Coolest Fairy Party Ideas

construction theme party

I wanted to have a Fairy Party for my daughter’s first birthday, but strangely, most of our family and friends have boys. So, my husband suggested we have a Fairy Tale party instead (still with a Fairy flavor to it). I chose lavender, baby pink and white for the colors. My daughter was dressed up … Read more

Coolest Fairy Child Birthday Party Idea

Once upon a time… A little fairy dreamt up the most enchanting child birthday party idea ever seen in Neverland. Her name was Tinkerbell, and here’s her very own child birthday ‘fairybration’… First off, here are the coolest Fairy party packs and party supply items available today: Fairy Birthday in a Box Supplies Tinkerbell Party … Read more

Coolest Collection of Fairy Party Game Ideas

Here’s an awesome collection of Fairy party game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever¬†Fairy theme birthday¬†party. Fairy Dress Up Relay This party game is a relay race in which the kids dress up as fairies and race to the finish line. You can even separate the two groups into Fairies against Pixies. Arrange for … Read more

Coolest Kid Fairy Costume Ideas

The fairy costume is one of the most popular girl costumes. And rightfully so! They’re all little fairies even without a costume! Unlike many of the other costumes, fairy and Tinkerbell costumes leave lots of room for your own creativity. Most often, you can create it on your own with clothing that’s laying around in … Read more

Coolest Fairy Princess 8th Birthday Party Sleepover

Coolest Fairy Princess 8th Birthday Party Sleepover

My daughter is very much a princess & the idea of a fairy princess party for her 8th bday was an easy decision to make! The 1st thing we had to decide on was the invitations. I designed & ordered my invitations online. They were pink & I had my daughter color a pic of … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Neverland Birthday Party for a 4 Year Old Girl

Coolest Tinkerbell Neverland Birthday Party for a 4 Year Old Girl

I believe that a child’s birthday party should be something special and memorable so I always try to plan something great for my girls. Immediately after my daughter’s 3rd birthday party ended, Megan announced she wanted a Tinkerbell party for when she turned 4. Needless to say, I’ve had a lot of time to plan … Read more

Coolest Fairy Birthday Party Ideas and Photos

Coolest Fairy Birthday Party Ideas and Photos

Fairy birthday party ideas and photos by: Ginger from South Prairie, WA I get to plan two parties a year for each of my children, so I like to go all out and have a great time doing it, while hopefully making the party of their dreams. This year for my daughters 7th birthday she … Read more

Fairy Princess Games and Activities by Shannon

It was now time for games & activities! Our 1st game was a Fairy Walk. I had printed out pics online of Tinkerbell & her friends & taped them all to the floor. As I played music, the girls walked around the floor. When I stopped the music, whoever was standing on Tinkerbell got the … Read more