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Coolest Fairy Party Ideas

I wanted to have a Fairy Party for my daughter’s first birthday, but strangely, most of our family and friends have boys. So, my husband suggested we have a Fairy Tale party instead (still with a Fairy flavor to it).

I chose lavender, baby pink and white for the colors. My daughter was dressed up in a lavendar fairy outfit.


The invitations were made to look like fairy tale books. Then they read “A Fairy Tale Day” on the front, and were decorated with fairy stamps.


For decorations, I used white butcher paper to line the tables. And decorated them with a sprinkle of fairy dust (iridescent confetti). Then I put fairy tale books I bought from thrift stores. (They had to be in fairly good condition and look decorative.) We also had the Fairy party favors (paper mache book ornaments decorated to look like the invitations with a photo of my daughter dressed in her fairy outfit inside), and lavender, pink and white helium-filled balloons. I also placed old baby food jars filled with crayons on the table so that kids can draw on the paper.

To go along with the Fairy party theme, the boys got gold crowns, plastic swords, and a “Sac-O-Treasure” (brown lunch bag filled with candy, bubble gum coins, compasses and bubbles). The girls also got crowns, but were given pencil wands, and their goodie bags also included jewels. The babies got little fairy wings, and their goodie bags had a small stuffed animal, paper blowouts and bubbles. I got all this cheap from shopping around local and online discount stores.

Fairy Party Entertainment

For Fairy party entertainment, I made a “pixie park” for the babies by laying out my daughter’s foam alphabet mat and placed some of her larger toys on it for the babies to play with. I also made up fairy tale themed games for the adults and kids.


We had the Gingerbread Baby relay (a race for crawlers and toddlers), Cinderella Slipper matching game and the Goose with the Golden Egg Hunt.

In the Cinderella game, the moms & dads were paired up. The women hid behind a sheet and placed one of their shoes in a large basket. The basket was then placed in front of the dads who had 10 seconds to find their partners shoes. The pairs who got it right won prizes.

The Goose with the Golden Egg Hunt was a simple egg hunt for 5 plastic yellow eggs that were filled with toy money, coins or a dollar bill.

We also had a dragon-shaped pinata so that the kids could “Slay the Dragon.” I didn’t want the little ones to get trampled on. So we had a pull pinata for the babies. This was filled with confetti, individually wrapped Gerber Graduate biscuits, and plastic eggs filled with animal crackers and goldfish.


I set out food which my daughter enjoyed and labeled these “fairy food” for the little kids. Some of the food included chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, green beans and fruit cocktail.

Fairy birthday ideas and photos by: Chanette T.