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Coolest Child Activity and Game Ideas for a Magic Theme Party

Here’s an awesome collection of Magic theme child activity ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Magic theme party.

Sneaky Magician

In this child activity, you’ll need to choose a kid to be the Sneaky Magician and let him/her sit in a chair blindfolded. Then place a special magical item beneath the chair (deck of cards, top hat, wand, magic eight ball, etc.) which the Sneaky Magician must protect from the thieves.

Only one thief may try to steal from the Magician at any given time. Since the Magician is blindfolded he/she must use their sense of hearing and must listen closely for the thief. When they sense that the thief is around the Magician tries to touch the thief with their hands or feet before they steal the magical item. A thief who is caught then becomes the next Sneaky Magician. If the Magician does not catch the thief, then another thief can try and steal.

Card House Building

Give each kid a deck of cards and set a three-minute time limit. Once you say “Go” the kids have to start building card houses. The highest card-building wins. You might want to consider making the time limit a bit longer (5 or even 10 minutes), that way the card houses can become much bigger.

Magic Bean Taste

Take a container of magic beans and use it for this child activity. Give each guest a sheet of paper and have them number from 1 thru 10. Give each guest the first flavor and have them eat it. Then when they have determined the flavor have them write it down on their sheet and when everyone is done with the first flavor, tell them the answer. If they are correct they can circle that one. Continue until all 10 flavors have been tasted and guessed. The winner is the player with the most correct answers. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans with outrageous flavors such as black pepper, sardines, and tutti frutti can be lots of fun for this child activity. You can usually find a wide selection of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans being auctioned on eBay. One of the coolest child activity ideas.

String Tangle Child Activity

There is only one item needed for the game, which is a string. On the day of the party, take out the string and ask each guest to try and tie a knot, without letting go of the string. That doesn’t sound too hard, doesn’t it? But if you try it yourself, it won’t be as easy as you thought… See who can do it first, whoever does can get a prize. If noone knows how to do it, here’s how: Firstly, spread the string flat on a table. Then fold your arms.

Now, take each end of the string with each hand (for the left side of the string, remember to use your right hand instead, for you have your arms folded… and vice-versa – for the right side of the string use your left hand). Then lastly, free yourself, still holding each end, and pull. There! A knot on the string! And you didn’t even let go! Hope your magic party turns out well like mine!

The Unpopable Balloon

Here’s a simple magic trick you or your kids can perform. Beforehand, put a piece of invisible scotch tape on a balloon and keep that balloon for later. Show the audience your needle and pop a few balloons so that they know it’s real. Tell them you will now stick the needle into a balloon WITHOUT popping it! Now take the balloon you put scotch tape on and make sure the needle goes into the taped area of the balloon. When the balloon doesn’t pop it’s a sure thing everyone will be saying “Hey, how did you do that”?

Hat Trick

For this cool child activity, put a black-top hat in the middle of a large room and have all the kids sit in a circle around the hat. Then pass out an equal number of playing cards to each kid and have them take turns tossing the cards into the hat (you can change the size of the circle, closer or farther away from the hat, to match the skill and patience level of the kids). Going clockwise, have each kid toss a card into the hat. If they get theirs in they continue to toss until they miss. The player who tosses the most cards into the hat gets to start the next round (It could be more intense when putting music on while the kids are throwing in their cards).

Disappearing Kids Child Activity

This child activity is actually a team race, with each team can consisting of two, three or four guests. Give each a roll of toilet paper and have them completely cover one team member. First team finished covering their team member wins. And to follow it up, you can have them continue the race and see which team can roll up the toilet paper fastest.

Search for the Magic Beans

A job is always easier when great magician minds join together (in this case, that means solving a series of clever clues to find a stash of magic beans which can be a nice container filled with 10 kinds of tasty jelly beans). To set up the hunt, first choose four to six successive hiding spots around your house or yard (the last one will be where you hide the treasure). Then write a clue that leads to each one. For example, the first clue, which might lead the kids to look under the couch, can be printed backward so that only if they figure out to put it up to a mirror – will they see the clue.

The second clue, hidden under a shoe (for example), might lead them to the mailbox. Another idea for a clever clue is to write everything with a white crayon on white paper, and put a colored marker and instructions to scribble all over the paper to reveal the message. For the remaining clues, consider writing a riddle, creating a word search puzzle, coming up with a numeric code and a key to translate each number into a letter, etc. Once they find the treasure, have them guess how many magic beans there are in the container (you will have to count them beforehand) and see who can guess the closest.

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