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Coolest Collection of Fairy Party Game Ideas

Here’s an awesome collection of Fairy party game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Fairy theme birthday party.

Fairy Dress Up Relay

This party game is a relay race in which the kids dress up as fairies and race to the finish line. You can even separate the two groups into Fairies against Pixies. Arrange for each group to have funny, colorful and oversized fairy attire – including wings of course. Determine a starting line and a turn-back line about 15 feet apart. Place each set of clothes in mound at the starting line. Blow the whistle or say go! The first players in each line dress up us fairies and fly (flap their wings) to a designated point, turn back and return to the starting line and take off the fairy clothes. The next player in line does the same. The first team to finish wins. The more clothes you add, the funnier it gets!

Fairy Tag

This is a party game of tag in which everyone flies around with their fairy wings and the fairy who’s IT can only use her wand to tag the others.

Tinkerbell’s Wand

This party game is played like “Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey”. Tinkerbell’s magic wand is broken and the guests need to repair it! Draw a simple wand (a long stick) on poster board (without the star on the end). You can decorate the poster board with glitter and stickers to make it more pretty. Print out any of the following printable stars on heavy paper, cut them out and put double stick tape on the back side of each of the stars (on the front of each star write each guest’s name). When you start the game, use a satin piece of fabric to blindfold each fairy and give them each a chance to stick their star as close as they can to the top of the stick to repair Tink’s wand!

Live Fairy TV

This is a really simple and fun party game! Set up your video camera on a tripod filming the little fairies, then connect the camera to a big screen TV so that the little fairies can see themselves on the TV. This gives the little girls a chance to dance like fairies while they see themselves on TV (practicing ballet moves and making little fairy gestures). Even play music that fits fairies (classical music like ‘The Nutcracker’ or any other suitable music). It’s also nice to record a few minutes of them dancing, a nice keepsake to watch later!

Pixie Dust Balloon Stomp

Fill balloons with pixie dust (glitter) and blow them up. Take all the fairies out to the yard or in a park and attach a balloon to each fairies’ leg. On the mark of “GO” each fairy needs to stomp their balloon and pop it. The first one to pop their balloon is the winner. You can also fill only one balloon with ‘pixie dust’ and the fairy to pop the balloon with the ‘pixie dust’ in it, wins.

A Gift from Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell has a gift for all the guests! Take a small gift put it in a box and wrap the box with many layers of different colored paper (atleast a layer for each guest). Between each layer of paper, add a note from Tinkerbell that tells the girls what they all must do in order to be allowed to unwrap the next layer (twirl around 5 times, do 3 leaps, jump and yell “I believe in fairies!”, etc.). In the box, place a present for all of the guests (for example lollipops, lip glosses, fairy stickers, etc. for each of them). To decide who gets to unwrap each layer, give each guest a bag of ‘pixie dust’ (glitter) and let them sprinkle on the person sitting next to them.

Panning for Gems and Gold

This party game has a royal history. During the late 19th century each woman guest was invited to hold a handful of sand and let it sift through her fingers to find a precious gem left in her palm that was hers to take home. You can set up a similar game by getting a shoe box or larger box filled with clean sand or white cornmeal and bury inside a few small plastic rhinestones and golden nuggets. Have the boys sift for gold while the girls sift for gems.

Flower Pot Ring Toss

Take silk flowers and glue them to green dowels. Stick each dowel with a flower on it in a flower pot (it’s best to use green foam in each flower pot so that it will hold the dowel). Then let each guest have their turn trying to toss fairy rings over the flowers. Whoever gets their ring over the flower wins a prize.

Pixie Dust Relay Party Game

Divide the guests into two teams and have the teams stand in two single-filed lines next to each other (right in front of a starting line). Mark a finish line about 20 feet away from the starting line. Give each player a Pixie stick and hand a spoon to the first player in each line. Where the finish line is, place a bowl in front of each team. Then on the mark of “GO” the first player of each team opens their Pixie sticks, pours it out in the spoon and as fast as they can runs to the bowl at the finish line. They then dump out their pixie dust into the bowl and run back to their team, giving the spoon to the next in line.

This goes on until all of the guests have dumped their pixie dust into the bowl. The team to finish first, wins! If a player drops the spoon and spills their pixie dust, hand them another Pixie stick, and have them go to the back of their team’s line to try again. This is a really fun party game.

Fairy Scavenger Hunt

Print a map with clues and a poem to guide the kids to each location. You can also use a plain “make it yourself” puzzle from the craft store (15 or 20 pieces or so), and make it into either a map that says where the final treasure is, or a riddle or instructions to find it – make it very colorful and glittery. Then wrap each piece separately in a little fairy bundle (tissue and an organza gift bag, or a small piece of sparkly tissue or fabric and ribbon), and hide them throughout the yard before the fairies arrive for the party. When it’s time to play, tell them that the queen of the fairies has hidden her secret to the fairy treasure in many pieces in the land, and they will need to find them and work together to find the treasure.

