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Scavenger Hunt For Kids – Neighborhood & Park Theme

The neighborhood and park scavenger hunt for kids can be really fun! It takes place in a neighborhood and/or town or a nearby park.

Check out these neighborhood and park scavenger hunt invitations you can print out and send to each guest.


At the neighborhood scavenger hunt, divide everyone into teams and give each team a list full of things the kids need to find around the neighborhood and park. For younger kids you’ll need an adult with each team.

For more fun – each adult can take a car and drive the team around the neighborhood to find things on the list. In the case of a car, it’s best to have no more than 4 kids on a team, that way 4 kids and an adult can fit in one car (unless you have a big van that can hold more people).

On the list you can write things that the kids need to actually collect, and other things that can’t be collected and can be photographed with a digital camera or even on video.

Here’s an example of a list of things the kids need to collect during the neighborhood and park scavenger hunt for kids:

  • A flower
  • Leaves from 3 different trees
  • Something that is red
  • A piece of wood
  • Something shiny
  • A piece of newspaper not from the same day
  • A popsicle stick
  • A candy wrapper
  • A sugar packet
  • A disposable coffee cup with a business logo on it
  • A restaurant napkin
  • A take-out menu
  • A local shop’s business card
  • Something made out of plastic
  • A feather
  • Something that begins with the first letter of the birthday kid’s name
  • A leaf with insect holes in it
  • Sap from a tree or plant
  • A bag full of as much trash you can pick up


If you want to make things a bit harder for older kids, you can add things to the list that have a specific color, touch, smell, sound, or any other characteristic; for example “a green plastic bottle”, “something that has a soft texture”, “something that smells good”, etc.

To spice things up, you can add things to the list the kids will need to either photograph or video-tape. Here are a few examples of photographs and/or video scenes the kids need to come back with:

  • A stop sign
  • A yield sign
  • A speed bump
  • Everyone at a local supermarket or food store
  • An item that costs 99 cents
  • A crosswalk
  • A white fence
  • Teammates on the swings
  • Entire team in front of a convertible car
  • Entire team on a slide (one in front of the other)
  • Atleast two teammates in a doghouse
  • Entire team reading books at a local neighborhood library or book store
  • A picture of an out-of-state car license plate
  • The entire team sharing one soda (each teammate has their own straw)
  • A picture of the birthday kid’s house
  • A black dog
  • The biggest car
  • A member of the team bagging groceries
  • Entire team in front of an ice-cream truck (extra points if everyone is licking an ice-cream)
  • A teammate hanging upside-down on the monkey bars
  • Atleast one teammate jumping off a swing (he/she must be in mid-air)
  • The entire team needs to be photographed by a playground when everyone is jumping (in photo everyone needs to be in mid-air)
  • Someone on your team getting a drink from a water fountain while someone else is riding piggyback on their back


The following examples are only for video-taping:

  • Get a policeman/women to sing your country’s national anthem
  • Do a dramatic earthquake scene at the park (extra points if on the video the scene really looks like an earthquake)
  • The whole team singing a song together while playing at a playground


Here’s a blank neighborhood & park scavenger hunt printable to print out and make your own list, or use the worded one:


There are so many different kinds of neighborhoods and parks, create your scavenger hunt for kids list so that it suites your particular town or neighborhood.

The above list can be changed and altered for more of a challenge by adding scavenger hunt clues and riddles. Check out these two whole pages full of scavenger hunt clues and scavenger hunt riddles.

When the hunt is over, a great keepsake is to make a scrapbook full of pictures that were taken on the scavenger hunt or a small video showing a few fun scenes that were filmed during the scavenger hunt.

You can also send out a picture to each guest with thank-you cards. Here are some great neighborhood scavenger hunt thank-you cards you can print and send out:


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