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Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Kids

These photo scavenger hunt ideas for kids are sure to make your party tons of fun!

Check out these free photo scavenger hunt invitations you can print out and send to each guest:


For the scavenger hunt, divide everyone into teams and give each team a camera (they of course can use the camera on their phone). If the camera runs on batteries – give them extra spare batteries just in case. For younger kids you’ll need an adult with each team.

For more fun – each adult can take a car and drive the team around to find things and scenarios to photograph on the list. In the case of a car, it’s best to have no more than 4 kids on a team, that way 4 kids and an adult can fit in one car (unless you have a big van that can hold more people).

You’ll be giving the kids a list of items they will need to photograph, as well as scenarios the kids need to create, some can be really funny and others challenging.

Here are a examples to put on your scavenger hunt list (of course, you can come up with lots of your own personalized scavenger hunt ideas for kids):

  • Bird tracks
  • A butterfly
  • Any kind of traffic sign
  • A picture of the birthday kid’s house
  • A white dog
  • The inside of a refrigerator
  • A cloud that looks like an animal
  • The whole team needs to bunch up together and make a funny face
  • Someone on your team shaking hands with a policeman/woman
  • Someone on your team getting a drink from a water fountain while someone else is riding piggyback on their back
  • A member of the team bagging groceries
  • Entire team in a phone booth
  • Entire team in front of an ice-cream truck
  • A teammate hanging upside-down on the monkey bars
  • Entire team in the dark with flashlights at their faces
  • Entire team’s reflection in something other than a mirror
  • Entire team with a Harley Davidson
  • Entire team in front of a convertible car
  • An item that costs 99 cents
  • Entire team in a bathtub or shower (with clothes on of course…)
  • A teammate playing with a pinball machine
  • A mother pushing a baby stroller
  • Entire team in a pet store
  • Any sport being played
  • Atleast one teammate jumping off a swing (he/she must be in mid-air)
  • Entire team reading books
  • Atleast two teammates in a doghouse
  • Entire team jumping (everyone must be in mid-air for the picture to count)

Try making the photographing tasks really funny, absurd, and creative; tasks the entire group may need to do together, or just a few team-mates.

You can require that pictures should be taken in a certain order. You can also write a quote, saying and/or conceptual sentence and then the team-members need to photograph their association of the sentence, saying, or quote from a song, movie, or book.


Print the free blank photo scavenger hunt printable to make your own list or use the worded one:


Or, create your own list, one that may be closer to your kid’s personality and the type of group that is arriving to the party.

The above list can be changed and altered for more of a challenge by adding more scavenger hunt ideas for kids, scavenger hunt clues and riddles. Check out these two whole pages full of scavenger hunt clues and scavenger hunt riddles.


After each team comes back from the scavenger hunt, it’s best to meet up at home or a place each team can connect their camera to a TV or computer (that way everyone can look at all the pictures that were taken on the photo scavenger hunt).


When the hunt is over, a great keepsake is to make a scrapbook full of pictures that were taken on the scavenger hunt.

You can also send out a picture to each guest with thank-you cards. Here are some great photo scavenger hunt thank-you cards you can print and send out:



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