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Coolest Star Wars Birthday Party Games

Here’s an awesome collection of Star Wars birthday party games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Star Wars theme party. 

Jedi Training Course

Here’s one of those Star Wars birthday party games you can play right when all the kids arrive, they must go through this training course to become a Jedi! The best way to set this up is to have stations the kids need to go through and accomplish a task. Have an adult take control of each station. Here are a few examples for Jedi training course stations:

1) The kids need to crawl under a few chairs, go up a small ladder, down a slide, and jump through tires. 2) Watch kid gets a light saber (can be a noodle or foam pipe) and they need to hit little ping-pong balls a certain distance, pop 10 bubbles, and keep a balloon in the air for 20 seconds. 3) While blindfolded, each kid needs to pin a light saber on a Jedi (cut up paper light sabers and the kids need to pin them as close as possible on a Jedi poster). At the end of the Jedi training course, each kid officially becomes a Jedi and receives a “Jedi Identification Card” and possibly a certificate!

You can also create a scene where adults come out dressed up as Star Wars characters showing everyone how to use their light sabers (long balloons that won’t hurt anyone).

Pin the Light Saber

Cut rectangular “light sabers” out of green, pink, yellow and/or blue construction paper. Just like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, the kids try and pin the light saber on a Darth Maul/Jedi/or any other relevant Star Wars character poster. Each kid can wear a Clone Trooper mask and then a scarf on top of their eyes. Another variation – perfect for younger jedi, print out a picture of Yoda and print out lots of his hears. Then use double stick (roll on) tape for “Pin the Ears on Yoda”. And yet another variation is “Pin the TIE Fighters on the Death Star”. For this take black poster board and cut out a very large circle, then with a silver Sharpie pen draw lines to create the Death Star. Then use the remaining poster board to cut out little TIE Fighters (also drawn on with the silver marker).

Jedi vs. Sith Tag Game

A guest is chosen to be a Jedi knight and all the rest of the guests are each a Sith. The game starts when an adult or any other person who is not inside of the game yells “May the force be with you!”, that’s when the Jedi tries to tag as many Sith as they can. If a Sith is caught by the Jedi they need to go to an area called “Sith Prison” (can be an area bordered with chairs or tape). When they are in the Sith Prison they stand with their legs apart waiting to be rescued (the only way to be rescued from prison is if another Sith player who isn’t caught crawls through the captured Sith player’s legs). The game is played until everyone has been caught or if it’s time to move to other Star Wars birthday party games.

Pass the Death Star

This game is similar to the “Hot Potato” game. Take a big ball (can be a basketball, soccer ball, etc.) and wrap it completely with aluminum foil (you may need some clear tape to hold it together around the ball). Have someone take care of the music (turning it on and off throughout the game). Have everyone sit in a circle and when the music starts playing (music from any of the Star War’s movies), the kids pass the ‘Death Star’ around in a circle.

When the music stops, the person holding the Death Star moves out of the circle. The person controlling the music should have their back to the players (so that the music is turned off at random moments, without them seeing who is out). The last person to stay in the circle – wins! (You can give everyone a prize just for playing the game so that they all feel they’ve won). This can be so much fun and is one of the coolest Star Wars birthday party games.

Star Wars Moon Rock Hunt

Put small little gifts and/or treats inside aluminum foil and bunch each up to look like a moon rock or asteroid. Before you begin with your Star Wars birthday party games, hide all of them around the party area and let the kids go look for them. Tell each kid to find only one (so that they’ll leave the others for guests who haven’t found one yet). The kids will love the excitement of hunting for their own moon rock!

Which Star Wars Character Am I?

For this Star Wars game you first need to print out lots of pictures of all the different Star Wars characters. Once each guest arrives, tape one of the Star Wars character pictures on their back (without them knowing who it is!). The guests need to find out who they are, and they do this by asking no and yes questions to figure it out (for example: “Am I a woman?”, “Am I a bad guy?”, “Do I have a light saber?, etc.). You can either have the kids pair up or have one stand in front of the whole group. The important thing is to tell each guest not to tell the other guests their character, let everyone figure it out by themselves.

