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Coolest Wild West Child Game Ideas

Here’s an awesome collection of Wild West child game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Wild West theme party. 

Milk the Cow

For this child game, make your own cow by taking a medium-sized rectangular box for the body and a white balloon for the head (use paper for the ears, a cup for the nose, and paper towel tubes for the legs). Paint the paper towel tubes white and use a black magic marker or paint to make the spots on the head and legs. Then you can add water (or even milk!) to a few Latex gloves for cow utters. Poke a tiny hole in the glove fingers so that the kids can start milking.

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Just have the kids line up and see who’s mouth propellants are strongest…


Place some dried beans into a small plastic bottle (such as a film canister). Then place the bottle inside a sock and stuff the sock with newspapers (or some sort of cool surprise), tying the end off. Seat the kids in a circle and toss the “rattlesnake” around the circle to music (similar to the hot potato game). When the music stops the one bitten by the rattlesnake (the kid holding the rattlesnake) is out of the game. The last kid gets to open the sock and have the surprise jump out at him. (The rattlesnakes can be made earlier in the party as an arts and crafts project).

Wild West Obstacle Course

Make teams (2 or more) and set up a wild west obstacle course. You can use potatoe sacks to hop around, then pick up a broom and pretend it’s a horse, jump over hay or straw bales etc.

Pots of Gold Shootout

Take empty coke cans/bean cans and stick signs on them saying “GOLD” (you can even spray paint them with gold spray-paint and write “GOLD” with a black permanent marker). Line all of the “GOLD” cans on a tabletop preferably in the garden. Get the kids to stand in front of the “GOLD” cans while holding water guns. They try shooting as many cans as they can in 30 seconds – 1 minute. The kids will love this!

Pan for GOLD

If you don’t have a sandbox for this child game, take a kiddie pool and put sand in it. Then take the golden pebbles you created in the ice-breaker activities and bury them in the sand. Prepare foil pie plates with holes punched in the bottoms for the kids to sift through the sand for the “Gold”.

Rattlesnake Stomp

In this game, the kids try to pop long balloons that are blown up and dropped on the floor. Or to spice it up even more, you can tie rubber bands to the end of each balloon and have the kids put it around their ankles.

Bobbing for Apples

For this classic child game, hang cored apples at the kids height (you can do this from a piece of long wood, which can be held up securely with a ladder and the side of the house), then the kids have to bite the apple with their hands behind their back.

Pass the Rattlesnake

Use a soft toy snake with bells on the end or create your own out of felt snake and sew bells inside with the stuffing. Similar to pass the parcel except they pass the snake. When the music stops whoever is holding the snake is out. They choose a candy or plastic animal as a prize and the game continues till the last person is left holding the snake. They get a bigger prize.

Rope the Pony

For this child game, make two pony heads on broomsticks and stick them into the ground or pails of hay. Create two Lassos out of hools-hoops and ropes. Then form two teams and have a rodeo to see which team can rope their ponies first.

Wild Bill Child Game

In the invitations you send out, you can say that Wild Bill is wanted for stealing a huge loot. You need a friend who is willing to dress up as bad-guy Wild Bill. Throughout the whole Western theme birthday party tell everyone to be on the look out for Wild Bill, then about half way through the party gather all the kids in a certain area and make sure they all have their water guns filled. Then have Wild Bill come running down the street towards the house, and yell out (or have someone yell out) “OH NO!! ITS WILD BILL !!!”. This gets all of the kids charging towards him squirting him and trying to grab a bag out of his hand (beforehand put all the goodie bags in a burlap sack and give them to Wild Bill). Then they all get their goodie bags and lead Wild Bill to the jail you made. This can be quite hysterical!!! You can then have Wild Bill sit in a western-ish decorated area and each kid can sit on his lap and have their picture taken.

Shooting Gallery

Set up a shooting gallery by turning trash cans upside-down and putting tin cans on them. Then the kids can try and topple the tin cans over with bean bags (the younger kids can stand closer and use their water guns).

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