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Coolest Teddy Bear 1st Birthday Game Ideas

Here’s an awesome collection of Teddy Bear 1st birthday game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Teddy Bear theme party.

Teddy Bear-Teddy Bear

This 1st birthday game is more suitable for kids who are two or older (most 1st birthdays have toddlers arriving to the party). Sing the rhyme ‘Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear’, and say something to do after each time the words are said. For example “Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around”, “Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch the ground”, “Teddy bear, teddy bear, climb the stairs”, “Teddy bear, teddy bear, say your prayers”. This rhyme can be altered with turn around, touch the ground, touch your nose, touch your toes etc. Either get everyone to do the actions or have them make their bears do the actions.

Story Time with Teddy

One of the best teddy bear 1st birthday party ideas is to have your guests sit in a circle, curled up with their special teddies, and ready to listen to a story. Even if they may not understand all the words, just sitting together and looking at the pictures will be fun. Here are some excellent teddy bear books to start off with.

Bring Your Teddy

Ask beforehand (possibly on the invitations) for each guest to bring their own precious teddy bear (this is great for any age… we all have some cute teddy sitting somewhere). Then once all of the guests have arrived, take all of the teddy bears, mix them up, put them all together and number the teddy bears. Next, have everyone try and guess which teddy bear belongs to who. Then see who gets the most answers correct!

Teddy Bear Bean Bag Toss

Take a large piece of cardboard and draw a picture of a teddy bear with a big open mouth on it. Then cut a hole where the mouth is (so that bean bags can be thrown in). Make bean bags bay filling socks with dried beans and tying each one with a rubber band. For more fun, draw all kinds of teddy bear designs on the bean bags. Then stand the teddy bear target against a chair and give each child a turn to throw the bean bags into the teddy’s mouth. The parents can help the children aim, if they are too young to do so.

Door Prize 1st Birthday Game

Under a few of the birthday cups put teddy bear stickers. Then when everyone is eating and drinking announce that there are a few birthday cups with stickers beneath them. Whoever has the cups with the teddy bear stickers beneath – wins!

Bear Hunt

If you’ve got a group of older kids coming to the party one of the best teddy bear 1st birthday party ideas is to have them all pretend to be bears and go out on a hunt for honey. Have them wear the bear ears while they hunt. You can hunt inside or outside for different honey items, such as bags filled with Honeycomb cereal, honey straws (as described above), and other fun honey stuff.

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