Sharpening Jedi Senses Star Wars Birthday Party Games

This is one of those fun Star Wars birthday party games to sharpen the guest’s senses and get them ready to be a real Jedi! Before the party you’ll need to organize tape-recorded mystery sounds, zoom in on pictures (so that the image is hardly recognized), make a box that has two holes in it (the guests will need to stick their hands in the box and guess what’s inside), different food samples the kids will need to taste, and all kinds of different things they will need to smell with a blindfold on.

All the players sit in a circle. Explain to them that their Jedi senses are about to be tested. You can start with any of the sense-tests. For example, blindfold a guest, let them smell a rose – they will have to guess what they are smelling. Once everyone has had a try, move to a different sense (like taste for example) – give him/her a taste of a fruit while they are blindfolded, they will have to guess what it is. Then move to the hearing-sense, play pre-recorded sounds one by one the kids will need to guess (you can download free sound effects from the internet). These sounds could be anything, a whistling teapot, someone closing a creaking door, a microwave, etc.

Then move on to the seeing-sense. Show the kids cut up or blown-up pictures that are not easy to recognize, give them a minute to decipher what they see. The last is the touching/feeling-sense. Let the kids put their hands in a closed box (cut two holes for hands), they will have to feel the object in the box and decipher what it is (try using all kinds of different objects with interesting textures, furry, soft, etc. (Don’t use any sharp objects that could hurt anyone).

You can also test their abilities in other ways. Check out this page full of clues the kids need to decipher (made for the Scavenger Hunt theme, but can be easily revised to fit this theme). Once all of their senses are tested everyone gets a prize and you move on to any of the other Star Wars birthday party games.

Use the Force

In this game everyone has to use their Jedi powers to keep a balloon on their light saber. The light sabers can be pool noodles or anything of the sort, and the kids need to keep a balloon in the air with their light saber. Each kid gets a light saber and balloon. You can also time each kid to see how long they can keep their balloon in the air.

This idea is based on the original Star Wars movie: “Episode IV: A New Hope”… This is kind of like the scene where Obi Wan first teaches Luke about the Force.

Acting Out a Star Wars Scene

What could be more exciting then acting out a Star Wars scene as part of your Star Wars birthday party games?! If the kids are up for it, let them choose a favorite Star Wars scene. You can then play the actual scene from one of the movies on TV so that they all can get the dialogue and character movements sharpened. Then put up a video camera and “ACTION”! The kids can rehearse and do as many takes as they wish.

Once they get it all right, rewind the tape and connect the camera to a TV so that everyone can see the homemade Star Wars scene. After the party you can edit it using simple editing software like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie (adding real Star Wars music and sound effects to the scene will make it really exciting). It would be nice to send a burned DVD of the scene to each child (possibly send with the thank-you notes).

Star Wars Shapeshifting

Senator Amidala was almost killed by a shapeshifting creature who hid it’s identity by changing into different forms. In this game, guests shapeshift into new identities! Fill a large bag or suitcase with lots of funny and strange costume accessories, masks, clothing, wigs, etc. (the stranger they are the funnier it gets!). All of the players stand in a circle while Star Wars theme music is played in the background (have someone taking care of the music, turning it on and off throughout the game). When the music stops, the person holding the bag/suitcase puts their hand in, takes the first costume accessory they get hold of, and puts it on.

The game continues until all the items are gone (if there are a lot of players have a few bags/suitcases ready, so that all of the players will be wearing a whole lot of accessories!). After finishing all the costume accessories, the kids get to look in the mirror and choose a name for their new identity, don’t forget to take photographs of each of them!

Which Star Wars Character Said It?

This is one of those Star Wars birthday party games that’s best suitable for kids who are a bit older and know the Star Wars movies really well. Before the party, gather lots of Star Wars movie quotes (have them written on a piece of paper and next to each one, write down the character that said each quote). At the party, divide the players into teams, give each player a piece of paper and pen. Then slowly read aloud each quote and the teams need to write down the character that said each quote. The team to get the most right wins! Here are a few Star Wars quotes you can use.

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