They need to find the pieces, put the puzzle together, and then they will find their treasure with a fairy gift for each girl. I like this idea because it encourages teamwork instead of competition, and everybody wins. At each location they’ll find a garden or fairy-related prize they can keep. In the backyard you can have different fairies hidden (clipart printed on card stock). And every clue they find leads them to another clue. At the end this leads to a prize for everyone.

Who Took Tinkerbell’s Ring?

For this party game, sit all the guests in a circle, and string yarn around (so that they are all holding onto the yarn with both hands). Then slide a ring onto the yarn, and tie the yarn in a knot (so that all of the guests are holding on to a big closed circle of yarn). Explain to all of the guests that fairies can be big pranksters, and someone stole Tinkerbell’s ring! Choose a guest to stand in the middle and be Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell closes her eyes for at least 10 seconds (you can have music playing during this time), while the girls slide the ring around the yarn from person to person holding the ring hidden clenched in their hands.

Then Tinkerbell opens her eyes and tries to guess which fairy has her ring hidden behind her clenched hand. Tinkerbell gets three guesses, if she guesses right, the ring fairy thief gets to be in the middle to play Tinkerbell, if she guesses wrong, she closes her eyes and tries again.

Bubble Games for Fairies

Creating and playing bubble games can be really fun and suitable for a fairy birthday party. Check out this whole page full of bubble games.

Find Tinkerbell

Find printable pictures of Tinkerbell and her friends, print them out, and paste them on cardboard with a little stand made of wood/cardboard (any thing that helps it stand). Then hide them around the house/yard (count how many you hide first) give each child or groups a homemade basket or bag and send them off to find Tinkerbell and her fairy friends. Give them at least 10 to 15 minutes to find as many as they can. The child/children who finds the most – wins. This can also be played using wands, books, toys, and large stickers – all are enjoyable and the children get to keep them at the end. This also gives parents a chance to sit and enjoy themselves and talk for 15 minutes or catch up on party duties.

Take a look at our complete Fairy Child Birthday Party Idea section for more of the coolest party-planning ideas.

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7 thoughts on “Coolest Collection of Fairy Party Game Ideas”

  1. Pin The Wings On The Fairy

    You can draw or print out a large Tinkerbell or other fairy pic onto a large poster (try printing out the fairy without her wings). Then make lots of wings from see-through paper. Each child gets a pair of wings, is blindfolded, and needs to put the wings as closest to wear the fairy’s wings needs to be. The closest is the winner.

  2. Fairy Freeze Party Game

    This game is like regular tag and musical chairs combined. All the children dance around like fairies while the music plays. When the music stops they must “freeze”.
    The first person to lose their position; ie. unfreeze, is out.
    Continue until you have only one fairy left.

  3. Musical Pixie Pillows Fairy Game

    Same rules as musical chairs but use different colored throw pillows instead of chairs. Every round, a pillow and pixie/child is eliminated till there is a winner!

  4. Tinker-Tag Fairy Party Game

    Play this game just like “Freeze Tag”.
    Give each player a small pouch of glitter before playing.
    One player will be “it”. When you say “GO” the girls run from “IT”. “IT” tags players with the wand.
    If she tags a player, that player is frozen until another player sprinkles fairy dust on her. Make sure that each player has a turn to be “it” and that each round does not take too long.

  5. Musical Lily Pad Fairy Game

    Musical chairs with lily pads instead of chairs: Cut out lily pads ahead of time out of green poster board. Spread them around the room and play music. When the music stops, jump on a lily pad. Each time take away a lily pad. Have a fairy prize for the last guest… or for younger kids have a prize/party favour for each child as they find themselves without a lily pad. You could do this at the beginning of the party and award fairy wands, glitter on their face, or wreaths for their hair.

  6. Fairy Dance Party Activity

    Take all the guests outdoors (yard, park, etc.). Put on some fun fairy music (Tinkerbell CDs sold at most party stores or Disney Stores) , and let them dance ! Make sure they are all wearing their wings ! Irish/Celtic music gives it a great fairy-like feeling.

  7. Through The Door Fairy Party Game

    This is a game for 2 players. One player stands in a doorway blindfolded. The other player must try to get through the door without making contact with the blindfolded player. If he succeeds, he scores a point. If he makes contact, the blindfolded player scores a point. The first to 3 points wins.

    If the doorway is narrow, you can tie the blindfolded player’s hands behind her back to prevent her from blocking the way by putting her hands completely across the doorway.

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