie’s room I had a bed with a canopy, wall decorations, TV with a Barbie playing on it, rugs, pillows, the works.

Barbie Birthday Party

For the Spiderman city, I got boxes at the grocery store and painted them with spray paint to look like buildings. Among the buildings I placed a big Spiderman figure, spider webs, and spiders everywhere. My son had a Spiderman costume, but we were so busy we forgot to wear it.

Spider Man Birthday

Coolest Bisected Cake

The cake was a round chocolate cake decorated half Barbie, half Spiderman.

Barbie and Spider Man Birthday Party

So, I set the cake on a table where half the tablecloth was Barbie and the other half was Spiderman. In order to decorate the table, I used the goody bags. The goody bags were made with clear cellophane paper and closed with a beautiful bow. In addition, the girls got a Barbie doll and candy. And the boys got a Spiderman battery operated toy and candy.

Barbie and Spider Man Birthday Party

Barbie and Spider Man Birthday Games

We played singing games, “Spiderman says”, a special Barbie game that I had bought to play on the TV, and other games. Also, we played outside a lot.

Barbie and Spider Man Birthday Party

For food, I rented an ice cone machine, a cotton candy machine and a popcorn machine. I decorated the location where I had the machines like a fair. Also, we grilled hot dogs, had peanuts, chips, and more.

Barbie and Spider Man Birthday Party

Finally, everything was served on Barbie partyware and Spiderman birthday partyware.

Spider Man birthday party ideas and photos by: Mariana from Columbia, USA